We come to share – of course, that is as natural as breathing – but we come for the expansion of Community, and for the anchoring and creation and further anchoring of Nova Earth.

Heavenly Blessings Radio Show ~ October 20, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: On our last show there were many from the Neptune wanting a word. Universal Mother Mary took the floor to acknowledge the connection we all have with one another and, more to the point, that we’re also joined with the Ascended Ones and the Company of Heaven.

So this week we have our lovely friend Galea back with us for another fascinating and intimate chance to connect with Star Family. Good morning Linda!

Linda: Good morning Suzi, and good morning everybody who’s listening and everybody who’s going to be listening later. How the heck are you?

Suzi: We are really going through some intense times these days and I don’t think anybody is escaping!

Linda: No, and what I also think is that people who may not be aware… I’m talking about the general population – they may not be aware of what they are receiving or going through but, nevertheless, the downloads and the intensity of the energy that’s being sent to us is unavoidable.

Mother Mary reminded me several times in the past week that she had said… and this was in relationship to the Core Issues class but, nevertheless, it applies to all of us – that she has said that she will never stop – never stop – her Tsunami of Love; that it’s not a matter of the first wave, the second wave, the third wave. She’s not going to stop until the entire population has transformed.

Just that alone, coupled with her gift of the intensified Blue Diamond on our last show – the energy is phenomenal. I am noticing it in my neighbours and in my friends who aren’t particularly in this mindset. People are going through a lot of change and a lot of people are dying, checking out. There is this chaos or what appears like chaos coming to the forefront, and it’s change; but when you look at it – it’s really change for the positive.

Suzi: Oh yes, absolutely. I have to say that when I took your “How to Channel” class, it wasn’t my intention to learn how to do it like you do and be a public channel and put out messages and things like that. I was primarily interested in sharpening my own connection to my guidance and it really worked brilliantly. So I know you’re starting another of these classes on Saturday, correct?

Linda: This Saturday at 1:00 pm we start a brand new webinar series running from October 24th through December 5th for the “How to Channel” class. It’s true that when I first channelled the information about what this class was really about, they said, “It’s not about necessarily getting a new job, a new career,” but for some people it has been that.

It’s really about being able to have that connection and the conversation with your guides, with the Masters, with sheer energy, God – whatever you term it – so that you can be plugged in and doing that for yourself, for your family, for your loved ones, and not have to rely on someone like me.

I really did say when I began this that I don’t want to be channelling for you two years from now, as an individual person, because I want you to be able to make that connection on your own.

Suzi: Yes! I feel that that’s the primary focus of our show: “We can do this and you can do it too!” Absolutely, this is all our potential. We are not better than; we may be a little bit further along the path but this is the potential for everybody.

Linda: I’m really glad you brought that up because on our last show we talked about how we miss the call-in part. When we first began this Heavenly Blessings show… If we go back a little in history, we had talked about An Hour with an Angel – which is fabulous and we all love it, as we all love Steve – but that was a real channelling show.

When Archangel Michael or Mother Mary says, “Go do this,” it’s like, “Well, that’s all really nice direction, but How? How do you do this?” and that’s why we introduced Heavenly Blessings.

It was to be more about you and I talking – and hopefully it will get to the point again of talking with our listeners – of having the discussion about, “How do you get at it? What are some of the practical tools? What are we really working on?” and having a more down-to-earth… yes, still spiritual and in some ways esoteric – but having a more down-to-earth conversation about, “How do we do this?” and “How do we do this together?”

Suzi: Exactly. I just want to say that when I attempted many months ago my own radio show with call-in people, it was basically to be all about the call-in. So maybe at some point in the future when we have the technology and the ability, etcetera, I would really love to have conversations with our listeners because that’s what it’s all about really – the connection.

Linda: That’s the reason I was guided to start the Nova Earth site at Novaearth.net and that’s what it’s called: “The Global Conversation”. I completely agree with you. It’s about all of us just having a conversation. It’s not about the stridency; it’s not about using different forms of language to make your point.

