I wish to give you and to more deeply ignite within your being not only the peace but how to arrive at peace… and might I suggest that it is through forgiveness?


Greetings, I AM Sai Baba, and I bring you greetings from many because I speak for many. I speak for an entire host that wishes to embrace you, to gift you, to glorify you. I am not this or that Sai Baba, I AM the energy of Baba.

And one of the things that I wish to give you and to more deeply ignite within your being, yes, of course, your heart, but also your totality, is not only the peace but how to arrive at peace. Might I suggest that it is through forgiveness? And yes, I have learned a great deal about forgiveness.

There is a tendency to be quite selective when we talk about forgiveness, when you talk about forgiveness… that you will forgive this or that, but other things are deemed unforgivable, and others are deemed as unforgiven. What an absurdity. But is not part of the delight of being human the absurdity of what has gone forward and what is?

There has been much division, and yes, derision upon your planet and amongst the various groups, whether you think of it as a nation, a political party, the ins, the outs, the ups, the downs. I am not suggesting to you that you are forgiving this one or that one who has a preferred position within your own hierarchy. No. I want you to forgive those that you feel have been the most egregious, most outrageous, most offensive.

I am not talking about moving into judgment, but you have many things, my friends, to learn about judgment. You think that you have moved past that… but you have not. You are still in judgment, and far too often, in judgment of your sweet self. So, what I wish you to do, in order to correct this once and for all, is to think of what you have judged as the most despicable of actions, the most despicable of personalities, the biggest betrayal, the biggest betrayer. And in this forgiveness, for what are you really doing but looking in the mirror. You shred, and you shed, and you let go of these illusions of who you are, and who the other guy might be because you don’t really know. This is the path to knowing. It is stripping away the illusions and forgiving.

And you say, “Oh, but Baba, I have erred. I have not created this or that, I did not complete this or that. I have moved in the wrong direction.” Well, I will tease you and I will say, “So what? Do you think I have never erred? Do you think in the history of human existence, and elsewhere by the way, that there has never been a misstep?”

One of the greatest gifts that the Mother/Father has bestowed and honored us with is this free will, with them knowing full well that we would misstep. The greatest saints and the greatest sinners have all veered off-path to find their way back to holiness. And it is not just the holiness of our sacred Source, it is the holiness of you.

There is not one of you that is not on the road to completion. And there is not one of you about to depart, thinking you are complete. You are here to be anchors in form of this brilliant light that you have always held, and most certainly that flows to your planet so freely. But in order for you to truly see this, to be this, you have need to be the clear vessel. You have need to be the crystal vase that receives and shines, and glimmers in the morning light, and in the moonlight. And to be such a being of beauty that no one wishes to take you and put you in the shelf. The power is in the clarity of love. There can be no division, and there most certainly cannot be derision.

Yes, it is a walk of trust, but you have asked for miracles, and they are being sent to you on a daily basis. They sit in your palms, in your heart.

I am a master of magnification. I am a master of manifestation. And I am a master of learning the lessons of forgiveness. So, I come to you as saint and sinner, as penitent, and I plead with you to embrace this peace that lies in forgiveness.

Do not forget your old Babaji, for I am with you. Go for now and receive the blessings of the healing. Farewell.