Wow! Another great webinar featuring the Divine Mother and joined by Yahweh, our Father, and UFOG Commander Ashira of Neptune. Because there is so much information we have divided it into three parts. Part One’s questions are global in nature and offered below. Part Two and Three will address UFOG and the gifts they have share with us. They will be posted within the next weeks… so, stayed tuned…

Linda: I want to welcome everybody, seen and unseen, from all four corners of this beautiful planet, Gaia, and beyond. It’s great to see you all. This is our community, so thank you for being here, thank you for taking time out, making time, choosing to take the time to be here. And I especially want to thank Micki Mercurio who’s going to be our co-host today.

Today’s gathering, which is a combination of the celebration of Autumn Equinox and the continuation of all the gifts and tools and information that our star family is wanting to share with us. It’s an incredible time, but it’s also, as we begin, I want you to understand that today is being overlighted by the Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother wants you to know that as soon as you even thought, or considered coming today, she began again increasing, adjusting, attuning your energy fields and your frequencies… amplifying, literally, your quantum fields, your wave lengths, your vibration, your frequency. And that’s going on even as we speak. So, if you feel these surges of energy, and you will, just let them come, and let them integrate, even after we’ve called it a day do not hang up the connection for these remaining adjustments to take place.

And, of course, again we are gathered and joined with our friends of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, UFOG, who are making their presence known very clearly, front and center.

So, let’s just start by taking a little minute to go into our hearts, and simply reflecting and welcoming this beautiful season of autumn. Yes, and I know if you’re down south it’s spring… there’s enough yellow for everybody! But for fall, it’s this time of harvest, and despite whatever else is going on we have so much to be grateful for.

At this point, Ashira and Linda perform the UFOG attunement, bringing all your bodies, all your chakras into alignment.

We’ve received fabulous questions, and we’re going to weave them throughout our time together today. Generally, the questions have fallen into two major categories, which are completely interwoven. First, there is the global issues, the big picture questions. And then, there’s more specific questions on the UFOG gifts and the new tools.

Now, I want to share with you right now at the beginning of our time together that if, for some reason, we do not get to all of your questions, because there’s a lot of them… I even got a flood of them during the night, and yesterday… if we don’t get to those, I will address them in our next Heart Call.

Our Heart Call is something that the Council has been doing for years, and it’s always free, and it’s always on the first Saturday of the month. So, next month is not far away… it’s October 1st. So, if you’re not already signed up for the Heart Call… it’s a great way to stay connected and find out what’s happening… go to the front page of the Council of Love website, and just sign in and say I want to be on the Heart Calls.

Opening Channel:

Greetings, I am Mary. Greetings, I am Mother, I am One, I am All, united in the essence Father/Mother/One. And it is in this way that I come today to speak to you, my beloveds, and to bring you into the unity of One, into our unity, into the unity of Christ Consciousness, into the unity of love.

Not merely because it is your journey or your birthright but because we desire, and therefore do bring you into our home, our hearts, our realities, our existence. No, not to leave this beautiful planet that we have birthed and created for thee to play upon. You cannot know the fullness of the beauty, the splendor, the experience that has been laid out for you long ago if you are not in the love. The old paradigms do not exist. Let me be very clear about that… they have been eradicated from this field. So, I ask of you this day to give unto me, to give unto us, these fragments of how you cling to ancient history… it does not serve you, and it does not serve any that in that bringing forward, bringing forward, bringing forward, always looking over your shoulder, to bring that into this new world, into my new normal, into your new normal.

There are several reasons why I have asked for this gathering… powered by heart, fueled by love… why I have asked it to be moved forward. It is because I want you, individually and together, to enter into the Autumn Equinox in the fullness of your being, in the alignment and the frequency which you will carry forth… more viral than anything… and that you will carry forth into the harvesting of what is coming, and what has been done.

