This year of 2021 is a year of transition, yes, of new beginnings, and in transition there will be bumps… but that does not mean that you give up, it means you hold the balance.

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Greetings, I AM Mary, I AM Mare’, I AM Mother Divine, Mother of One, Mother of All, and certainly sweet angels, Mother of you, beloved child of my heart, of my essence, of my being. And yes, I welcome you, in your time and in mine, to this time of new beginnings, to this time of resurrection, to this time of ascension, to this time of completion and starting again… to which I will say hallelujah! For, has it not been a long journey, at times filled with glee and joy, and at times filled with desperation and the illusion of separation?

And first off, my beloved children, I would like to thank you for the 12-12 meditation that you are doing, and will continue to do, for you have no idea how powerful and what is being accomplished in this undertaking. But that is not why I have come this day. I have come, again, to speak to you, yes, of this year of 2021, of a new beginning. But let us talk about this… do not always be in such a rush. It is so important that you taste and savor the nectar of your experiences, whether you have categorized them as sad, or tragic, joyous, or fulfilled, it matters not. Within each moment of your, and my, infinite, eternal existence is the sweetness of being.

Now, often, always, I encourage you, not only to keep your eye on the horizon but to see beyond the horizon, to trust and to know, in your infinite, eternal being, what lies ahead. Not that you will live there, but that you will direct yourself and those you shepherd towards that horizon and beyond.

This year of 2021 is a year of transition. Yes, of new beginnings… but let me speak of this. So often, like forever, when I have addressed you and you have said to me, “Mother, which way do I turn? How do I know which way to go?” And I have issued, and I have guided, and I have pleaded, and I have stated, but I have never overruled your free will. But I have always said, “It is so simple… does it feel like love? Do the words, the personas, the actions, the energy… does it feel like love?”

Now, I have guided you, and I have held you in this past year, in my pause, for you to reconnect… not with what is of value to me, to us, but what is of value to you. To rediscover, to re-anchor, to reawaken, not only to the deepest yearnings of your heart but to the truth and the essence of your heart. So, now I expand you, not leaving this past year, or the past two hundred thousand million years behind, but building upon it.

Your next step, beloved, is not ‘does it feel like love’… I ask you, “Are you the love? Are you, in your essence, in your expression, in your experiences in and out, are you the love?” And might I ask, “If you are not, why not? Why, in any realm, or reality, dimension, or universe, why would you step back and deny the essence of who you are?” That is the free will choice. That is the gift that I have given you, not only because I honor you, I respect you, I trust you, I know you, but because I know and trust myself and you are of me. How can it be otherwise? So, as you move forward in this time of transition, in this time of massive ignition, I ask you, “Are you the love?” Many times throughout this year and the coming millennia, but particularly this decade, I will turn to you, and I will remind you, and I will ask you yet again, “Are you the love?”

What has happened in the world, in this world that you are occupying, my sweet daughter, GiAnna? And yes, we can use the United States or even the western world as an example… the divisions, the sense of self-righteousness, of entitlement, of judgment has deepened, the divide had deepened. And that is why I have flooded, we have flooded, each of you with massive attunements and opportunities, energies of which you have never known the likes of. Previously your bodies could not hold this level of light, this level of love. But this sense that one is right, and one is wrong, that one is correct, and one is incorrect… I am bringing you, I am bringing this planet into the place of unity consciousness, into the place of Christ Consciousness, into the place of love, that you are the living, breathing embodiment of love and that cannot and will not include a sense of separation, of illusion. There is no space for it… not in my reality, and child, not in yours.

When you are the embodiment of love there is no desire to be separate; there is no desire to be above, or below; there is no desire for reprimand, or punishment, or judgment… only for reconciliation, for union – human and divine. How do you go about this? With the deepest humility; with the broadest gratitude; with the most practical application of compassion… not that you know better, but that you love.

Too often I hear, “Well, they do not understand, they do not know, they do not really know.” When you come upon a drowning person, do you stand there and criticize them for not learning how to swim? Or do you extend your hand, your arm, the oar, to bring them to the place of safety; to wrap them in the blanket, the towel, of love; to bring them to the shore, the lagoon, where they may rest?