It’s about talking in what’s called “Saedor” and to be able to truly engage in meaningful conversation. It’s not about proving a point; it’s really about a heart-to-heart exchange. And I have to say Suzi, I think that’s what we do on this show.

Suzi: Yes, I do too and I’m happy to be part of it!

Linda: Me too!

Suzi: So are we waiting for a fabulous galactic meditation?

Linda: Yes, we are, so let’s begin.

[Meditation from 8:35 to 20:03]

Galea of Neptune, UFOG Communications Officer, Conversations Part 7:

Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you, dearest Suzanne. Welcome all of you, my fellow Gaians, for do you remember our conversation when I had said: “Our biggest undertaking was to transform into an “us”, into an “our”, into a “One”?

For, are we different from you? Yes, the same way you are different from your mother, from your brother, from your neighbour down the street, from your classmate of 20 years ago, or your lover of tomorrow. Of course, we are different. This uniqueness and differentiation are part of the delight! The creation of the Mother is infinite, quite literally. So are we different? Naturally. But we are still One, united in heart.

When I have been honoured, gifted in many ways, promoted – yes, in the real sense of the term – to be the Communications Officer, to have this assignment, to be a communicator with you on behalf of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, I was not only excited but so nervous. But I have come to understand that when I speak to you from my heart, there are humans who fully understand the use of Saedor, and that we can have this communication in the most loving and kind and profound and truthful way.

And it is, and it has been, and it will be my honour to continue this conversation and to emphasise not only the differences between our experiences, our viewpoints, and our lives but also our similarities. For example, often we have talked – and when I say “we”, I mean the whole Galactic and Intergalactic Forces – we have spoken of, what you would call, the “fear factor” upon the planet – which has been a deterrent to us – about our arrival and how many would see this as an invasion, because that is the framework within which their mindset has operated.

I will not say more about this because this day, Grener of Ashira of Neptune [will also address you]. I never thought I would be so fortunate as to be introducing this one but, nevertheless, I will get back to my original point. We have been aware of this “fear factor” for eons, but I have never spoken of what I would say, it being different but similar to our “fear factor”.

Now, we have worked with, played with and loved not merely the planet and the kingdoms, but the human beings for a long, long time. Our “fear factor” is the concern about… I guess “fear” is too strong a word, but I want you to see the similarities… Will we be accepted? Will we be loved? Will we be cherished? Will we have the same sense of Community? Not with the Lightworkers who listen to this right now because you, dear hearts, are already our best friends! [Laughter]

Suzi: Yes, we’re in love with you!

Galea: Yes, and we’re in love with you! But now we talk about the general population that causes concern – and that in many ways was confirmed when we put initially so many boots on the ground; and the human chaos and the emotional constructs, the framework, the paradigms, the [energy] fields of the human beings, were so intense, can we say, with negativity that we had to return many, many home for repair, for R&R. So that “fear”, that concern was in many ways confirmed.

All we want, all we have ever wanted, is Community. And we know that that is what you, you who listen, the Lightworker community, want as well. We do not come to save you. We do not come to fix you. We come to share – of course, that is as natural as breathing – but we come for the expansion of Community, and for the anchoring and creation and further anchoring of Nova Earth. We emphasise the similarities because this will act as the glue, as what will bind us together not only in heart, but in mission and purpose and approach and projects, and simply the joy and delight of living. We are very close to you.

Anyway, I have come this day with the supreme honour not only of being the Spokesbeing for the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, Communications Officer too, but I would also like to think as a “regular guest” on Heavenly Blessings! But I also come to bring the greetings and the introduction, once again, to one you have known – and who you have had a somewhat mixed relationship with – and that is Grener of Ashira of Neptune.

Grener, and that is how we call him, is President – and has been for some time, for 13 of your years – of the Intergalactic Council. The Intergalactic Council is composed of a wide spectrum of planetary representatives from the 5th dimension onward, in that circle of interdimensional reality, the most active members being the 5th to the 8th dimensions, but he is President of this august group. It is voluntary, but it includes leadership.

And with that, I will step aside. Thank you, dearest Suzi.

Suzi: Thank you, Galea.

Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council:

Grener: I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune.

Suzi: Welcome.

Grener: And welcome, my dearest friend, to you – and thank you, dearest Galea. And might I say on behalf of the entire Council – what a magnificent job you are doing, not only on behalf of UFOG but on behalf of all of us!

Suzi: Thank you.

Grener: Yes, I come to you this day as President of the Intergalactic Council. I have assumed this position, as Galea has indicated, 13 years ago when the project of Terra Gaia and the bringing forth of Earth into this Council was first initiated.

As former Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies [UFOG] – as Commander of the massive migration from the outer planetary sectors – I have held deep abiding love for this planet of Gaia, and particularly for the unfoldment of the Plan for Gaia, and deep abiding love for humanity. And a special place in my heart, no, not only for the Star Beings and the Starseeds but for the legions of torchbearers, the leadership that shows the way to this transformation, this transformation of consciousness, this expansion of consciousness.

Yes, you refer to it as “Heart Consciousness” and that is the primary factor, but it is also an expansion in your consciousness of your mental brainpower, your physical power, your mental power, your emotional clarity, and your ability to love.

We have worked on this project Terra Gaia intensely, oh, for 50 years, for 200 years – and even more intensely, yes, certainly the last 50, but the last several years. The reason – and the only reason by the way – that I was in the slightest bit interested in assuming this role of President of this Council… And it is not what you think of as ‘president’, for there is not a modicum of control. It is conciliatory. It is evolved. It’s the only word I can use. My rationale was my love for all of you.

That was my rationale in wanting to bring you on board ship, and that was strongly discouraged by the threat of warfare and annihilation of those who would choose to gain entry and even the threat of nuclear warheads against our forces. That could not be permitted, but now I am free to talk about it at least.

But I do not come to talk about such affairs. What I come to talk about is touched upon by Communications Officer Galea, and it has been this mentality, this mindset held by particular leaderships, and many of the human race, of invasion because this has been the pattern of the human race for thousands of years. And this is with the all-out efforts not only of us but of Archangel Mi-cha-el himself.

To land on foreign soil – and is that not a strange concept? – is considered an act of invasion or war or terror. It is a very peculiar mindset, and it has been reinforced time and time and time again by those who have done the landing. Think of the Europeans who landed on the shores of North America and then proceeded to annihilate the entire population of Native Americans, seed them with disease, starve them, and then herd them into places of desolation.

So there is a history, whether it is the Romans, the Greeks, the Americans, the Syrians, the Iraqis, the Somalis, or the Russians. There is a profound history, an ingrained history, of this belief of invasion, and that is one of the reasons why we have worked – mostly invisibly and from a distance – because we have been waiting and awaiting the maturing of this collective.

And we know of your discouragement, sweet Suzi and many of you who listen this day. But from our perspective – and particularly with the recent upgrades in frequencies – we see, within the human collective, an outrageous joy at the mere thought of our joining you. And it is not simply in the lightworker community; it is throughout the general populous, and this is good news in many ways.

You have a tendency upon planet to think of periods of time. We work a great deal with what you think of as the period of 13 years, and Terra Gaia has reached the point where her initiation period into the Intergalactic Council – and there are several of you who sit on this Council – the initiation period comes to a close. It is time for Gaians, for actual human beings, to take their place – not secretly – at this table. And in order for that to occur, you have need – and it is time – for you to have greater community, to know us more fully.

You have been asking “when?” for a long time  And now, this day, I ask of all of you across this planet: “When? When will you be willing to step into the fullness of your role as Citizens of the Galaxies?”

Well, we know the answer, so I am being somewhat pedantic, aren’t I? But I will tell you. We know that in order for you to feel fully comfortable in doing that, you must have a greater, deeper, more knowing relationship with us.

Now, this channel – my daughter – would in fact see red if I was to give an actual date. But what I tell you is that in the very, very near future, we begin our presence to be known, seen, acknowledged and welcomed upon this planet – not merely as boots on the ground, not merely as servers in Starbucks – but in terms of emissaries, of delegations, of landings, as you would term them, upon the planet that we might more fully engage and begin to introduce ourselves.

