I give you the pearl because it has many layers and the more you do, the more you forgive, the deeper you go into the mercy of what is right and just and balanced, the more lustrous, the more beautiful the pearl becomes. It is not a clear gem, it does not sparkle with clarity, it wraps and heals the irritant in love.

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, I’m GD. Our guests tonight are Quan Yin and Lao Tzu. Welcome Linda.

LD: Hi Graham, hi everybody. Good to be back with you again…

GD: Say again.

LD: We’re definitely facing east this week.

GD: Oh sure, absolutely, with guests that we haven’t brought on the show before so this is a real treat.

LD: Yea, yea it is. I’m really excited and really honored and they’ve been sitting with me for the last couple of hours prepping me and getting me ready, so I guess it’s a go.

GD: And we were talking before the show about the importance of honoring and recognizing Mother’s Day that’s coming up this Sunday and special recognition to Gaia, to Mother Earth and all that she provides and you wanted to talk about a meditation opportunity for this Sunday.

LD: Yes, well one of the people that tune in and listen to us and that follows the Council of Love, Michael who is in Australia, had this wonderful idea that because it was Mother’s Day it would be a wonderful opportunity again, even though we just had Earth Day, to take this opportunity to really honor Gaia. And I think it’s important particularly during this time of Ascension when so much of what we’re working with is the Ascension energy and it’s her Ascension. Each of us are working diligently, but basically we are along for the ride. So the Council had given us this wonderful meditation to do where we go into our hearts just like we do at the beginning of every show, we anchor there and then out of our hearts, out of the core, out of the recesses of that place to think of a gift that you would like to give Gaia. So each gift comes uniquely from each of us but it’s your gift. So it can be anything; it can be a promise to pay attention and admire her beauty, it can be commitment to send healing to the oceans, it can be to gaze at the splendor of the mountains, it’s whatever your heart wants to give.

GD: I’m being continually reminded lately about our power as individuals and our power in the collective and it makes a big difference when we place our intention and send out good vibes and good thoughts so this is another great opportunity to do that for Mother Earth.

LD: Yes it is and you know it is teaching us that we are powerful co-creators and I think sometimes the easiest way that we see that is when we’re co-creating to give to somebody else. So, yea I agree. Now we normally, with the people involved with the Council of Love, and I’ll give a little plug for this as well, is that every Sunday night and every Sunday night since around 9/11, actually before 9/11, we have had Peace Meditations. So every Sunday night at 9:00pm regardless of where you live, and if you can’t go and do it at 9:00pm, you don’t go to bed until 10:00pm and that’s your meditation time, then you just pretend that it’s 9:00pm. We all gather and we send peace and healing to the planet and to everybody upon the planet. So we just thought seeing that that’s already organized and in place that we would use this Sunday, which is Mother’s Day, to do this gifting and this honoring for Gaia. So I think it’s one of those situations the more the merrier; how could we not give her incredible gifts to this being that supports us, shelters us, feeds us, nourishes us, so yea Mother’s Day at 9:00pm. I’ll see you there.

GD: Is this an organized meditation that you do every Sunday? Do people call in or do they do it on their own?

LD: No it’s not a call-in; it’s just that we all commit to it. And what’s really neat is there’s very often on the Saturday Conference Call, which is a call-in, if they have something in particular that they want us to work on then they will give us focus. But when you show up on Sunday night very often, even if you are not a visual or clairvoyant person, you will see your fellow Lightworkers, your soul family, the star beings are all gathered and very often we form ring upon ring upon ring around the earth, around the planet and we’re holding hands and we’re doing specific work of just sending love and peace.

GD: Terrific. And that’s 9:00pm your time, wherever you are.

LD: Wherever you are. So if it’s 9:00pm on Sunday night in Australia, do it, if it’s 9:00pm in France, do it, and if it’s 9:00pm in Port St. Lucia, FL, do it.

GD: Sounds good. Well would you like to start with a meditation?