Some of you will say, “Oh no! Not transition, not more transition!” Dearest hearts let me be very clear… transition does not mean delay, in the same way that love does not mean permission. You are the anchors, not merely of our new paradigm but of yours. The new grid of Gaia has been intact for some time; your new golden grid is intact and has been for some time. Now we will fire it. And know sweet ones, this is not simply a glowing ember, this is the passion of being the love, it is the excitement of… we have learned, we have integrated, we have anchored that infamous word. And with that anchoring, sweet angels of light, you are free to fly. If there is one expectation throughout my omniverse, it is that you will fly now. You are not grounded… you never have been. The biggest piece of my pause was so that you would remember how to fly, that you would remember that you have wings and that you can soar. And in this, with your feet on the ground, your heart connected with Gaia, and with me, that you will soar. And with the perspective of an eagle and a sparrow, you will create… not a world for me, but a world for us.

When I say ‘us’, yes, I include myself. I include the many masters who have and are returning, I include your star brothers and sisters. I include those who you believe have been arrogant and those who have lived in despair. I include and therefore you include all beings, whether it is an elephant, or a whale, yes, even a shark, or a spider. All are equally welcomed; this has never been a pecking order. I have created, and Gaia has created a place for my angels to play. So, in that sense of infinite joy, with all the tools that we have given you, what do you choose to create? I say it in a very broad way, Nova Earth created by Nova Gaians. But again, what does this mean to you? I do not, I will not dictate this. But I will tell you one thing, it does not mean running hither and yon, scurrying about. And it does not mean sitting on your behind. It means taking focused love, using the codes, sending, and bringing forth, in tangible and intangible ways, what your infinite heart desires.

Now, I speak of transition because transition is an adjustment phase; it is not a time of inaction, let me be clear… I have issued so many clarion calls for action – surely you have heard one of them. So, this is not about waiting, but this is about taking focused, laser-like action that is in total alignment, not only with us but with you.

If you are an artist and you paint on canvas, perhaps the canvas of the sky, you do not choose to make your creation brain surgery. Be clear, go back, reconnect, that is what I am telling you… reconnect with what you valued and come to know in that pause, and then bring it forth. And do this, not only individually, but as this circle of love, as my implementers, as the sweet beloveds of my heart.

So, in transition there will be bumps. But never-the-less, think of it in this way… you are constructing a new house, perhaps a new palace. Perhaps you are, in fact, constructing a family compound, and you have the plans, and you have ordered the stone, the wood, the trusses, the cement. And then, perhaps there is a delay in the delivery. Do you say, “Well forget it, I am not going to build my palace?” No. And perhaps the workers don’t show up one day and you say, “Well that’s that. I cannot do it!” No. Because you are practicing, you are demonstrating, you are illustrating patience and prudence and joy. “Oh! The delivery did not happen. Well, perhaps today I could just breathe air and sunshine and send love to war-torn areas while they find peace.” It does not mean that you give up. It means you hold the balance, and the brilliance, and the stillpoint, and the woosh. And you do this on behalf of yourself, on behalf of your family, your soul family, on behalf of all.

Yes, you have this saying that we have coopted… just do it! Well, I would add “buckle up and do it.” Do not look back. No, when I say to you to reconnect with what you have found in the pause, it is reconnecting, re-plugging into your heart, not looking back and resurrecting old grievances, old patterns, old behaviors. That is done. There is no room for it and those who attempt to hold on to that will be very sorely disappointed.

This is the new beginning. This is your Nova Earth and my Nova Earth, and sweet angels of light, you are ready. You say to me, “Well Mother, I am not sure. I’ve tried before. I don’t know if I have the strength left or the confidence.” Turn to me, turn to the mighty ones, turn to the guardian angels I have gifted you eons ago. Turn to your star family. Turn to each other. The key to being the embodiment of love is extending not only your heart but your hands… not in empty gestures but in ways that are kind and supportive and respectful, respectful of other people’s choices. So, when you extend your hand and your heart and the person says, “Thank you, and now I need to go on this different path”, you are not aggrieved, you are empowered, and you are in joy that they know the direction they must move.

Reconciliation does not mean all living on the same block, in the same city, in the same state, in the same country. It means celebrating the diversity. Why do you think I continuously create? I do not simply replicate… I create the new. And this is your next step. And I am with you every step of the way. It is exciting when you are building a new palace.

So, proceed sweet angels, proceed with confidence, with humility, and with unmeasurable joy. Go with my love and go, sweet angels, not only in peace but creating peace in all ways. Farewell.