Now you know, and it does not matter whether you live north, south, east, or west. It does not matter whether you live in a city or in the quiet places. You know that harvest is an incredibly busy time, and it is a time to rest at the end of the day, as the shadows come and night falls. It is a time of great prosperity because you are gathering, in every meaning of that word, you are gathering the bounty. And you are not only gathering it, my beautiful children, for your sacred selves, you are gathering it for everybody, you are gathering it for your family, you are gathering it for your soul family, for your community, for your village, for your City of Light. But be very clear, you are doing this harvesting for the collective. You cannot leave… period! And you cannot leave what has been planted, and sewn, and tended, and watched over… in every sense of that word.

Do not leave anything to lie fallow in your fields… within and without. Do not leave your fears or trepidations, your angst, or your uncertainty. Do not leave that lying fallow. Bring it to us. Yahweh, Uriel, will take it to the “Returns” and it will be recreated… it is but sheer energy… it will be recreated into the prosperity and abundance, the true meaning of abundance, that all of you yearn for in the broadest, broadest spectrum.

I bring you into the unity with your star family, heart-to-heart, above and below, feet on the ground. It is not a matter, sweet ones, of ‘are they coming?’… they are already on Gaia with you. And I do not just mean in for form of private delegations… this will unfold also during the harvest.

So, will it be an incredibly potent time? And will confusion and questions arise? Yes! And that is why I am adjusting your frequency this day so that you are prepared. Not in the way of armor; not in the way of defense or angst; but in the way of welcome committee, in the way of sentient Christ Conscious beings because that is who you are. There have always been a million questions… from what race, what planetary system have I been seeded and birthed from? You have been seeded and birthed from my very essence… seeded by the Father, birthed by Me. You would not be here if you were not intergalactic. You have even been given, granted, honored with a new intergalactic partner. Not a guardian angel which, far too often you tend to ignore, not an archangel, not an ascended master, a partner… a star family partner.

I wish just to mention this, to remind you of this, because this is a gift from your star family, and it is, yes, to teach you about the various tools but you have not thought fully about the other half of this equation… because as you receive, you give. So, you will be assisting, as cultural attaché, all over this planet. That is why you are all here… you will help them in their climatization to the strange ways of Earth, to the curious habits, and predilections of humans. And it will be done with such exquisite joy, excitement, for this is the fulfillment of the promise.

It is not a singular event. It is not a day of universal marriage. It is a family connected heart-to-heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul that is organic, and grows, and shifts, and changes… but most importantly… heart shares, heart lives. It is not a mental exercise, for your mental capacities are different, no, not superior or inferior, they’re different… your frames of reference are different. And so, you, in this sacred partnership with the one you will come to know and love, you will be the guardian and teacher also.

There is so much that lies ahead in this last quadrant in your year of becoming. You do not do this alone; all the forces are with you… they always have been. I am with you. Turn to me, turn to me as I turn to you with great faith, enormous trust, and the deepest love.

I do not say farewell, for this is my gathering. I will share it gladly, but I am always with you. Farewell.

Linda: Okay, give me a sec… and we’re going to jump right in. So, let’s talk about the questions because you guys had a lot of them. And they basically fell into, as I mentioned, two categories… there was the big global questions, and then the questions about the UFOG tools, which seemed to fall basically into two major categories as well. And the first was a lot of questions… so we merged some of your questions… but there were questions about how to program or reprogram the tools. And then there were questions, more detailed questions, about the usage of the tools like, how do we use them?

So, what we’re going to do is review at the end, towards the end, what isn’t answered in the Q & A. We’re going to do a brief review of the tools, and how they can be used, including using them in combination… which came up several times.

So, we’ll start on the questions on the big picture, the global, and then move on from there. So, I’m going to be, actually, the channeler, and my dear friend, Micki Mercurio, is going to pose the questions. So, over to you, Micki.

