As we continue with the questions from the Autumn Equinox, these have to do with the Tools that UFOG gifted us and how to use them. Remember to practice… and play with them… they are phenomenal!

Micki: Okay, next up we have several questions from Berber and Janet that I’m going to combine because they regard the use of the tools… I’ll put them all out on the table at once and Ashira can address them together.

So, the first ones are from Berber who asks…

Q: How long do we, or can we use the tools before reprogramming them? Do we reprogram them when the issue is not cleared within one week? Or should they be reprogrammed daily? And using the Replicator, is it enough just to imagine that small microwave and to push an imaginary button? And in using the Golden Disk, we start from the 13th Octave, and then how do we form the molecules to go and bilocate?

Micki: Thank you Berber. And these are from Janet Bailey?

Q: We were given these wonderful tools and instructions on how to program them, but I need an understanding on how to use them once they are programmed. Do you wave them or what? And how long do we do that? Also, once they are programmed, how do we reprogram them? Just give them new instructions or do we need to clear them first? And how many times a day is it okay to reprogram them? And lastly, Janet asks I asked if I had a transmitter, and I got a ‘no’ on my pendulum because I don’t receive answers when I ask questions. So, I’m wondering about this.

Micki: Over to you, Ashira.

A: I am Ashira of Neptune. And while I welcome you this day, I also wish you to know that many of us are gathered, yes, flooding you with our Porlana C, the electric blue, the alignment that we have given you, and the alignment that we will hold with you… and sometimes for you.

Thank you for reinviting us. Yes, I was a little pushy asking to be reinvited, but you have given your assent. Let us talk about the tools. Now, first of all, these are not toys, they are not gadgets, they are not gifts… they are all of the above. And we have given them to you… it is your training wheels, it is familiarizing you, first of all, aligned with Universal Law, and particularly the Laws of Intention, and Transmutation, and Transfiguration, Manifestation. But we are not going to jump into that right now.

Let us talk about these tools and the programming and the usage. We are expanding on what we have previously shared with thee in these confines that you call time. We have suggested and told you that you hold your tool, your gadget, your toy in your right hand to program it. What you are doing… think of it, many of you have taken advanced healing classes… but what you are doing is beaming, sending, transmitting into the mechanism your intention. So, you are already working with sheer energy and the transmutation, transformation of sheer energy.

Now, your computers, I dare say, and your World Wide Web has been fashioned and given to you modeled on ours. So, I am going to use some of that information to help you understand. When you are in your computer and you bring up a program and you say, “I wish to activate that program” you do not need to shut everything down again, you can simply refresh the program, bring up another program, bring up another program, and so it is with your devices… and particularly your Awakener Kit. That is our playground that we want to enjoy with you. So, you hold it… it isn’t just a second, although it can happen that fast… but truly declare heart agreement of mind, of intention, of request of what you are wanting, choosing, claiming is going to take place.

It is not a matter, dear Janet, of waiting to clear it. These are much like Lemurian crystals, they do not need to be cleared in order to be reprogrammed, they have their auto-cleanse, so you do not need to worry about that. You do not need to say, “I was trying to regulate my blood pressure yesterday, but today I want to regulate anxiety, today I want to work with the collective on the belief systems and regulate the hatred.” It can do it all. So, think of it in terms of ‘add-on’… yes, Einstein – add-on, add-on, add-on, add-on, until you are getting Gabrielle’s glorious explosion and implosion.

Now, I want to expand on this. You don’t need the delete feature, so you take, and you intend… ‘I wish to regulate my blood sugar. I wish to regulate family harmony. I wish to regulate…’ And you hold it, feel the pulse, feel the energy… yours combined with ours. Yes, these are simple toys, and much, much more. Now, if you want to feel I have made my declaration… and you’ve been working with this long enough, so I take you to the next step… if you want to feel how it’s doing, put it in your left hand and feel the reception. Place it on your heart, place it on your lap, place it on your tummy and sense the transmission that is taking place.

So, rule of thumb, you program, and you keep it primarily on your right-hand side, but you can feel it, what’s transpiring, by bringing it into your left. This is true of the Regulator, and it is most certainly true of the Adjuster. These two tools are our ‘go-tos’. And you say, “Well, what should I use Adjuster for? And when should I use the Regulator?” Again, rule of thumb, and I want you to play with this… we tend to use the Adjuster for massive systemic change. So, when you are adjusting an entire system, we recommend… you cannot go wrong… but we recommend you go to your Adjuster.

Long ago there has been much talk, intelligent insights into Spaceship Earth. When you want to adjust one of those systems, this is very, very powerful. When you want to regulate, it can be ‘big picture’, but it can also be extraordinarily personal… yes, this is my beloved’s favorite tool. And so, we regulate emotions, addictions – you can regulate your addictions, you can swap them out. You can change an addiction to pain to an addiction to joy, an addiction to flowers. One of the things that we are so enthralled, excited about… Gaia, the bounty and the beauty of Gaia. You can be addicted to Cities of Light, intergalactic communication, anything that expands, anything that feels like love because that is what we come in, love and peace.

So, do not worry about reprogramming. When you create an intention, you are reprogramming, you are not erasing your prior… if you wish to, simply tell it… but it has an automatic delete function, so do not worry about it.

