It is your choices and your free will and your decision to truly, fully embody not only the power but the beauty and the grace and the compassion and the sweetness of who you really are.

At the behest of Archangel Michael, Karen shares this fabulous gem from her reading with Linda Dillon. 

Archangel Michael: The Magic Wand is You!

Karen: … How do I know if some catastrophe isn’t going to hit me? I know we are fully protected, but stuff happens all the time to people.

Archangel Michael: Yes, you are correct in that, but let us give you the bigger explanation.

Let us begin with what you are saying: “Bad things happen to good people.” Sweet angel of light – sweet angel of my blue! – that is a belief system. It is a belief system that has gained such strength that it has translated from what you think of as ideas or beliefs or vapours into tangible, physical reality. That is a beautiful, powerful example of how the ‘old third’ was constructed.

“Bad things happen to good people” because of the full reign of expression, abuse, control that those who are operating from maligned ego have brought to bear. It is not – let us be very clear, because this is a very important question that you have asked – it is not part of the Divine Plan; it is not part of Universal Law. It is not a necessary part of the human or any other experience that bad things happen to good people, whether it is a bankruptcy or an illness or a war or the many atrocities that you are referring to. So let us start there.

What you are doing is in your place of being the observer/participant, participant/observer, is you are moving forward into the creation of saying: “Good things happen to good people” and “good things, such as clearing, can happen to even bad people!”

Now that clearing, which is certainly underway, could not have transpired if it was not exposed. And the exposure is necessary because underneath it is the exposure of: “Well no, this is not part of how the Divine Plan works; this is how the human control-abuse pattern works.”

And so it is becoming apparent to all people, without categorisation of good, bad or indifferent, that these atrocities, these abominations, are in fact a result of human choices.

So what is occurring is that, first of all, what you are doing is you are in the forward thrust, shall we say, of positive creation – and for many, that is important, but particularly for you. So what you are saying to yourself – to me, beloved one, to the Universe, to the Mother, to A – what you are saying is: “I am choosing… I am making this conscious freewill choice and decision not to create through hardship… not to create through having the hard lessons.”

K: I always ask for my lessons to be gentle, but it doesn’t seem to have worked! [Laughing]

AAM: But also do not forget that you are in, quite literally, a different era of energy and tangible creation upon the planet. For many times, when you have asked for gentle creations – and we have heard you! – you at the same time have held the countermanding belief that in fact “bad things happen”.

K: …I think I’ve come to a point where – and this isn’t right and it’s what you’re talking about – where I’m reducing my expectations because I always think things are going to go perfectly smoothly. You told me about the car and I went there, but I should have left … and I didn’t. So it’s all my fault, isn’t it!

AAM:  You see what you are doing, sweet one, is trying to assign blame. You are saying, “I am guilty, I am to blame, I should have listened…” Let us talk just a little bit about this.

When you expect and when you are creating something to go smoothly, then the first indication you have in your reality that it is not smooth, then you depart, and then you seek out a situation that is smooth – and you do not try and settle for, shall we say, second best. You do not deserve second or third or terrible 100th best!

So have you learned that? Yes. Are there are other lessons for other people engaged in this horrendous process? Yes. Is it unfixable? Of course not! So you are simply claiming your authority first of all to not be maltreated, and that is important. And then you are saying, “Alright, when there has been inappropriate or mal-treatment, then I am going to make sure it is corrected.”

You have come in many ways not only, sweet one, as a traveller, but also to be a champion of the disenfranchised – and ‘disenfranchised’ does not only mean ‘no money, living under a bridge’. It is the situations in which people, for a whole variety of reasons, feel that they do not have power. And to use the scenario, the generalised scenario of buying a car, it is a situation in which many people feel so exhausted emotionally, mentally and spiritually that in fact they give their power away.

So you have experienced that, and you have most certainly learned from it – and along the way, you have also taught and are teaching others.

And that is why you are saying, “I am doing forward thrust for positive creations.” And you may add “positive, gentle, easy, graceful, smooth situations and creations that do not in any way require a re-engagement of lack of trust.”

But having said all of this to thee, bright angel, let us also be very clear: You are doing remarkably!

K: You think so?

AAM: Yes, we do! So do not underestimate yourself. It is not a situation which, by the way, you have experienced in other realities where there is a magic wand, for example, that is waved and then you are changed. The magic wand, sweet one, is you. It is your choices and your free will and your decision to truly, fully embody not only the power but the beauty and the grace and the compassion and the sweetness of who you really are.

K: I think I’m just a really sweet, sweet, loving person and when I feel comfortable, then that’s what comes out of me.

AAM: Correct! And that has been increasingly coming out of you, as you would put it, not only as humanity is changing but as you are changing – as you have worked the re-installation of trust. You have become more trusting, and hence you allow yourself to behave more sweetly. There is a very vast difference between feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a very positive trait. Vulnerability indicates an open heart, an open countenance to others, to be seen and to see, to participate in ways that are of trust and gentleness. When one feels exposed, there is a sense of “I’d better put up my shields in order to protect myself.”

So you have moved from a feeling of lack of trust and exposure, literal survival, to a sense of “I can be vulnerable because I trust, and I also know that I am capable of creating and taking care of myself – and I am doing this in partnership with my seen and unseen friends.”