St. Germaine asks us to expand the trust within, then share it…

Trust is also the divine quality that you carry within you. It is not a matter of gaining trust because Read More

Universal Mother Mary: We are one!

Our Saturday conference call had technical difficulties so here is the transcript or you can watch/listen to the YouTube channeling Read More


Archangel Michael: You and God are experiencing each other!

It is the awakened human that acknowledges that they are inter-galactic or galactic; that they are part angelic or archangelic; Read More

An angelic perspective on the effect of the Tsunami of Love livestream…

Steve Beckow asked Archangel Michael his perspective on the tsunami livestream. Lord can you tell us what the results of Read More

Archangel Michael speaks of the Tsunami of Love and current events…

Today Archangel Michael discusses the Tsunami of Love livestream, our Ascension, and the reval…

Archangel Michael discusses the Angelic Realm

On a special edition of An Hour with an Angel, Archangel Michael shows us a wonderful glimpse into the angelic Read More


Universal Mother Mary invites us to come play with her…

On our Saturday conference call Universal Mother beckoned us to stand still, to ground deep within the heart of Gaia Read More


Philipp’s wonderful Tsunami of Love experience

Wow! What a wonderful experience Philipp Schlienger has shared with us…Thank you Philipp. I am Santa Rea, your Higher Self. Read More

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Jeshua’s 2013 Annual Christmas Message ~ A Reminder

In light of our phenomenal undertaking this weekend to fully embrace the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love, I am guided Read More


Experience the Tsunami of Love!!!

Tonight on Lauren Galey’s radio show Healing Conversations Universal Mother Mary came through to invite us all to embrace the Read More