Humility walks with awe. How could you not sit, stand, or walk in the deepest humility, in the most profound sense of awe to your Mother Gaia? She is your living, breathing example of patience and fortitude.


Greetings, I am Lao Tzu, old master… you might even say ancient. And yet, I feel as young today as I ever have. Yes, I could come and speak to you a great deal about balance, but I would be discussing something with you that you already know.

My purpose is to help you understand evolution and particularly spiritual evolution. For although I know much science, I would not pretend to be a scientist because that is actually quite linear and constricted. And constriction has been part of the difficulty that has been expanded and exposed and lived through on this planet for far too long.

So, why do I come and speak of spiritual evolution, and then in the same breath speak to you about humility, and patience, and fortitude? Because, in fact, do not patience and fortitude go hand in hand? Do they not walk together as equals, propping each other up like a wounded soldier, like a peasant who has been left too long working in the fields? Perhaps some of you would be dismissive or even insulted if I say to you, “My friends, you are the peasants that have been toiling in the field for a very, very long time.”

Part of the difficulty with this collective human race is that there is an exaggerated sense of self-importance; that the self has need to be puffed up and propped up as some minor god. The sanctity, the beauty, and yes, the power of your sacred being, of each being, has never been part of the debate. You, as the human collective, have made it part of the debate but it is not divine design.

Do you not think that the Mother and Father know, as they have birthed your eternal self, including this current incarnation, how perfect, mighty, beautiful you are? Of course, they do. And in the genuine knowing of that self you do not need, nor would I ever encourage that you play the games that have been going on with human power. That is ridiculous, and it is exhausting, and that is one of the reasons why Gaia is so overwhelmed and exhausted. How could you not take care of the Blessed Mother? How could you not tend to her fields, to her skin, to her air, to her waters? It is beyond comprehension.

Humility, humility walks with awe. How could you not sit, stand, or walk in the deepest humility, in the most profound sense of awe to your Mother Gaia? She is your living, breathing example of patience and fortitude. She continually brings you the gifts of beauty, of regeneration. That is obvious and apparent, even to a poor peasant… might I say, especially to one who toils in the fields, and is connected, that has not removed themselves by the materiality. Her essence is patience and fortitude.

This human collective that is at the conjunction of a new timeline, of a new wave, in order to proceed you must be in the humility and the awe, the trust and the knowing, the joy and the patience, not only of what lies ahead, you must… and yes, I use that word ‘must’… you must be in the love of each other, of all the kingdoms, of all the planets, of all the galaxies, of all the omniverses. And in that the profound sense of awe that you are in form, exhibiting at this time. It is not a right; it is a privilege. And yes, it is a job, a task, a small task that you volunteered for, that you begged to participate in, that you humbly asked the Mother and Father to witness.

So, there is no room for hesitation. There most certainly is no room for complaint. What is a complaint? It is an expression of you feeling insufficient. And that is a fundamental denial of what you are, and what you have brought to this planet at this time. This is the conclusion of a very, very long cycle of human evolution. That is why I come because once again I stand before you as you say, “Master, what do I need?” And I say, “Balance.” And I say, “Humility in the greatest sense of awe of who you are, of how magnificent each being… if it is a pebble or a master, it contains the totality. You, my beloved brothers and sisters, contain the totality.”

So, do not deny… no, it is not boastful to look in the mirror and say, “This is what the Mother has wrought, and I will take care of the Mother below as we proceed together in this new cycle.” And beloved friends, I will be with you, yet again. There is not a conjunction that I have ever missed.

Go with my love, but also, go with my compassion. Farewell.