On June 10, 2016, I had a reading scheduled with Linda, to speak with my Guides. For the second time now, in recent years, instead of being greeted by the familiar voice of one of my Guides, I was greeted by another familiar voice that said “Greetings, I am Michael.”

Michael         Greetings, I am Michael,

EBSS               Oh! Greetings,

Michael         Yes, I step forward before you, friend, with the adequate permissions that are required, and I come briefly to say hello, but also to remind you of your mission of peace, the anchoring of truth and justice, of hope, of Nova Being upon this planet, that the Mother has always intended be a planet of love, a planet of truth, a planet of peace.

Yes, my beloved friend, my beloved brother, it may look and feel and present as chaos, as mayhem, as distraction, but understand –  you have heard me correctly –  when you have heard that all is in Divine order (1). For there is an unfoldment at hand. And it is more expansive –  shall we say, than humanity expects. For I am determined with the legions of Light, that truth and peace will prevail.

It is a time of bringing forth, yes in coordination with humanity, many changes upon this planet. It is series, a domino effect as how you would describe it. And there are many events that come to the forefront. Some that feel or appear to be like exposure, and it is exposure of truth. We have no interest in digging into the drama and the dirt of humanity. What we do have interest in, is bringing forth the truth and the promise, of what is possible, of what is worth working, and playing, and building community around.

And that is new systems, new functions, new understandings, new attitudes, and from that comes new societies, new ways of behavior. This is based –  on fundamental truth, not lies and back room deals. The time for that has come and gone. So yes – many truths will come to the forefront. Not so that humans can wallow –  in what they think as lies and dirt and drama, but that they can move past this –  to what is truly of value – which is unity and community. Yes, with your Star Family.

And you are correct in thinking Obama will play a very important role in this – in bringing forth new methods of what you think of as financial wherewithal and institutional -MONEY. But it is more than that. It is abundance, it is spiritual abundance. It is abundance of hope –  and unity – and sharing.

Yes, you have had this vision – and you have shared this vision with me – for a long time, and might I even say – that I have shared it with you. No, we are not in contest dear heart, WE are in complete co-ordination. We are in community; we are in the love of brotherly collegiality.

There is NO room – and seldom will we speak like this, and very rarely would we speak like this in a public way, but there is no room – for those traits – that are of the old Third Dimensional realm – to be brought and – reinforced.

Far too much has happened. The new is anchored, Gaia is in the higher dimensional reality and so are you, and many who hold the light. And it simply it will not be permitted.

And it is not that we will override free will. It is that the freewill – of the collective – for truth, for right – for balance –  is coming to the forefront. And humanity is expressing themselves, and they are also expressing their exhaustion – with the old paradigms. There is greater and greater recognition – that the old does not serve- and yes that is exactly what your Brother Bernie Sanders has brought to the forefront.

Will he be president you say – it is not yet determined, the battle lies ahead, and it will continue on. No it is not intended to be a bloody battle, it is intended to be a battle of integrity, of truth, and we are FULLY engaged. And so I reach out to you – my brother of blue and Halion – for you are also holding – this energy of peace and truth, of integrity – and the desire – for change.

This is what has come – to the forefront – in both party’s demonstrations. There is a deep yearning – on the part of the Human Collective – for change. It is a starting point my brother, not a finishing point. And I do not mean — drama and difficult endings, I mean new beginnings. New hope, fresh eyes, new approaches.

So all IS – in Divine unfoldment. The Mother has her plan. And ALL is in place. I am counting on you, as I always have.

EBSS               Well thank you. Ah – a couple things – why, as you have been addressing me – have I had the thought that you want Linda to have this message put out there – on her website, as well as – to have sent on to have Steve put it on the Golden Age of Gaia website.

Michael         That is correct.

EBSS               OK

Michael         It is always your choice,

EBSS               and I will be the Earthbound Star Soul,

Michael         and I will thank you.

EBSS               Hmm – in relation to the accident (2), you said way back when (3) that I would be required to do something. Can you tell me what I am going to be required to do?

Michael         You have already have been doing it.

EBSS               What is that?

Michael         Holding the space – and the belief – for the fulfillment of your mission and purpose. And then it will require stepping forward –  and then it will require forgiveness and letting go.

EBSS               And stepping forward is part of my mission becoming public?

Michel           When the time is right, you know that is true.

EBSS               And as far as forgiving – the young woman.

Michael         That is correct.

EBSS               (a deep breath and a long pause)

EBSS               I’d like to think I have been working on it – a little bit anyway.

Michael         You have been working on it – the thing is – my Brother- if you work on it a little more – if I might suggest, then you can be done with it and put it away. It takes too much time and effort to hold any kind of sensitivity towards this young woman who has simply lost her way.

EBSS               Ummm… Well – OK.

Michael         She has miss stepped – in the most significant manner, as you have suffered. But do not make yourself suffer more, by holding ill feeling, or ill thoughts towards her.

EBSS               You are aware when I speak with people regarding the accident, how many times people say what happened to her – so I told them, you know what, she went to court and her case was dismissed with no fine or points on her license. And, it was for 2 or 3 days afterwards – that I was really urinated off, and YOU know what that means, and then the thought came thru to me, (4)  “you know that the Big Guy is All Just, and the Big Guy is All Perfect, therefore, the Big Guys’ Justice is All Perfect. So, let the Big Guy take care of it. Let it go – go back to being happy, laughing, and joking so that you heal.” And I said that, a hundred, I don’t know how many times – maybe more people heard me say that. And people would say to me “you’re a better man than I am.”

Michael         but you are showing them, you are teaching them, that there is nothing served – nothing – so yes – you are ready to move on. And ready to move on my friend, in peace, and truth, and YES JUSTICE. But justice is standalone truth. It is the balance – it is the scales – it is the unity of One. And it never comprised – of just one individual. She has learned some – very hard lessons.

EBSS               hmm – well – I don’t need to know them.

Michael         No – you do not!

EBSS               The Big Guy will take care of things. The Big Guy is a little bit wiser than I am, I concede that – ha, ha, ha.

Michael         Ha, He is wiser than all of us dear friend.

EBSS               Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, well – OK – well,

Michael         Go with my love,

EBSS               Well – back atcha – as I have learned from Earth People -back atcha,

Michael         Yes, it is a funny expression, is it not,

EBSS               I’ve been hanging around Earth People a while, hey, uh – I got what, 60 to 65 years to go on my tour of duty?

Michael         about that, yes,

EBSS               it depends on how things unfold – all right,

Michael         you are just getting started,

EBSS               and of recent, as I drive around, I see all these “property for sale” signs. I am going to be buying a lot of properties to have houses built for low income people, that’s going to be a big part of my mission?

Michael         yes,

EBSS               OK – all right,

Michael         go with my love Dear Friend; I hand you over to your Guardians.

EBSS               thank you, thank you, thank you,

Michael         you are welcome Beloved, farewell.

EBSS               farewell!


(1)  A telepathic message I received on the afternoon of June 8, 2016 from Michael.

(2)  I was rear-ended, in July of 2014 on my motorcycle, by a 22-year-old woman at a stop light, while she had her foot on the gas, going 46 mph, while looking down reading her hand held tele texting apparatus.

(3)  In a reading with Linda Dillon on 1-14-15, in which Michael stepped forward for the first time to address me regarding my mission and my work with Him. Also, to address how justice would be served to the young woman who rear-ended me and almost killed me, and who thought she had gotten off scot-free.

(4)  My first telepathic message from Michael about 8 months after the accident.


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