“There is no one who receives this kind of attention from Planet Earth undergoing this level of sacrifice. Remember them in your hearts. Remember them.” Freddie Mercury

“Remember to send love. You read about something or encounter something, or your best friend has AIDS, whatever it might be – utilise the love within your heart to overcome what that person is undergoing and will take with them even when they leave behind the physical body.” Hilarion

“Many of you have had opportunities to work with people needing help. Done with love, integrity and support, you are providing into the greater collective the means for breaking up those judgmental clouds pervading Planet Earth today.” Thoth

THE AIDS REVOLUTION: A Spiritual Perspective with Freddie Mercury and Masters Thoth & Hilarion, channelled by Lois Hartwick and transcribed by Ellen Nairn


Greetings ~ This evening will be a presentation from the three of us, each having something quite different to say and each mirroring a given perspective from, let us say, the Creator’s light. It is always a difficult time to put forth something into a few words, particularly when the experience is a very powerful one. But we will try to show you a bit more of what this experience has been, not only as an individual but from a collective, and a definite intrusion into the world’s plane in a variety of countries and civilisations.

I am speaking to you as Thoth and as I speak to you week after week, there is definitely much love in my heart. But also to reveal to you, even though we project love in a variety of situations, rarely are we sitting in judgment of those things which are occurring. It is not only our nature but the greater level of understanding that one sees the experiences of a lifetime as those things polishing a stone, creating a newer level of light within a human’s personality, soul, character, and ongoing essence.

It makes little sense to completely judge all of it and say, “Well, this and this and this has caused that and is well deserved.” That is not the approach we would take in any kind of situation, particularly one like this. Rather, the perspective and the greater understanding we seek to embrace is that there are many tools of learning on Earth. These tools are to eradicate aspects of the past, of incarnations, dramas, difficulties, situations, and those things which would carry you into the world with huge judgment, anger, and opinions harmful to others.

Obviously, this has taken a very long period of time to come to fruition on this planet, as you are looking around and seeing how much judgment is present today. But one of the things that have happened with this particular illness called AIDS, an immune deficiency virus, is that the virus attacks the white blood cells of the body, allowing for the virus to become full-blown at one point or another and develop from what initially is called HIV into AIDS.

That this has become something directed towards humanity from a level of low light is the best way to put it for you to understand what I am talking about. You are often requesting the presence of one or more of us, and hear we are part of what would be called The White Brotherhood, or some other configuration you understand what you are seeking to receive or call in. There are, however, those who would be called “the darker brothers”, who oversee much that happens on this planet as well. In such situations, people often are given an opportunity to choose what direction they are focused in or how they are living life.

Yet, at the same time, there is a perspective and the belief that this is not a part of reality at all, and one will embrace life in a more sort of perilous or freely embraced perspective until something happens in which any person may encounter some level of unexpected difficulty in which they may have to wonder how they got from where they started to that point. This is not true necessarily for everyone, but it is for many; and the dark brothers are seeking to create what is known on your planet to some degree as the polarities, for there are those things which come forth with great density, and those things which come forth with great lighted frequency.

And so, AIDS, or this particular illness, has been generated in such a way that many people have been infected because it was intended that way. And it was intended by a brotherhood that we have to embrace from the perspective of understanding the duality, but also recognize there is an importance in this duality because there comes a point in time in which people are seeking Oneness. They are seeking to embrace love and to have a very clear and specific direction.

This will lead to a point of ascension at some time in their reality. Whether it is this lifetime or the next or ten beyond, there is that point that occurs and basically happens because they have learned from some of the experiences they have encountered which have been very unpleasant.

We do not always control those actions or activities taking place on your planet, and you know that you’ve been told many times we do not have this level of interference either, but that you have choice. In many cases, however, you have choice but you are not necessarily understanding the totality of what you are choosing, and may end up following a pathway taking you on a much more difficult journey than was necessarily required.

