Jesus channeled by Linda Dillon

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to this time of union, to this time of love in twos and threes and thousands. It is not time to walk alone any longer, for your time of solitary confinement is over. If you say to me, “But Jesus, I walk alone and I do so joyfully,” I will tell you that within your sacred self there are thousands – so no one walks alone, my friends.

It is a time of reaching out, of cementing your relationships upon this planet with each other. In this way, you cement relationships with your brothers and sisters of the stars, of the galaxies, and from above and below. It is time to deepen these relationships, for you have only just begun to scratch the surface of what you are capable of.

My friends, I have great faith in you and my patience is infinite. It is time for you to know the joy of union, fully and completely, with one another. I am not speaking only of marriage partners, of sacred partnerships; the friendships, the family are also essential. It is the partnering with your communities and with each other, that is essential, for it is not enough to say, “Oh, I have joined with another and we are in the bliss of marriage.” This is only part of what you have chosen; there is still a huge segment of you left to share.

Yes, there is always more to go around. There is no limit to love. There is no limit to what you can accomplish, but it must begin within. I do not seek to change you, for you are solely perfection. What I seek to ask of you is to open your hearts yet further, and to allow this perfection to shine unto each other – in action on earth.

Do not sit in the closet and pray; join me in the streets feeding the hungry, tending the wounded. That is where we belong, in partnership with our brothers and sisters in compassion. You are teachers; you are my partners in changing this planet.

Notice, I will walk with you – but first, you must choose always to walk with me. I have waited, and I have beckoned. Hear me, and join me in heart. Come, laugh, and play – for it is a time of resurrection for all of us.

Go in peace.