So this is the next step in human understanding, not only the brutality but the danger of virus, because it infuses and inflames and infects all parts of yourself.

At the behest of Archangel Raphael, Janet shares this wonderful channeled gem with us from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Raphael: Viruses – The Next Step in Human Understanding

Greetings, I AM Raphael and I come on behalf of this entire Council, this Council of Love that you so deeply love but, beloved one, also that so deeply treasures, cherishes, loves, honors and supports you.

Bright angel of blue but really a rainbow… ancient of Tralana… that is why it feels so right and so familiar, so lean into them at this time. It is never a matter of simply a singular approach, but we also do not want to suggest so many approaches that you get lost. It is like going to a major supermarket and being overwhelmed; that is not what we do with you, for your essence is purity.

And yes, Uriel is already working with you, so be aware not only of his Silver Ray but his Silver Rain penetrating you from the outside in, and from the inside out. That is why he has you take the silver drops. He works from the outside in and the inside out, and in that way, shall we say, all the bases are covered!

You have also been experiencing his thunder and even his lightning. And this is important because what you are doing is you know… you would not call it “anger” and neither would we… but you know when to speak out and when to demand to be heard. And you are beginning to do this, beloved, and this is the new Janet – this is the New You.

But I am also penetrating you with my emerald in every fiber of your being – from your core channel, from your central channel out, out into the bigger Universe; and externally within into muscle, into organs, into skin, into tissue, into lymph, into blood – because it is not an either/or and the physical, beloved angel, cannot be ignored!

Part of you has wondered – and certainly in the past has wondered – if it is simply time to enter the departure lounge, but the answer is No! This is your rebirth and, yes, this is you clearing all elements of the old that simply do not belong to you. And what I suggest to you is that viral load does not belong to you. Do you really think that the Mother carries viruses? No.

Viruses are merely energy, aberrant energy, thoughts, motivations, beliefs, abuse, cruelty… Viruses, if you think of it, are also a bridge. And they are a bridge that when, shall we call it “erroneous” or even “malevolent” control issues, beliefs and systems are directed at you and get through your shield into your various fields, the most severe example of that being into your body.

“Into your body” – what happens with this is it assumes a physical form that human beings really are only beginning to understand. That is why it is on a spectrum of severity. It comes into your body, and then it creates havoc because even though it is microscopic, it is invading, it is harming, it is hurting.

In your reality over the past decades, so many human beings have been worried about implants. You know, implants are like .001% of what one should be concerned about. What one should be concerned about is a virus. So this is the next step in human understanding, not only the brutality but the danger of virus because it infuses and inflames and infects all parts of yourself.

And the understanding has a need to become far clearer that it is moving; by the time it gets to your body, it has moved through all your bodies, all your shields. It is exceptionally serious. And while some in some events it will threaten life and life force, it most certainly affects and infects the joy of being.

You have treated your sacred self as a temple and that has been a good thing. And beloved one, what that has done is that it has in fact positioned you in a far better place to be able to eliminate, transmute, transform viruses.

So while you have the Lyme disease – what a funny name, is it not! – but while you have this, it is, in fact, bringing your attention to what you are getting rid of. We would suggest that you take the antibiotics for about 8 days. But make sure, beloved one, as you are taking it, let me be with you, let us all be with you, that it is transmuted even before you bring it into your body so that nothing but the… hmm…  ‘helpful’ properties are really taken within.

If you take it on an extended regimen, what happens is rather than… think of it in this way. Think of the basic things that we and the Mother have told you. You have been given a fight or flight mechanism; it is part of the human construct, shall we say. What the antibiotics do – so it is not to decry them in every instance, quite the contrary; primitive, yes, but it is the best you have at the moment [chuckling] in that area – but what you are doing is you are awakening your insides into the fight mode. So you awaken it and you do battle!

If you continue for too long, what your body begins to do is take flight and want to escape, so their value is lost. But transmuting these poisonous substances is essential. So also – into the bite site, into the soles of your feet, into your gut, into your groin, into your vagina, into the joints of your hands, into your mouth, into your eyes, and most certainly into your crown through your head – you are inserting the Violet Flame, and you are inserting the Silver Flame, and you are inserting the Emerald Flame.

It is a tri-flame from our side to affect healing. And our tri-flame will dance with your tri-flame and it will create a brilliance that is seen throughout the Universe.

You have sustained head trauma, and again your medical… hmm… ‘professionals’, shall we say, are very uninformed. But what this concussion has also done is that it has got your attention [to] pay attention to what is going on in your head. You are incredible at paying attention to what is going on in your heart. What you sometimes forget or want to ignore is also what your brilliant brain – especially as it has been super-activated – what your brain is telling you.

So this was, yes, an injury that is being healed even as we speak, particularly with the Healers of Tralana, but what it was doing was bringing your attention to your head. It also created the scenario whereby you would meet the correct doctor to help you ‘over the hump’, shall we say, of this situation with the Lyme disease.

All of this, of bringing the attention to your head instead of your heart, in balance with your heart – this is the New You, sweet one.