We have spent a great deal of time seeking to find ways to put forth levels of reality in light, so discernment and choice become the greater picture. Certainly, in the case of AIDS coming to your planet, it was greatly ignored, particularly by a certain segment of the population by those who were receiving this illness and unable to balance what occurred. It was not necessarily planned that it would only be one segment of the population, but it was considered this would be where it would take hold and spread.

This was, from our perspective, a very difficult wake-up call and one that needed a lot of attention, a lot of education, and a lot of change in terms of the choices made. People were recklessly engaging in sexual activity that was indiscriminate and not taking into consideration what was being transmitted. We had done a great deal to eliminate the larger impact of this disease, yet little would you know that because the effect was enormous and it travelled to any country, any place, any person, in situations that perhaps would not have been remotely understood.

Individuals were being asked in a new way to start taking control of their lives and their destiny and to think about the choices they were making because they were mandatory as to the outcome of their wellbeing and of this planet. There was enormous compassion brought forth as a result of this illness because, in time, many people lost individual friends they had had at one point or another and found it seemed so senseless.

There were lessons given and taught in a much broader way on this planet. I would say in the higher sense, or higher scheme, that there are many difficult lessons that one has gone through because this planet is working towards its ascended state. And when I say that, we have spoken about the fact that there is a choice of moving into the higher levels, along with all of the other components of your given universe. As a result, there must be certain things observed that people are paying attention to in terms of behaviour, in terms of thoughts, in terms of compassion, in terms of connecting with each other, because it cannot be that everything dis-eased passes onward to a newer and higher level, at least not in that given state.

So, many became the wayshowers through this illness. By acquiring AIDS, they became, for some people on your planet, ‘untouchables’ – they became people who were, for others, sacrificing a life for some purpose perhaps not seen or known; they became those who generated love and those who generated hate. All sorts of emotions came to the surface. There was, for a period of time, an opportunity to transcend simply the level of darkness in many people’s thoughts by generating greater compassion for a friend or a group or for your planet undergoing this situation.

It was thought by those of us working to generate more light on this planet that we were being superseded, in many respects, because so many were affected. Yes, there were friends and relatives and people who were paying attention and learning to make a different choice. But there were many who were incorporated into what I would call a “dark cloud” in which there was not a level of love or support or care being generated as well. This, of course, is part of the polarity, but it was growing for a period of time much larger than what we believed would have occurred. And there was this sense of how we might curtail this greater implosion of illness spreading around your planet.

Much time was spent in this type of discussion. Meanwhile, many were dying and coming to the other side, bewildered and uncertain as to where they were and what spiritual practice they had, if any. What existed? What God would allow this to have occurred? So work was done on both sides, and a great deal of it, because it was taking hold on many different levels of consciousness. This needed to be adjusted and brought much more closely into the light: that love was superseding everything regardless of what the reality appeared to be. This was not apparent to so many.

In the space of time, there has been the development of medicine which has greatly altered the outcome and the results of what people have gone through in taking this new medicine, or these medicines developed over time, allowing for a much greater lifespan and certainly, ease within a physical body. Because of this, we have been able to adjust enough thinking on your planet in terms of the development and the concept of healing or working with this illness, as opposed to eradicating it by simply watching people die and cross over, because that was part of what was going on for a period of time.

Like with all things on your planet, part of the issues in developing vaccines or medicines or what have you has much to do with money and power. So that became a part of the issue, but also judgment. This was the single biggest issue brought to the surface, although that is not what people saw in terms of how they were behaving. But it was judgment put forth either in shunning people, accepting them, loving them, assisting them, bringing families together, or tearing families apart. The main issue was judgment.

So this is what I would like to have spread in further understanding: that the life experience is certainly to understand what given choices will create, and that knowledge or education should be easily shared when it is known. But the blaming and the judgment so prevalent on your planet hold back the opportunities for love to prevail. And the love supersedes the illness. It is a completely different vibration, and those who suffered so deeply with this almost ‘stigma of an illness’ indeed suffered the judgment as well. Some were lucky enough to have love passed along to them and for them to decide how they could live the rest of their lives, be it long or short.