You always do everything from the 13th Octave, from the Heart of One you cannot go wrong. You do not need to even completely visualize bringing together your Golden Disk. Think of it as a little surfboard, a boogie-board, and just jump on and come. That is to play with. That is to bring you from ship to Earth, ship to Earth, ship to Earth, and Paris for lunch. We have told you and we are welcoming you to use it. And you have all been given, and the Mother has reinstalled during her initial welcome, by the way, your Transmitter, blue, filaments of gold into your ear, across your head like a spiderweb, these famous grids. Activate it so you hear what is truly being said to you. Thank you.

Micki: Thank you, Ashira. Fabulous. Thank you so much, very helpful. Alright, we have a few minutes left, and I have a series of additional questions from Tiziana regarding the tools… so I’ll read through those.

Q: Tizi writes… I would love to know more about the tools and how to play with them. Could you give us some examples? (which, of course, you just did). Can we use a combination of the tools or is it better to start with one and then add on? Also, our star family doesn’t need any money, but can we use the Replicator to create financial abundance? Also, I’m wondering does it matter how small the Adjuster is? I’ve already had a tiny little box similar to the one that Linda showed us during the Star Family Gathering, only smaller, it will be so easy to keep on the body. So, I’m wondering if that will be sufficient. I’d also like to know how I can restore my memory besides going into the healing chamber onboard ship. Can I erase forgetfulness? And finally (which has already just been partially answered) How can we regulate addictions? For now, I am only erasing them.

A: So, do you notice that I have given my friend a smaller device? And it is one that is perfect for her size and temperament. So yes, beloved, they can be small. You will each find the device that most represents, for you, what the device looks and feels like. And it is best, as we have said, kept on body because you are traveling far more than you think. Yes Tiziana, even to Venus… your old friends are waiting for you.

Now, you can use these in combination and often do because there are things… think of these tools are in complete alignment with the Universal Laws of Love. Sometimes you will need, want, choose to erase something, but then replace it. Use your Regulator to replace it… so, erase/regulate/create new intention. Adjust it as you go. So yes, all of these tools – Transmitter, Replicator – all of these tools are to be used in tandem. You are going to have your favorites… that is part of the fun.

Now, let us talk… and I have just made a reference to Spaceship Earth and the Replicators. The Replicators aren’t used for money… I’m sorry! They are not your personal ATM. Replicators are the elimination of waste. Think of it this way… your oceans are clogged with garbage and plastic. Your city water needs filters for Gaia’s tears. No, we use the Replicator, we have the Creation Codes, we know the paradigm, and what we do is we reuse, recycle, the codes, the atoms, the energies, the nanoparticles to then reform what is required, rather than produce, produce, produce, produce. It is not necessary, it is not useful, it is not wise.

And I want you all to consider this… what do you feel when you are using the Replicator and the mention of money? What is it that you are really asking for? Is it more food? Is it clothing? Is it a house, a book? Is it calcium, protein? You can adjust these or regulate them but when you want them in physicality you use the Replicator. But go past the money question, we have done so long ago. Oh, we know, you love to play with money, and when you get to the time when you can play with money, then all will be resolved. But what the real issue is is what are you really asking for?

So, go deeper, my beloveds, go deeper and allow the truth of what is really the yearning, the request, the energy that you are putting and think you are writing it on a slip of paper, or you’re punching it up on your keyboard, and put it into the Replicator, and then stop, and open, and receive. Because it’s not enough to ask. This is where the Mother has taken us and is taking you, altogether, to receive.

You are brilliant. Do you really think we would be coming and asking permission and making pleas for landing if you were not brilliant? You are brilliant. We love you and we want you to receive everything. And we want you to receive us as family, as the family we truly are, and always have been… as equals. You know in families one has a fabulous voice and musical talent, and the other is a bookworm, and the other is a gardener. We all have different talents, capacities. But when we heart share, we restore the garden… and even more fun, we get to live in the garden. Oh, we will journey elsewhere, for sure, there’s much to be explored and we will welcome you on our explorations. But let us be clear… we come as family and we come in love, and we are with you. Farewell… for now.

Micki: Thank you, thank you beloved Ashira. And thank you all for the phenomenal questions that have brought forth this incredibly abundant harvest, and we’re just at the beginning of harvest season so I can only imagine what comes next. Thank you. Thank you, Linda.

Linda: And thank you, Micki. Thank you all, thank you, thank you, thank you. And before we sign off, this is a special one for you C.A. You said you still had a question hanging out there about Stephen Greer, and if I knew of his work. Stephen Greer and the Council of Love have done back-to-backs at Joshua Tree several times. So yes, I’m very familiar with his work. No, I have not participated in any of his workshops, but I’ve seen the aftermath of people walking around in sheer amazement. I don’t know about a phone app but I’m sure that’s probably the next thing. We’re getting our apps, so we’re going to be using them.

So, in closing for the beautiful Autumn Equinox… buckle up because they’re getting us ready for the final push towards the end of the year. It’s going to be explosive and wild and a lot of fun.

So, Micki, I want to thank you, my trusty friend, and I want to thank Isaac, of course, for his tech savvy of making us all live and in living color, and I want to thank each of you. You’re amazing, and you’re amazing to come and to hear, and receive, and to do this at this level. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And I want to remind you because there are questions I know we didn’t get to, come to our free Heart Call, every first Saturday of the month. And the next one will be on October 1st, and we’re just going to pick up where we’ve left off. So, come, and let’s keep the fun going.

From my heart to yours… all my love. You are fabulous! Bye for now.