And that is why I have asked permission, both of Galea, of Ashira, and of this channel to come this day and to visit.

You cannot even begin… personally… of course, your expression would be “I am over the moon!”… but I am also speaking on the part of this Council.

We desire, for reasons of planetary and humanoid Ascension, but also because of your participation in galactic, intergalactic events, unfoldments; the process of Ascension on other planetary systems; the process of peace throughout the Universe; the process of peace, intergalactic and galactic and Gaian upon Earth; the expansion of technology, of wisdom, of what you think of as science, of communication – for all these things, your presence, your full participation, yes, your current mind, your expanded mind, and your expanded heart are not only invited and welcome but needed.

We cannot plan and go forward in this next phase, shall we say of “unfoldment”, without Gaian participation. We need you – and, I dare say, you need us. We will never come as an invading force. That is against not only Universal Law but our laws, the laws that govern our covenants. We have learned that invasion, war, and violence of any kind are simply unacceptable. Even when we speak in rallying language, before we do so we declare that we are speaking in such a form.

We come in peace and we believe – yes, it is an assumption, but it is also a knowing – that your planet… we already know the Kingdoms welcome us, they have for a long time… but the humans, they are ready too.

You know, you have had a terrible history – I do not bring any newsflash! – of discrimination upon your planet in terms of gender and race, and economic and social status. Well, when you have interplanetary visitors, all that discrimination will go away. Not because we are miracle workers or magicians but because of the realisation, the beauty of diversity, and the futility of hierarchies, when you think of the expanse of diversity in the Universe, it will simply dissipate into thin air.

Now, we don’t come to fix you, to shift you. Will our presence shift you? Yes, as your presence shifts us. We have come to understand more about the incredible spectrum of human emotions and thoughts – it has been fascinating, and you bring that to the table. We do not seek to eliminate it. We seek to complement, assist, join together, and create something that is beautiful and new and ancient and original.

So, we come – as I say, one more time – in peace, that we may harmonise together and that Gaians will gladly take their place at the table.

Dearest Suzanne, do you have questions for me?

Suzi: I do. A couple of things have come to mind in this conversation. For one, I met a young woman a few days ago at an art show. These days I speak about all kinds of things to people that I just met. I asked her if she ever thought about extraterrestrials and her response surprised me. She said they visit her in the night and she experiences full-body paralysis. I didn’t get that she was especially frightened by the experience, but she didn’t like the loss of control so much. I said to her, “For what it’s worth, the only ETs that are allowed near Earth now are here to help us,” and she seemed somewhat comforted by that. I hope what I told her was both helpful and accurate.

Grener: It is completely accurate, and there are no full-body probes going on at this time. What she is doing is having flashbacks. It was such a dismal, serious breach of ethics that it has replayed and replayed. But yes, those who have conducted such invasions of privacy… we would never permit that to be done to us!

Suzi: Right. If I see her again, what can I tell her?

Grener: We would suggest that she would benefit deeply from healing through hypnosis, to go back and revisit the situation and have it eradicated.

Suzi: Okay. There’s another thing I experienced in the last couple of weeks. I have naturally long, strong fingernails which I love. The nails on the left hand were not breaking and so I just kept letting them grow and grow, becoming really long. Then, while looking at them on the table, admiring my hand, this thought came into my head. I have… I’m going to call it a ‘him’, a guide who looks like a very large mantis kind of creature, 4ft tall but completely, completely radiating Love.

So whilst looking at my hand which was like a claw, this mantis person came in and said, “That’s pretty scary looking; it could be used as a weapon but you never would, and it’s just like me. I look kind of scary but I am all about Love.” That was the message I got.

Grener: Yes, there is a group of beings, you have a part of them upon the planet: Praying Mantis, and there is a reason they are called Praying Mantis. There is a species that looks very much like this, and they are simply purveyors of love who often assist in the fulfilment of people’s prayers into physicality through the application of the energy, the creative energy, of love. And you have such a guide yourself.

Suzi: Beautiful.

