Buddha, channeled by Linda Dillon

I AM Buddha. I am the Wayfarer, I am the wanderer, I am the seeker and the bestower. And I welcome you this day and in fact, I welcome you every day…haha…but you do not always welcome me.

But, that is not a problem, that is not a difficulty, and it most certainly does not hurt or harm my feelings when you forget about me because truly the key is to forget about yourself, is it not? To forget, in many ways, about the ego so that you can put it in correct perspective…to forget about the story that you tell yourself about why you are walking on this planet and how important you are. You forget about that so, my friends, you can truly remember the importance of who you are in this and every lifetime and the true importance, and the magnitude of the gift you bring to this planet at this time.

There is much discussion about whether you are this or that, whether you are teacher, or healer, or nurturer, or mother, or father, whether you are starseed or human. But this day as you invite me, I don’t suggest to you, I simply remind you that regardless of who you are, compassion is the key…and, yes, my dear friend, Yeshua, will also speak of this.

You see, if you are not, not just compassionate now and then if you are not of compassion then how can you possibly even begin to have a glimmer of another. If you are not willing to extend yourself and open your heart and set aside your petty self and to truly experience, not to assume, but to understand and experience another’s burden or journey, or joy…that is compassion. It is the willingness, with love, with mercy, with grace, to truly embrace another…whether it is a small child, or a dictator, whether it is an entire species, the human race, or a group.

You cannot create your Nova Earth without this compassion. Because yes, as the channel has asked me repeatedly, compassion, love, leads to cooperation, which leads to community. It is the willingness to be in community, not in control, not in false leadership, but in the true knowledge of who you are, in compassion to yourself and in compassion to all beings, not just the humans.

I would suggest that there is a great need for more compassion for many kingdoms, particularly the animal kingdom at this juncture, that occupy this being you call Gaia and that I call a friend. Do you think of the planet as your friend? Are you compassionate and considerate and cooperative with her? Or with the giraffes or the elephants, the orcas or the whales?

Are you compassionate, my beloveds, with those that you disagree with, with those that you heartily disagree with, with those that you know…from your place of divine knowing…that are off-track, that have wandered, that have gone astray? Do you gently hold the space and say, “Come, come back, I will stand here and wait. I will sit under my tree so you will know where to find me and we will sit quietly and we will speak of the matters of your heart.”?

Compassion is not merely passive, it is part of who you are, it is part of how you express love.

So, this day that you honor me, I not only ignite your compassion, I give you again my gift of Compassion because for you, yes you who walk in this chaotic upheaval of shift and ascension, you are more than deserving, not only of compassion but practical, hearty support.

So, remember me, your old friend. I am never further away than directly in front of you…whether it is crying or laughing or as a norm, I am with you. Farewell.