I would encourage you to understand that this – almost a template of the effect of judgment – can be placed upon almost any given situation you encounter on this planet. And you can look at yourself and query whether or not you are judging something, or whether you are able to send love to it, understanding that it is not an easy situation. You are not necessarily seeing the answers, but you are making a choice as to what energy and thought you are placing into the greater collective.

This illness has not ended as you know. Many still encounter some measure of difficulty, but medicines have brought forth longer lives and greater opportunities in this regard. It is certainly not a topic easily discussed, and it was one that in many cases was avoided on Planet Earth for quite some time.

Times are changing in that regard, and in other cases, you will find some other levels of illness that get put forth onto your planet and attempt to turn you away from light and love. You look at something and see it is infecting a certain area of the world and make a decision you will not go there. But you recognise that everything moves around this planet quite freely, and so it is something that can easily spread.

When you start to look at some of these situations, I would suggest you remain in a much higher frequency than that which is being told to you through the media or other people – or some unknown source that may be in the vibration and frequency of judgment and fear – because when you take it in, it allows for greater movement of this kind of thing to take hold. When you are able to keep your vibration in a much higher place, you are dispelling that potential before it even reaches the front door.

Allow that to be part of your thought in the future, particularly when you are hearing on this planet that there will be many different viruses and unknown illnesses coming forth which have not been heard about before. The effort has been to frighten, to control, and in some cases to eliminate certain populations on your planet. You do not have to accept this, and rather than going out fighting with the government saying, “We must do something,” – and I’m not advocating that you not do so – clear first your heart and keep it open, and allow for love to prevail for yourself and for the others in this world.

Many of you have had opportunities to work with people needing help. Done with love, integrity, and support, you are providing into the greater collective the means for breaking up those judgmental clouds pervading Planet Earth today.

I shall step aside for a moment and allow for Master Hilarion who would like to come forth next, and so I would love to turn this over to him. Please give us a moment to make a bit of a switch.

And of course, it is always with love that I thank you for listening and being part of this today.


Well, good evening everyone. This is Hilarion and this is a topic very dear to my heart.

Nurturing and loving on this planet has, in some quarters, almost seen its day. There have been so many times in which you received information about some horrific situation, and it seemed no one cared. I was very present for all of the unfolding of what was occurring with AIDS and my work was endless energetically on the planet at that point in time. It still is, but not to the strength and degree that it was.

Creator has not asked for you to suffer. This has not been a commandment handed down, nor has it ever been. Rather, there have been those agents and beings who have not felt the pathway was about freedom and light and joy but rather, control, power, and fear. It’s almost as if you could put them on one side of the line, put the others that I just gave you on the other side, and say, “Okay, which way are you going to go?”

Only, so often you don’t realise you are engaged in the aspect of fear, because you think you are following a good protocol or common sense. It is not always the case. And I am not suggesting that listening to some of the information to make a healthy decision is not a worthwhile thing. But you must, as you come into these new times and particularly those that will be forthcoming, understand what lies within your heart and what is significant – and who are these people who have undergone such turmoil in their lives for these lessons to be brought to Planet Earth at this time.

It has been one of the larger lessons about loving that has been brought to your planet. Day after day, you would see families split apart or not accepting or one passing on, never speaking to the other again – difficult and heartbreaking situations. My support has been very firmly planted toward the healing of this issue. It is not only just the medicine – it is of the heart; it is of what one carries with them when they leave this planet as to what they believe.

Would you imagine going through a very difficult time of having AIDS and dying, that the minute you cross over, all of those thoughts and realisations and feelings drop away? I would say that is not the case. That potential could happen, and I am not seeking to eliminate it, but I am saying to you: this has impacted people so greatly because there has been a level of judgment so entwined with this illness that it begs to clear itself so one can go on.

Here is where my work has been very involved over many years now, as it has been with other situations on your planet. I could give you an example of one called Leprosy. This, too, was an illness where enormous judgment completely levelled a group of people in terms of their feeling loved, supported, cared about, or having some sort of spiritual practice.