Micki: Okay, thank you Linda, and wow… thank you, Mother, what a cornucopia of harvest blessings. I’ll be listening and relistening back multiple times as I know you will too. So, it’s truly an honor and joy to be able to represent and to present the queries of your hearts and the questions on your mind… so, thank you for that privilege and honor. And you know how it works… when one of us has a question, rest assured many others has a similar one. So, these questions are… as well as the answers… are for all of us. The first on the global question agenda comes from Natalia.

Q: Natalia states: The event of the 21st of December 2012 has been on my mind for the past weeks, maybe because we’re approaching the ten-year anniversary of that collective decision of ascending together, which was not what many of us expected. Looking back, I can honestly say the past ten years since then have been the hardest of my life, and recently I have gotten to the point where I feel strongly that I just can’t take this any more, that I just need to move on. The truth is that if I must wait on others to ascend for my healing and completion of my ascension to happen, it may never occur, and being back and forth all the time feels pretty excruciating. So, is there a possibility to make a different choice now than was made in 2012 and change the outcome?

Micki: Thank you, Natalia, for your honest sharing, and your question.

A: [Divine Mother] Beloved Natalia, Natalia of the Blue Ray, and all of you… This decision, this free will decision that you made coming up to a decade ago was exceedingly spiritually evolved and mature. And there are very seldom times when we are surprised, and I mean we, the Company of Heaven, and the Council of Love, and everybody… the Father and I.

You made this decision as a family. You had witnessed, through many, many lifetimes, the horrors of what happens to those who are left behind, and you made the heart choice that you would proceed together. And that has created, and anchored, and polished a new way of being. And it most certainly opened the opportunity, out of human detour, to enter into my pause, to have that space that you refer to as time on planet, to truly reflect… what do I value and what do I want?

So, there have been many, many extraordinary benefits to this collective decision. And there have been so many detours that sometimes even we are flabbergasted. So, let us talk about this individually and collectively… you do not need to wait, my child, on collective ascension. It does not happen. When you’ve made the decision that you’ve wanted all of humanity to go, it wasn’t that you were going to wait… yes, there are pillars, and there are wayshowers, and there are portals… but you, and everyone here and elsewhere, have been flying through those ascension portals for years, not months, not weeks, years.

What causes much of your distress is when you fly back, when you step back into the morass of chaos. And that is necessary because there is no room, there is no room for chaos. You have passed through the sixth dimension of creative chaos. There is no room for hatred, or greed, or abuse, or any of that. So, it stretches you, and you think, ‘Mother, I am not going to make it if I have to wait any longer and do this commuting back and forth.’

This opening has been for a decade, in fact, it has been for twenty-four years, and that has brought you to 2022. And that is why I suggest unto thee that this is a time of completion; this is a time of emergence, reemergence, re-anchoring into the higher dimensional realm. It is not… and let me be very clear… it is not that you don’t get to visit the third, you want your bodies, we need your bodies on planet, in form. But we also need you in the seventh, and the tenth, and the first for new ideas. That is what the delegations have been so focused on… not just the ideation but the process of bringing it into physicality.

So dearest heart, you speak for many, and you are courageous, and you are filled with valor, and I fill you with hope. But complete the ascension, be the portal through, and wait for everyone on the other side. Be the beckoner rather than the shepherd. That is what I say unto thee, child. The time of waiting is over… thankfully.

Mickie: Thank you, thank you, Mother. I hope that was helpful, Natalia, and everyone. Next, we have several thought-provoking comments and questions from Simone. I think many of us will resonate, so let’s listen carefully.

Q: Simone says: It appears to me that those aspects of ourselves that are most afraid to come home have a deep-seated fear of not being worthy of love. I believe that it is part of our growth and expansion into the fullness of who we are that we learn to look at these aspects with unconditional love and acceptance so that we can heal the wounds of separation once and for all.

My feeling is that this may also require a change of perspective regarding extraterrestrial aspects that some have termed as dark, such as certain reptilian looking et’s for example, but also regarding some human and past life aspects that we tend to avoid looking at, let alone feel safe to integrate. Those aspects seem to immediately invoke within us a subconscious reaction which translates as shielding or defensiveness by which we eventually restrict our own ability to experience and to express love.

