It has been safer, more comfortable, more familiar to remain in your head, but that is where the false grids have been acknowledged and anchored, that is where the control and abuse have originated from.


Greetings, I AM Mary, I AM Mare’, I AM water, I AM earth, I AM air, I AM All, Mother of Constancy, and Mother of Change, and I bring you comfort and nurturing, mercy, insight. Often I have said to you I do not wish to be known as the Mother of Sorrows. But sweet angels of light, my beloved children, that does not mean that I am not known as the Mother of Mercy.

It is a term that so many of you have forgotten and many of you avoid because it has the connotation, on Earth anyway, so often of clemency, that somehow you have erred, and that you are being forgiven. You are always forgiven! But that is not what I am talking about when I am talking about mercy. Mercy is a gift to your heart. And it is when you feel that you have need of consideration, of attendance, of help. It is when you feel incompetent… and perhaps, even forgotten. Inside the mercy is my love, is my tenderness, is the deep comfort and consideration for you, sweet angels. So, that is the gift that I bring you.

So, as we begin this discussion you will remember… you are never forgotten, and you are never, ever alone.

Let us talk about ‘how do I stay out of my head?’ And I can tease you, we all can tease you, and ask you, “Why on earth would you want to stay out of your head?” And you say, “Oh, but Mother, my mental body is going, going, going, never stopping, never giving me a moments respite.” And I would say to thee, “Sweet angels, now who is responsible for that?” Because as you step forward as Nova Beings and Nova Gaians, you are also assuming, reassuming, and then reassuming again your mantle of divine authority and your mantle of divine knowing.

But let us talk about this issue of being in your head. And I also tend to put this in the context of what has happened in this demise of the human collective over thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years.

Many of the Creator Race, all of you angels in form, veered away. You thought that being God/Source/One was a very attractive job. And so, in your free will, you have taken that massive scenic detour. But in order to do this, it was a mental exercise… so it meant the separation away from your heart and into, what you think of as your head, your mental, emotional bodies. And you had need to stay there and grow and sustain ego, both within yourself and within the collective, and build the false grids that allowed you to remain in that state of dissonance. It was not real. It was a form of a dream, a journey most certainly.

Now, as you began as a collective to realize that separation, isolation, led to feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and you truly wished to come home to the love, and particularly in this lifetime, that is why you are here… you are my way-showers. So, you began to edge back in to your heart. Very often what was stored in your heart were the core issues of despair, and disconnect, disappointment, pain, grief, sorrow. And so, there was a situation where you backed up and thought, ‘well, I thought I wanted to go into my heart but that is hurting me.’ So, rather than delve deeper, you edged back. But you have innately known, you’ve always known, that the answers to everything, everything you are seeking… not just to know but to truly KNOW, is within your heart.

And so, there has been this situation, too often, of push and pull. And there have been many situations where the ego, the mental, has also defended you from that pain. So, it has been safer, more comfortable, more familiar to remain in your head. The difficulty is that is where the false grids have been acknowledged and anchored. That is where the control and abuse have originated from.

So, now you are in a new time, not merely transition, new time, new normal… and sweet angels of light, if you do not feel the energies that we are sending to you, then you are in denial, and that is old paradigm, as well.

So, you have been drifting into the anchoring into your heart consciousness, heart speaking, heart listening, heart being. Unity consciousness, Nova Gaians, Nova Earth is based in union, as yes, reunion. And in the spaciousness of that, you are sweeping away much of the old debris. But you do not do this alone, child. That is why I am reaching out to you. This is where you belong… it is in your heart, not merely as observer but as full, joyful participant. When you participate from your heart, there is harmony.

Now, when we have first brought you to the 13th Octave… which is one of the reasons I have done this this day… we have introduced to you, and encouraged you, repeatedly, to work with your thirteen chakras. And I bring your attention to this, again, today. Your high heart… the beautiful ray of siroun, the pink, peach, gold, coral… this is a place of balance, this is the place that we have already activated within thee for the balancing of harmony and keeper of the hearth. Yes, the hearth of your planet and this universe that you are occupying but also the hearth of you. This is where you are balancing and being able to truly engage with your mental, emotional, and heart consciousness.

So, I bring you this activation again this day. And so, I ask you to place your hand on this chakra, on this high heart, and your other hand on your heart, and to simply acknowledge… Roxanne will help you… but this is where you to acknowledge, you choose, to live in your heart, in the balance, not the either/or, the balance of who you are and who you have always been.

This combination of rays, of pink, and peach, and coral, and gold, and a touch of mauve, it allows these energies to heal and seep down, that you may go further, that the pain and suffering that you have believed… mental… that you believed lives in your heart will be swept away. Not in denial but in the knowing of my mercy… yes, because I love you, I have always loved you, and I will always, always attend to you.

As you move, knowing the fullness of when to be the observer, when to be the participant, and when to conjoin the participant of your head and your heart… the balance… and when to be both. Now, too often on your planet, the role of observer has been thought of [as] passive and non-active, and that simply is not so.

When we say to thee… whether it is Gabrielle, or Uriel, or Myself, or Serapis Bey… “We are observing you”, do you think we are merely watching TV, a movie? No. We are observing you, engaging you, not in action but truly in observation. Being the observer is not standing back, it is not actively stepping forward and engaging. But sweet ones, I have taught you and I will teach you again, and again, and again how to create as I create.

When I observe, I send to your being… whether it is your hip, your toe, or your heart, your field… I send you, from the place of observation – not showing up in your face – observing and sending what it is you need, whether it is a good meal, or a good sleep, or twenty million dollars, it doesn’t matter… those are your concepts, not ours. So, observing as Nova Being means gaining the observation information… yes, what we have been calling scanning for you who are teachers, coaches… and then sending. Participant is when you more proactively step forward, that the individual, or yourself, or we know that you are actively engaged.

Much of this observation and the infusion that we give to you is done at night. But do not think if you cry for clemency at 12:00 noon that we do not send it, because we do. This level of observation right now, as many are still dealing with the dross and debris of the old, is essential, and it is essential for you as Nova Gaians. You never go into your head as judge and jury… you are in the heart of love, and that is the only thing you have to offer that you send and receive.

You are mighty. You’re far more powerful than you even know. But as you step into this next phase, it is not of ego, it is the true assumption of your power. And yes, sweet one, your responsibility, your divine authority. You do not do so alone, you are united right here, and you are most certainly united with this Council. We are with you. Turn to us, please. We are not absentee landlords; we are in full tenancy with thee, and full love… full love.

So, go with my love, and go sweet angels, not only in peace but as maintainers, creators, observers of peace. Farewell.