What a blessing we had during our November Heart Call … Yeshua preparing us and our Divine Mother inviting us on a new adventure, this next chapter, which is the original Plan.


Greetings, I am Yeshi, I am Yeshua. And yes, I bring you harmony, and greetings, and love, and peace, and compassion, and comfort, and anything else that you can possibly imagine. And I step forward this day, briefly, for our Mother also wishes to speak.

I step forward, yes, in this time of reset, in this time of recalibration, in this time of new beginnings, and the new normal on Nova Earth as Nova Being… how many different ways do we need to say it, bright one? I come to you as brother, as ally, as very old friend to pose a question to your heart… “Beloved, what are you afraid of? What are you most afraid of?” I ask this question, I can ask this question as brother because I have the deepest knowing and respect for your sovereignty.

None of you are cowering alone in the dark. None of you have turned and run away. You are the victorious, courageous, filled with valor angels. You are in human form, and you are in a time of great change; some think of it as chaos, some think of it as upheaval, I think of it as new beginnings. And so, I ask you, “What are you afraid of?”

When I have walked this beautiful planet, long ago, in what some may say as simpler time… I wouldn’t. And there are many that would think that I was afraid of not completing my mission, or I was afraid of dying. What if I did not resurrect just like you? That was not my fear. And even in my knowing of how deeply I was loved, and am loved, and cherished above, below, and everywhere in-between, I was most afraid of being alone. A curious thing for me to say… who would feel the buzz and the jangle of nerves with all the busyness. And I would retreat to the desert for some peace, and quiet, and calm… but I knew I wasn’t alone.

And I mean this… of being afraid of being alone without my beloveds, in form, on planet, above. What if they went away? What if this was an entire illusion, a psychotic break? What if at that moment of truth, departure, but truth I discovered I was simply alone… and in that aloneness, would it mean I was powerless? No. And you, and I know that that fear, unfounded fear, irrational fear… but it was still there. Did I deal with it? Did I conquer it? Of course.

The reason I pose this question to you is because it contains… it is a wealth of information and of energy about who you are. It gives you… it is not to be feared… it gives you the deeper insight into who you are. Your greatest fear leads the way to your greatest gift. So yes, for me, I was fearful; I was scared of being alone. Why? Because my entire being, my entire purpose, my existence is the unity of heart and soul. It is the unity, it is my connectedness to All, and in that to you. So, it was an indicator to me, as it will be for you, as it is to you, about who you are.

So, I ask you to take time… no, not this month… this day or this week to sit with me, to let me hold you, reassure you, and ask this question, and do not delude yourself. There is something that you are afraid of, and it is the key to more information, more insight, more glory about who you are.

So, come… I’m not even asking you to walk with me, although I would dearly love it… but please, come and sit with me, and let us walk through… and in this way you can walk through any fear, and I will be with you. I will be with you. And yes, I will tag along to the audition. Not many know… but I love to sing. And I love you!

I step aside, but never away… Farewell.

Channeling: Universal Mother Mary

Greetings, I am Mary. I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Omniversal Mother, Mother of Change, and Mother of Constancy. And welcome sweet angels of light, champions of love, bringers of the new, carrying and anchoring the wisdom of old, carrying and anchoring the wisdom of you.

I am so proud of you… for each of you, in your constancy, in your achievements, in your trueness, you have always… hear what I say… you have always been true. Have there been scenic detours as you visit Zeres, or CeeCeeCee, or Gaia, or Galatia? Yes. And has that added to the beautiful mosaic, the shining brilliance of who you are? Yes, beloved, it has.

Now, I come to add to what this channel has been speaking of in terms of the conjunction of time and space, and the intersection, the conjunction, with the overlay of My Divine Plan, of our Divine Plan. And when I say ‘our’… yes, the Father and I, the Council of Love, but when I say ‘our’ I mean all of you… this is our Plan. This is not something that is being laid heavily upon your shoulders, this is the magnificence.

There can never be separation. When you have still been within My Being, we have formulated a Plan, infinite and eternal, and of Divine perfection, and human, or Galatian, or Arcturian perfection. Part of that Plan is that all beings, by the right of free will choice, would have the opportunity to truly see and know that Plan. While it is not the totality of My infinite, longitudinal unfoldment of the Plan, but certainly to see and know the pertinent intersections and conjunctions… think of it as the markers in the infinite oceans of sand where once, long ago, Zahara lived…

The infinite design is that you will recognize and know in the deepest part of your being… oh! this is a conjunction of time, space, matter, Plan. Because there are markers, and there are recalibrations… no, not the elimination of planets but of you as my angels-in-form, on this magnificent archangel-in-form. Now you are in one of those times where there is a conjunction of time, space, and the Divine Plan.

You have been through an awful lot, and you have been true, and you have been kind, and you have been loving. So, it is time, in my time and yours, for the introduction of a new adventure… not a change in mission… you do not change the essence, beloved, of who you are. If you are a healer, you are a healer. If you are a channel, you are a channel. If you are an artist, you are an artist. But the breadth, the opportunity, the scope is widening. So, I am telling you this, I am informing you, so yes, you understand what is occurring, but also, I am inviting you to this next chapter, to this next adventure, to this next unfoldment.

Let us proceed together in this creation of the new… which is the original Plan. Let us celebrate together as we go forth in the union of heart, mind, soul, and being, in the union of time, space, and Plan.

Let us proceed, for I am as much and as clearly with you as you are with me, always, all ways, and forever. You are loved, and I know and feel your love. Farewell.