So, in order for us to heal the wounds of war of any kind, be it related to intergalactic history, human history, or our own personal history, including wounds from early childhood, it seems to be essential that we choose to be and to stay open-hearted, and that we learn to identify and to see through and dissolve those layers of armor that we have built around our hearts,

So, my question is… can we use the tools of the Awakener Kit to work on and adjust the lens of perception through which we project and create our reality so we can stay open-hearted as well as aligned with and awake to the highest, most loving reality, especially in those moments when we feel most triggered by fear? And if so, how do we do this for ourselves and for the collective?

Micki: Thank you, Simone. Let’s see what the Council has to say.

A: [Yahweh] I address you Simone, but I address you all. If there was one area… and there are several… that has caused confusion, questions, angst, it is about aspects. And it is truly about… and you have summed it up well, dearest… it is about coming to the acceptance and realization of just how massive you are, gloriously. And you have been harvesting these aspects for a very long time… and I would suggest it is time also to bring this to completion… oh, not to stop working with your aspects… let me be clear about that. But this fear and hatred… no…No! There is no place, you cannot have fear and hatred, disparagement, even jealousy in the same sentence as unconditional love.

There are many parables, and Yeshua… he loves them… but I use this analogy for the lost lamb. Michael would use the analogy of going to return Lucifer home to me, to the Father. So, let us say, if Lucifer can be brought home, do you not think that your tawdry aspects cannot be embraced and loved like never before? Because more than any, they need it.

Most of you, if not lifetimes, certainly moments, sometimes years, sometimes eons, you have had times when you have wandered into the darkness. So what? So what? You have Uriel’s Silver Flame to light the way into the deepest darkness, the deepest darkness of yourself. It is not incumbent upon you to go snooping around other people’s deepest darkest secrets. That is not your role at this juncture. Healing brings the light, and it infuses the darkness. It does not leave it there alone and suffering in fear and terror. And you are spiritually wise enough, mature enough that you know this now.

And yes, that has been part of the fear, also with the full integration of your intergalactic/galactic selves, interplanetary… not because you have caused the destruction, but you certainly have witnessed it. And you have done so on Terra Gaia, and Atlantis, and Zahara, Lemuria. So, you look at that and you say, “I never want to see that or participate in that again.”

But how do you resolve this? Because there is a chemical fear factor that rises… it is that fight or flight, your physicality has been designed this way so that you would have, not only your guardians surrounding you constantly, but you have your inner not armor but guidance system… and there is a difference… to know when to step back, when to be the observer.

You choose. I use this word carefully. Remember my friends, I have been teaching you to move from want, to choice, to claim. Many of you have said, “I would like to integrate. I would like, I want to integrate my aspects.” I move you this day because as you do it, you do it for billions, billions. I choose to embrace those parts of me… that is all aspects are… that are cold and weary, and distraught and despaired, and feel that they have been forgotten living in the cold. So, you choose for the integration.

Now, that does not mean… let me be very clear, child… you’re not bringing in the damage. Remember your white light car wash… you put them through. If you go to the deserts where war is being wrought, and people are hungry, and dirty, and filthy, and you are bringing them to a home, the first thing you would do is to welcome them, yes, to give them water or tea, and a luxurious bath to wash away the pain and suffering. So, you welcome them. You choose.

When you claim, what you are doing is claiming the original, highest, most sacred holy part, the original design of that aspect. It cannot be done if you are turning your head and running away because it is you, as the ruler, as the host that has the power to welcome and claim. So yes, and sweet ones, you can give the remnants to me… we will recirculate the energy of the torn garments, and the broken hearts. You do not do this alone.

So, proceed in this way. I hope this is clear.

Micki: Thank you. Yes, Mother, that is exceedingly clear and I’m sure so very helpful. And so timely your question Simone, thank you for that as well because this is a time of unity and how can we move into unity consciousness if we are not in union with ourselves? So, I think that answer from the Mother is one we’ll all be revisiting and taking to heart.

