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Archangel Michael expalins to us our role in this exciting energy of the 11-11-11


So it is with JOY that we join with her (Gaia) and that we join with you one more time to ascend that sacred spiral and to do so together in the unity of heart, knowing that there is no separation, there never has been. That is why the gift of the 13th Octave was …


‘Yeshua, won’t it be wonderful when everyone in the village and everyone in the town understands that this is the time of Love’.


Greetings,I am the Magdalena.I am Mary, but I choose to be called The Magdalena.It was an endearment first given to me by Jeshua, and then it spread as so many of the apostles and disciples would call me such. It was a title but a term of endearment. How I loved those times. welcome many …


As Zen Zuriah has told you many times it is the decisions that you make now that affect whether these Cities truly anchor and come into form or into a form that you will experience on Nova Earth. And so I come this day to pose some questions to you, to give you food for …


Here is a new gift from Archangel Gabrielle, her Golden Filters, along with a reactivation of her Golden Magnets. Now come back again to your heart and to the gift of Gabrielle’s Golden Filters. We’re given so many gifts but this is our Ascension prep gifts, not that they all haven’t been….


There is very little upon your planet that is not in movement right now, including yourself


Every year at our Gathering there is a huge gift and attunement – this year our agenda is jammed packed with them. But the primary gift is the from our beloved Jeshua and is the gift of his Sacred Heart.


As I prepare for the 15th Annual COL Gathering in Sedona the Council tells me which channellings to include – and they are powerful. Interestingly enough they are also timeless, and I feel strongly that everyone deserves to read this incredibly beautiful and moving message from Jesus Sananda . For all of us who have …