I’m mentioning all of this today and wanted to participate in this because I feel it is so important people take a larger responsibility, not only for themselves but for what they are putting forth to other people. Leaving them in a ditch somewhere because it is not suitable for your lifestyle does not support the ongoing energies required for this planet.

Yes, there is definitely that which will happen karmically, and up ahead at some point for many who have entrained such beliefs. Yet, it will be important for you to take on other levels of responsibility as you begin to expand. What would be the point of expanding – so you could contain greater judgment?

So you then begin to experience in your own life, perhaps some measure of judgment yourselves, perhaps at times some levels of isolation, perhaps someplace where brothers and sisters no longer understand each other and are at opposite ends of the spectrum, etc. You are given an opportunity to look at your world differently.

From my perspective, there have been some wonderful groups and situations which have come to the surface and are important for your planet. But I do not feel that the overall impact, and the message of learning to love beyond that which you understand and know, have taken full effect.

You are challenged in many ways during these times, in the way people are behaving and treating each other, whether it be through illness or that which you perceive as a disease, but can also be some mental aberration. People who are undergoing severity of one sort or another in their lives are often put aside in some regard, as opposed to embraced.

I am here primarily to remind you that you, as beings of light, have come to this planet certainly to complete some of your own agendas, your blueprints, your patterns, to move up in the spectrum of vibration and frequency, but must require within yourselves a lessening of the ties of beliefs that have created such strictures and inability for your planet to move smoothly ahead. All of these things bring divisiveness. It is not the direction to bring forth unity and love.

When AIDS came to this planet, there was a disbelief this type of thing was really happening. ”There must be some mistake,” or there became a greater denial, and much information was not put forth other than some aspects of gossip and “Did you hear about this one?” and that type of thing, as opposed to the medical community leaping in to get involved.

The forces which seek to create a darker planet have done so for a very long period of time. That does not mean an absence of those of us, but it means there has been a darker cloud where the choices made have not been seen clearly enough, and therefore more of this gets contributed to the whole.

If you look at your planet today, you will see there is an advancement in the field of AIDS – a very definite one – and there are many people who have gotten involved, much money has been put forth, and there is a propulsion toward breaking through that which created this level of thinking on your planet.

From my perspective, I would say you are ending a long period on this planet where darkness has prevailed in too many ways. As you know, other things will come forth, but there is also a transformation happening because of this one – and it is moving, if slowly, but still moving to a much different level and will in time be eradicated.

There will be medicines that will be preventative and already exist. There will be medicines able to turn around the impact on one’s immune system, where not only with AIDS but other viruses as well, where people are undergoing enormous challenge.

The medical community has not yet embraced the levels of frequency and vibration, but there are ideas being implanted in those minds – scientists, laboratories, medical people – who will be exploring another way of thinking and bringing forth the use of Light in the process of healing up ahead. It has taken a long time, and it will certainly go beyond the field of AIDS itself, but it also must be that the consciousness changes on your planet so this cannot prevail to the same degree.

Each of you plays a role, albeit a small one perhaps, but nonetheless, an important role because what you think and what you say and connect to may easily affect a person next to you or in a crowd or a family, etc. So you have this level of understanding within your being and is what is most important to me: that it is shared with others in this world.

Know that Planet Earth has undertaken herself to clear some of the discrepancies presently embedded within this plane. They could be like cancers, they could be like AIDS and other situations, and they are being thrown off in some regard because this planet is not going to hold onto some of these denser energies that have been generated for far too long a time.

Remember to send love. You read about something or encounter something, or your best friend has AIDS, whatever it might be – utilise the love within your heart to overcome what that person is undergoing and will take with them even when they leave behind the physical body.

Pay attention to what you are imprinting in this world. That is your responsibility and that is how you best can utilise your love.

