Archangel Gabrielle announces the “New Beginning”


Follow along with the meditation that brings you into your heart to receive the answers to pertinent questions for these times…then listen to what Archangel Gabrielle shares…”Welcome to this time, the time between what you think of in so many ways as passage, or Passover, the time between death and resurrection, the time to listen.”

The answer for me is Love…by Steve Beckow

A truly heartfelt, personal exploration shared with us by Steve Beckow. Thank you Steve!

AA Michael updates us on the effects of the Tsunami of Love individually and globally


The Mother has a plan, and it is the unfoldment of the divine plan and the restoration of love on this beautiful planet, with a domino effect throughout the galaxies. Love is the energy of the universe and it moves constantly, continually, eternally, infinitely. It moves through you, it nourishes you, but it also clears […]

Commander Ashira: One of our questions to you is, “Do you love and cherish us?”

The energy of our transmission, of our mutual transmission goes out not only to your star brothers and sisters, but to every person on the planet. It is in the very air they breathe. That is one of the reasons why this type of transmission, this type of show as you think of it, is […]

Explore the Universe contained within your Heart…


You have the capacity within you to discover, experience and be everything. Every particle, every cell, every subatomic particle contains all the information. The journey within is simple. It is merely to go into the void of your heart and go exploring. And yes, this is the most difficult and the most easy thing you […]

The Worldwide Launch of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love


Two channelings that set the tone for the worldwide launch of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love 03-25-14

Tsunami of Love meditation: Do you feel the love between the words?


The meditation to take you to and through the Tsunami of Love…

Commander Ashira returns to share more information on Galactic life…

We are part of the same mission and purpose, we have different elements, different facets of the plan, but we are colleagues, we are in collaboration, we are in alignment, we are in allegiance for this completion which is merely a new beginning of the Universal Mother’s Plan.

Archangel Michael updates us on the Mother’s Tsunami of Love and current events…


The energy that the Mother sends in this Tsunami of Love has its own intelligence, so it will moderate and modulate individually. The idea is love, bliss, ecstasy, knowing of joy, being of love, of being in the higher realm. We want you to know that it will penetrate all of you. It is only […]

Commander Ashira continues his discussion focusing on life onboard ship

There is not one being on board any of the various fleets that has not come, volunteered, traveled, that is not present because of you. Because of each of you – individually and collectively – and yes of course our work is with the collective and with Gaia but our interest is in you – […]

St. Patrick offers to assist us in slaying the serpent within and to nourish our kundalini..


My offering to you this day is the emerald green; my gift to your heart is the emerald green. I offer you this place of safety, this Emerald Island of safety that you may travel to when you have need for peace, for safety, for security, for time-out, for regeneration, for rejuvenation, for rediscovery of […]

Beautiful Human Being: What are we doing to each other? Why?


Gender inequality is very seductive and pervasive…it has led to deep, pervasive scars and human suffering. You are being asked to step forward as star beings, as angelics, but most importantly as free beings of the human race. I understand what you say, that it is difficult to comment on the customs and the mores […]

Ashira, Star Fleet Commander of UFOG joins us on Heavenly Blessings

First, I would like to say how much we love the people of Earth. There is a historical connection between us. You are the return of the Creator Race. You are a group of humans – of beautiful souls – that have decided because you know innately the importance and the value of community, of […]

Archangel Gabrielle speaks of global unrest and gender inequality…


We are in a time of significant shift; it is the shift from division, from competition, from jealousy, from control, to unity, connectedness, community, balance and in that balance you are also becoming more and more unified upon the grid of Gaia, upon the central grid, upon the universal grid. The Mother herself, Michael, Raphael, […]

Archangel Gabrielle continues her discussion on the ‘Rays’…

Two weeks ago you confirmed that the rays are part of the Divine plan towards unifying humanity with higher dimensional beings. So say that you saw this ray right in front of you, as if it is a cylinder of blue light. It would touch your heart, your being, your essence, in a certain vibratory […]

The Tsunami of Love is here! Hold on and enjoy the ride.


Put your feet in the water dear heart, throw out your arms and hold on; hold on to each other, hold on to me, hold on to the dolphins and whales, because we are ready…

Archangel Michael speaks of change…are you ready?


You have been born into form, you have chosen — bravely, courageously — to step forward in this time of change, but you have done so because of your strengths, because of your valor, because of your gentleness, because you are dreamers and creators, and that you are able to discern love.

Archangel Gabrielle gives us an overview of Rays and their colors and meanings…Part 1

What is a ‘Ray’? This is unique to you and it is an expression, a demonstration, not only of the Mother’s love for thee, but of your love for the Mother. It is an expression, that when you have been within the heart of One/Mother/Father/All, it was the energy, the quality, the vibration of what […]

St. Germaine talks about relationships; sacred, with self…all relationships…


I will leave you with the reminder: Love, honor, respect, torch, and remember you are healing every sacred relationship you ever have and let me also say that every relationship you ever have, is sacred.

Archangel Gabrielle: A Higher Octave


In this Valentine’s Day sequel Archangel Gabrielle speaks to us of Love and survival, the Tsunami of Love and the higher octave to which we are moving.. To listen to this powerful message click here.

Archangel Michael talks of current events & our multi-dimensional self


The winds of change are upon you, and they do not knock you over. But they caress your face. They make you look and breathe and inhale the scent in the wind — the scent of change, the scent of love, the scent of expansion, the scent of becoming — the truth of your inter-dimensional, […]