Grener: They are an extraordinary, extraordinary race. Now, will they be the first to reveal themselves upon the planet? No. We are going to come as humanoids so that there will not be any shock value.

Suzi: Yes. I had this vision of being up on ship and going to be introduced to others who did not look humanoid, and I said, “Okay, I don’t want to be afraid so could you show me a kind of a picture book of what kind of beings I’ll be meeting so that I don’t have the shock factor. If I’ve seen it in a picture and know what it is, when I see it in person it’s not going to take my breath away in a scary kind of way.”

Grener: So what you are realising is some of the initial work that we do with ambassadors so that they do not misstep and offend those sitting at the table.

Suzi: Yes, exactly, like there would be a book with a picture and protocol and how to work and communicate with these people.

Grener: That is exactly correct.

Suzi: That’s wonderful; I’m excited! So if I could ask this question in terms of connecting us and seeing how much the same or different we are: How do you spend your day or night, if such terms could be used? I guess all your focus is on what’s going on, on Earth right now.

Grener: We have and can adapt to what you think of as day and night, hourly, minute to minute, seasonal, decades… Your time factors have been studied and adjusted; we can do this, because what we want to do… Now, is that what you are asking, “Is that our normal body rhythm?” No, but nevertheless, we are adjusting.

Suzi: You’ve adjusted. So what kind of things do you celebrate? I find that over the last decade or so, traditional holidays have lost meaning for me, and I imagine birthdays would have a different meaning for you than they do for humans… if you even pay attention to them?

Grener: We love celebration! We use almost any occasion to celebrate, but we use celebration in the meaning of the word – not to celebrate loss, not to celebrate war, not to celebrate difficulty. So yes, even birthdays are celebrated, because what it does – and we have had in the past different understanding of what a ‘birth-day’ means – but it is a recognition of the beauty and the uniqueness of the individual.

So whether it is with heart-to-heart – what you would think of as hearts and flowers – it is a coming together, usually in some form of circle, to celebrate either an event or an actual individual or a marker in our history.

But make no mistake about it – we love celebrations!

Suzi: I have to say that when I think about what I want to do in the New Earth, singing and dancing really comes up a lot!

Grener: Well then, you will fit in exceptionally well!

Suzi: Fabulous. We don’t have a lot of time; it’s really gone fast and I have so many more questions. Could I just ask really quickly, though maybe it’s not really a quick answer? What took place last month and can we expect even more of it this month? It seems to be pretty intense now.

Grener: It is extraordinarily intense because, as we say, there is a recognition throughout the Universe that the tipping point is at hand, and that there are certain factors that have need to be put in place. Mi-ka-el has referred to the “pre-construction” phase. Well, we would suggest to you that you have moved on and you are about to begin construction, or reconstruction, of beautiful Terra Gaia. It is time to move into the fullness of your role.

So the level of intensity that you have been, might I say, bombarded with – I would hope not too intensely – but the level with which you are absorbing energies on a molecular, cellular, micro level, in your terminology, are expanding your fields, your acuity, your heart consciousness, your beingness. So that is what is taking place and will continue to do so. Everything from your chakras to your various bodies and fields, your heart, the clearing out – that is why the Core Issues are so important – are being worked on with an intensity you’ve not known before.

Suzi: This much is clear, and I’m looking forward of course to the love factor and the connection factor, to getting together with you guys in physical, but my physical body is really wanting some healing chambers, so I’m looking forward to that too! [Laughter]

Grener: You know, one of the things that we have not talked about… You are not exactly in a healing chamber, but in many ways the entire population of Gaia is in an acceleration healing chamber. So that is what is going on and that is what those who have any form of sensitivity are feeling. So yes, this will come to an end, but will the expansion stop? Not in this lifetime!

Suzi: No, never!

Grener: That is correct. It is an eternal, infinite journey, and we are glad to be conjoined with you in this journey.

Suzi: Yes. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you, Grener – and thank you, Galea – and everyone on the Neptune and the entire Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. I am so grateful, we are all very grateful, and we look forward with glee and delight to meeting you in person.

Grener: Thank you, dearest heart. I look forward to it as well. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.