So I shall turn this over now to Freddie Mercury who has undergone a time of greatness and a time of despair in a given lifetime. How he chooses to share that with you will be up to him, but it is certainly with the greatest of love that I extend my arms and heart to him for all he has done and accomplished.


Beloved darlings of light ~

I come to you with a happy and full heart today, although I must say it has not always been that way. At least there has been enormous transition that has taken place in my spirit and soul. When I came to move through this dynamic of having this illness, I knew music would be my salvation. I did not know consciously it was because it had a specific vibration I was able to bring into my being day after day after day, even though I was experiencing levels of depression or pain or a variety of changes within my body I did not want to see or go through, that music became the sole drive to take me through this given situation.

Because of that, I had in some ways a much better experience than many others. On the other hand, there was much judgment placed upon me and people endlessly seeking some story for the newspapers, the media, the gossip columns, so that I became such an object of pursuit and not in a happy and joyous fashion. This in and of itself became a greater effort for me to hide, and at some point I did not choose to face the public as I was.

Yet, the music went on and I made it so, and I understood it became my reason for living, my purpose, and all that I was here to do and be; and the other, even though a great distraction and a great sadness for me, was secondary. Of course, most people would not have understood the dichotomy within myself for it was enormous. But luckily, I was given the strength and the will to move forward, and I had enough people around me to add levels of protection so that I did not have to face all of these situations by myself. At times it seemed like that, but I have learned that it was not by myself.

When I could no longer bring forth these “sounds of God” as I will call them from my being, there was no point, and the pain that I had suffered and gone through became intense; it was time for me to depart this world.

What I want to share, and would like for you to know and understand, is that my death did not release me from the emotions that were so powerful and strong within my being. The isolation I felt remained; those who attempted to protect my privacy and my life as they had did not fully understand the aloneness I felt within, and it was not as if more friends had come before I crossed over that this would have been eliminated. But rather, I simply could not function in the way that I had at an earlier time and, therefore, could not be present in the same way. And essentially, we could say, I isolated myself as one does when they are not feeling well.

So I crossed over with much to contemplate and much that I carried with me. I had never had an understanding that this might be the case; I’d never realised that my life needed to be transcended within myself – I somehow thought this would miraculously happen. And it was not until Thoth came forth, and until I heard music, that I suddenly was able to reignite that part of myself I knew and had heard and lived with my entire life.

The reasons for this illness I had encountered became much more apparent.

Yes, I was utterly careless and perhaps totally involved so deeply in what I was doing that little else had the same measure or level of my attention. The rest was oftentimes, from my perspective, frivolous and fun and how it should be. Yet, in truth, I knew that was not the case. It was easy for me to deny certain levels of responsibility, particularly when I could see how hard I had worked on this album or that song or this particular situation that had been going on for a period of time.

So I often denied what might be before me and instead thought, “I deserve to have a good time; I deserve to have fun.” And so I would pursue that with abandon. This is where I understand I was unclear about the choices I was making. I would also suggest some of the foolishness that came forth through me was not always of the highest nature; I needed to revamp some things in my life but did not do it. Probably by the time I would have done that, and in some instances did, I had long been living with this disease, unbeknown to me.

It came forth in a test I had, and initially, I told no one. There was a test repeated to make sure it had been correct on the first one. I needed time to assess this information and to make a decision about what benefit my life would be – the remainder of time that was here. If you know my music, you will know that there are strains and thoughts of love carried throughout most of what has been written. That was my purpose and my intention, and my life on this planet. I was not ready for that to be extinguished.

Just as you come here to be a mother or father to a child, or to help a family member, or to put forth an agenda such as an ambassador for your country or whatever it might be, you have some mission you feel you wish to carry out, and I suddenly saw I had limited the timeframe for that. And so I focused intently on making this happen, and not allowing for outside thoughts and others to come forth to divert me from this plan, from this intention, from this time I had left.

Yet, as I grew weaker and had more time, more pain, and my eyesight began to fail and my appearance took a different turn, it became harder to be present with all of you. I had little thought that I would carry any portion of this on with me. In fact, I wasn’t sure what would exist beyond my passing, if anything. And if something greater, as part of my quiet belief existed, so much the better; I would leave this behind.

