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Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope and Mother of Change, Mother of All. I come this day at the behest of this channel and at the request of most of you to speak about death and dying and rebirth. I have spoken to you about this circle several times before. But during …


A strong message from St. Germaine on the meaning and purpose of his gift of the Violet Flame – a must read.


“I wish this day to talk once again about Love, and I wish to talk about it in the context of gentleness and courage and stamina. This is quite a combination, is it not? For the world you are living in, this Nova Earth, that you and we are anchoring and co-creating, is also a …


I am posting the entire series of Archangel Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative’s messages because read as a whole they give us a sense of progression and encouragement. 13 pages but well worth it.


Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus Christ, and I am Jesus and I am Jeshua, it does not matter what name you call me by because I am with you and I am with you consistently in all ways. And, beloved friends, I am pleased to step forward this day and talk to …


“The stage is set, so what we ask of you, my beloved warriors of peace, is to sit in the stillness of your heart, wherever you are, and whatever the time, get up early if you must, and on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT to hold the Love, to flow the Love, to be …


A powerful heart-touching message from Mother Mary to her angels of the dawn about the incredible power and importance of hope and mercy, compassion and forgiveness. I ask of you for the next several weeks to think every day, every single day, what do you hope for, what do you hope I will give you, …


A must read (and weep). Jesus speaks to us about his love for his father Joseph and his wife, Mary Magdalene, and the importance of soul family. This insight into the heart of Jesus and his Love for each of us is to be shared.


Good morning, my beloved friends, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, I am keeper of the flame, I am keeper of the heart, I am keeper of the Christ consciousness, I am keeper of the seventh dimension, oh my list of jobs goes on and on (laughter), and in my spare time I’m a …


“A playful yet potent message on the importance of self-discipline :”it is this consistent practice that brings you from a place of reaction to choice, to consistent choice, and from there to the conscious awareness of consistently choosing the joy, the sense of unity, community, of Love.” Archangel Gabrielle