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[powerpress] Saturday Conference Call 04-18-15 What is different is the intensity with which I and you and we approach this energy flow; it is the energy of my Love, it is the energy of my persistence, it is the energy of my intention that you be raised up. I will not stop this Third Wave …


An informative group discussion on our Saturday call with Linda sharing some of the themes that we are working on at this time…


I come this day to speak to you of rebirth…the expression of the Love within is exploding and expressing without; it is expressing in a variety of ways…you can think of it as ‘Love Above and Love Below’, but it lives within…


The 13th Octave, the higher octave outside the realm of 12/12…of 12 dimensions, 12 planes…the 13th Octave is the sweetest, highest, dearest, most powerful gift ever bestowed upon humanity. Come with me each and every day to the 13th Octave, for that is where you conduct all of your sacred undertakings…let me hold up the …


Spiritual discipline is the declaration, not just of intent but of all of your parts, that nothing is more important than your spiritual journey home, than your service to the Mother/Father/One. If you are in a spiritual discipline, the spiritual exhaustion will not only diminish but evaporate.


…Thank you for being in partnership with us. Thank you for assuming form to assist in this unfoldment, to complete this Ascension at hand, to create with us Nova Earth. Thank you for your open heart…


On our first Saturday channeling of the New Year 2015, Universal Mother Mary says, “You have no idea as yet of the fullness of your power. And as we enter into this new season of new time, outside of time, inside of time, and beyond time, we travel together as one.


On our Saturday conference call Universal Mother Mary declared “I increase the tsunami and I increase it because this is the final wave…this final wave, sweet angels, is for expansion…you have grown, but you have not finished growing…”


Be true to yourself; dig deeper into what you truly desire. What I am asking of you this day and every day is to have extraordinary courage; have the courage to truly, not only to explore your dreams, your desires of what you choose to bring forth, have the courage to claim your dreams.