I tell you so you will evoke within your own hearts the knowledge and the understanding there are certain things you will take with you, that you will look at and examine once again. Many of those things will turn into light and enfold you in a very glorious experience. But when they are so deeply searing, when there is shame, grief at losing one’s life and not finishing one’s work, and many other emotions, they must be examined much more closely and resolved.

Part of my time with you is about that: releasing and letting go of what has been. Yes, it’s been a very long time and I have worked on this, and Thoth has been immeasurably helpful, and Hilarion with his blessed heart has given me new ways to examine and see myself. But it has also been through Lois and the understanding my lifetime, essentially, was a pinnacle of success that set me up for the opportunity to complete many, many lifetimes, to come to a greater place of enlightenment to truly understand the vastness of my being. And I basically set myself back a long period of time by carrying on these diminished and sad thoughts that embraced me.

When Lois came onto the scene, she, at some point, was instructed and knew that prayers were required for my freedom and for the opportunity for me to go on. I know I am making this at this moment about myself, but it is for you to understand because there are many thousands of people who have died from this illness who have not easily gone on. They have not had a Lois to pray for them; they have not had anyone who prays for them in any real regard, because most often when one leaves the Earth, people feel they have been embraced so fully in the light, this is no longer needed. I say to you, “It is,” particularly when the experience has been so painful.

For those of you who know those of us who have passed on because of AIDS, it is not like a painful illness that happens in 2 or 3 hours and it’s over, like a difficult tragedy that might happen on your planet; it is years of living with every measure of self-esteem being diminished, in the same way all those white cells are being eradicated. They go hand in hand.

My part in speaking to you, and to anyone who may hear this or listen in the future, is for you to understand that taking one or 1,000 individuals into your heart and praying for their wellbeing, for their understanding of their greatness and potential, and to not be in some limbo where it cannot be achieved because they cannot finish what they felt they came to do.

Many who have died in this regard have sacrificed their lives for a future time on your planet, for a time in which it will matter what is created here and done here, and a place to reincarnate where love becomes more prevalent than the negative attributes of greed and fear and power and who benefits – that type of thinking. It will take a long period of time.

However, many have sacrificed in a completely different way. You think of this often as those young soldiers who have gone to war and in sacrifice to save this country or perhaps another country from being overtaken, and they are applauded and they are remembered every year, and they have medals to their credit. And even though they are not on this planet any longer, they are receiving that energy that is being sent to them year after year.

There is no one who receives this kind of attention from Planet Earth undergoing this level of sacrifice.

Remember them in your hearts. Remember them.

I love you.

This is Freddie. Thank you.

Channelled and edited by Lois Hartwick on May 30, 2016

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn

A few words from Lois:

Describing the journey embracing light from the higher realms would be impossible to put forth in a few lines of description here. The journey has been long, arduous yet joyful concurrently for over 30 years. Most of the channelings are now formatted into a series or collection of practices, education, and illumination toward ascendency. These channelings are offered weekly through teleconferences to all who incorporate in their being a sense of relevancy to what is being spoken by Thoth, Metatron, Mary, and many more.

So it was with great surprise two years ago that Freddie Mercury, frontman for the group Queen, who in 1991 died from AIDS, came forth with messages for Lois personal in nature. Nine months later this connection expanded to such a level that Freddie joined in the channelings, sharing his work on another level in which we are exploring sound within the transmissions of light. His connection to Thoth is significant, as well as to the channel. Group members are experiencing a shift in dynamics where music from Freddie is being transmitted at various times, and this connection is deepening as we proceed with our present series. Thoth, Metatron and Freddie have aligned to transmit light and sound enhancing our alignment, clarity, healing and so forth.

Freddie’s channeling above is very personal and a heart-centered expression of who he is, which was unexpected by me in a public arena and one he has asked me to share.

Lois Hartwick