Archangel Gabrielle: “I have an assignment for you.”

On our Saturday conference call Archangel Gabrielle spoke of indifference and apathy…Indifference is the ability, the choice, the decision to Read More

Archangel Michael: Your world is changing…

We welcome Linda back to our show, An Hour With An Angel…And we welcome Archangel Michael who brings us good Read More

Who is the Council of Love and what is its purpose?

The Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance and its purpose is the transmission of divine radiance and Love! Five Read More

Jesus Sananda’s New Year’s Message for 2016

You, beloved ones, are the agents of extraordinary change. You are the agents and the angels of re-gridding, of re-patterning, Read More

Sue Lie and the Arcturians on Hour With An Angel 12-21-15

Our thanks to Dr. Sue Lie and the Arcturians for filling in once again for Linda. This show has some Read More

Sue Lie channels the Arcturians

On the last Hour With An Angel Show, Steve Beckow had Sue Lie as his quest channeling the Arcturians. This Read More

St. Germaine: Now is the Time to Love!

It’s time to awaken to love. The expansion of your heart consciousness, the ability to feel and to be the Read More

A Family Gathering…

I come this day as your beloved Mother to gather you close to me for what you think of as Read More

Ascension: Release and Fly!!!

This thought provoking piece is shared with us by Steve Beckow. Thank you Steve!

St. Germaine: You are our Creators in form!

You my beloved friends are mighty creators and you create in every moment of every day. It is the very Read More

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