We’ll continue now with another question from Simone paired with one sent in by Kim Best.

Q: Simone states: Ancient layers of injury have kept humanity bound to fear and fear-based narratives for far too long. Not only do they limit, obscure, and distort our perception of reality, and of who we truly are but they make us live in the past rather than experience the freedom and innocence of the present now moment where all the magic and wonder lives.
Simone’s question is: What does it take in order for us to shift our focus and consciousness permanently to the higher reality and to the truth of love? And what exactly does it mean to be the Mother’s Guardians of Truth? How does that look and feel in practical terms and in our everyday lives?

And Kim writes: Please counsel on… when we activate a past trauma to heal the energies of it, is there a method to help when overwhelming feelings arise and are joined with contradicting energies holding the old patterns in place which, in turn, stalls the healing process?

Micki: Thank you Simone and Kim. Let’s see what the Council has to share.

A. [Divine Mother] I have begun this day, beloveds, by counseling you to cease looking over your shoulders. There is an addiction, a collective addiction, which has need to be eliminated… and we will do so today… yes, I do have that power, and I do give you this gift because looking back it is important to understand the ebb and flow, what you call history, and what we will call energy, and what I would call my infinite ocean of time.

But why would you only want to swim in the currents of past tragedy? Why would you not wish to paddle over to the sparkling lagoon where the light filters through, and the fairies, and the sprites, and the dolphins play?

To be my “Guardian of Truth” does not mean harping, repeating, clinging to real or imagined abuses, injuries, detours. Of course, you need to be cognizant of these, that is why we do not erase the memories completely and fully because there can be no repeat. But when you focus on your accomplishments, individually and collectively, when that rises up through your heart to your throat, Kim, and you think, ‘I really want to let go of this, Mother help me’… that can do it because I hear you, Yeshua hears you, SK hears you, Maitreya hears you, and we will take it.

It is important to understand the abhoration ( aberration ) that has occurred, but where I invite you is looking forward, past opinion, and it does not mean that you stand in a pulpit or on a soapbox to declare the truth, that is not how truth is anchored. Truth is anchored in your heart, in heart thinking, Martin, in heart living, in heart existence. You have brilliant brains and there are many, many thoughts that you have that are brilliant, but when you think with your heart you shine the spotlight on where you are going. Your chakra light comes out the back. It will show the way to those that may still be in the process of experiencing those dilemmas. Truth is not either/or it is stepping above into the love. It is stepping above into the truth of who you truly are.

You think that you have layers in your field, and of course, you do… but sweet angels of light, you have only just begun to explore the massive nature of who you truly are. That is the excitement. That is the future in the infinite ocean. So, when you find yourself engaged, even trapped… someone is grabbing you and saying, ‘listen to this fear, it’s going to happen, I have to protect you, you have to take care of yourself.’ Use your eraser. Use your adjuster to adjust that paradigm of fear to trust and joy, of gentleness. Fear is abusive; there is nothing kind about fear. Yes, you have that inborne fight or flight, but to simply be in the quagmire of fear, it is not nice, and it certainly isn’t loving. Adjust it; regulate it; anchor it and proceed.

So, let us stop using the word fear and fearless. Let us move from courage to valor, and from valor to victory. And let us proceed right now, today, together as one.

Micki: Thank you, thank you, Mother, for all of these beautiful insights around the global questions that have been offered today. And, in fact, we’ve just passed the top of the hour so we have quite a few more global questions that we will be putting on pause until the next Heart Call. But rest assured, we will get to those because now we want to move on to the questions regarding the beautiful gifts and tools from UFOG. So, are we ready for those Linda?

[Divine Mother] Yes, and I reassure all of you beloveds, Joseph, Manuel, Madeline, you will have what you need, and I will speak to this. So yes, you may proceed because I do not wish to usurp Ashira and Grener’s time.

Micki: Thank you, Mother.