bedroom jesus

Yeshua speaks of global conversations and core issues…

Now, why have I linked this core issue business, challenge, obstacle, opportunity, to the global conversation? Because it is through Read More

Praying Angel900

Archangel Michael: The Life of an Archangel

Like you, we are the servants of the Mother, completely determined, committed, and in joy to the fulfillment of her Read More


Universal Mother Mary invites us to create miracles of Love and joy with her…

Love is as necessary as the air that you breathe. It is not adequate that you simply extend your open Read More


Galea returns to speak about Gaia, planet of Love and play!

The incredible diversity that is available upon your planet is remarkable..for the human beings, this wondrous race is remembering, recalling, Read More


“Where are we now?” … from a galactic perspective…

Part of my mission and my purpose in these conversations is that you come to know us more clearly as Read More


Lord Maitreya: Get into the love…however you can!

We have left our last conversation in speaking about the hidden fears. We continue this discussion of what it means Read More

bedroom jesus

Today Yeshua talks about Love and Passion…

In the discussion of Love you are discussing the substance, the meaning, the elements, the totality of the universe and Read More


The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Lightworker

Steve Beckow shares a core issue of his that most of us can relate to…thank you Steve for addressing this Read More


Galea, Communications Officer of the Neptune joins us again…

I am at your service! My dream, my desire, my work has been to assist thee, to work with the Read More


Lord Maitreya: I come this day and address you as the Masters that you are…

The fundamental reality is that we are all connected, interconnected, interwoven, inter-gridded as One. There is nothing that you can Read More

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