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Quan Yin

There are times in a private session that information that is of a significant universal nature that is for our highest good that the insights be shared. This was one of those situations on January 28, 2016. With my client’s permission I offer this “aha” message from Qwan Yin. “Beloved One, I am the Goddess …


Today, together, we expand our understanding of Beauty, our holding of Beauty, and of our ability to accept and cherish ourselves as vessels of Beauty…In Beauty there is strength, there is power, there is nobility, there is sensitivity and the ability to rise above, but it is also the ability to transmute, to cleanse…Beauty is …


I give you the pearl because it has many layers and the more you do, the more you forgive, the deeper you go into the mercy of what is right and just and balanced, the more lustrous, the more beautiful the pearl becomes. It is not a clear gem, it does not sparkle with clarity, …


A message from the goddess riding the dragon… Qwan Yin spoke to us during the recent annual COL Gathering about the gift of her perfect pink pearl, compassion and gentle strength.