LD: Yes I would, thanks. So let’s begin by relaxing, the work week is almost over so we can let the fun begin. It feels tonight is intended, even though it’s serious, it is to be playful and joyful. So let’s take a nice deep breath of bright yellow, that saffron yellow, the mustard yellow and breathe it in deeply through your nose and feel your shoulders coming down from around your ears, down relaxing your body, letting go of the day, letting go of the week, whatever else you have to do this evening. And feel yourself sinking into your heart, into that beautiful emerald green Valentine heart, and as you exhale let go of the tensions, the expectations, the demands and just give this time to yourself. Thank yourself for being here, for tending to your sacred self, for taking time to receive. And just for the fun of it as you relax, keep your palms open and up so that you can receive; so often we keep our hands palms down. But put them up, relax them on your lap and declare in your heart that you are prepared to receive. As lightworkers, light holders, love holders, you are all really good at giving but tonight it is your turn. And so we begin.

Quan Yin is in the Eastern tradition, but all of us tend to know Quan Yin in one way or another. And she is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion and she is most certainly a part, and I’m saying a part rather than an aspect because I think sometimes people think of an aspect as almost a ‘step down’ and it isn’t necessarily. So Quan Yin is a part of the divine feminine energy much the same way as our Universal Mother Mary is viewed in the Western tradition or Shakti in the Hindu tradition. So it’s another face of the Mother and when I see Quan Yin, she does come to me often as the very calm goddess, but more often than not when I’m dealing with Quan Yin, when I’m talking with Quan Yin or looking at Quan Yin in my garden in the morning where I have her statue, she is the goddess riding the dragon and she always introduces herself, when I’m channeling, as the goddess, there is nothing more beautiful than the goddess riding the dragon. And it reminds us of the strength of Quan Yin. Often we think of the gentle, feminine virtues of compassion and mercy, but in fact compassion and mercy are very strong elements, very strong blessings and virtues. And it’s something of course that we are all learning and expanding because the expanding is infinite and eternal, that the compassion can always be more, the mercy, which is really the ability to be discerning, can always be more. She’s beautiful. She looks, to me again, very eastern looking, very Asian looking. I won’t necessarily say Chinese because it depends; she certainly is eastern with black, black eyes. Both of our guests tonight, Lao Tzu and Quan Yin have these sparkling black eyes. But when I look at Quan Yin’s eyes they look like liquid pools that you could dive in and simply stay there forever and her skin is like the most beautiful porcelain. In terms of colors and rays she always comes to me with this celery green, this very Japanese green and this soft, peachy color. She tells us that her vibration is peridot but she also comes as tourmaline, that very soft pink tourmaline. So she is a wonder.

So, any questions before we get started Graham?

GD: I say “let’s bring her on.”

LD: OK. I believe she is bringing us her gift of the pink pearl, but let her speak.

QY: Greetings, I AM Quan Yin.

GD: Welcome.

QY: And welcome to you, my brother, and welcome to all who attend with and to me this night. I open my arms yes and I invite you to climb with me upon my dragon, for there is nothing more joyful and there is no greater sense of freedom than riding the dragon. It may take you many places my friends; it can take you through the dimensional portals, it can take you far beyond what you think of as the realm of human experience, it can take you home. The dragon is also to remind you of the alchemy and magic that is present in each and every one of your lives. Each and every one of you carry this ability of transmutation, of changing form, of essence and substance. And it is an element of yourself that you tend to overlook and I say overlook because you do not forget it. Often I will hear you in your prayers say to me “Mother, can you help me with the transmutation, with the magic? Can you help me reintroduce this alchemy back into my life?” And I am more than willing to do so. But understand my sweet friends, my angels in disguise that you already have this ability and you are traveling on Gaia and she has already moved through the 4th dimension of magic and alchemy. And so by virtue of being upon the planet you have this capacity. So what I suggest to you and what I would like to teach you and to share with you tonight is the ability to use this magic. And I would be very pleased to begin.

Yes as the channel, my beloved Linda tells you I am very repetitive in my gifts because what I find is so often again it is a matter of poor memory; you do not always remember to use what I give you. That is alright, I will do so, I will do so until you do remember and if you forget entirely I will stand before you and I will remind you. It is not simply my patience but also my compassion for you, my mercy for you, for each and every one of you; for when you forget you have need of compassion. I wish to bring forward this night this special gift and I do not call it a tool because it is a gift of my heart to yours and it is a gift that is born of patience, yes of alchemy and of compassion, of mercy.

My beloved friends, you are the holders of love upon your planet. You have called it light work, you have called it light holding, but let us be forthright about what it really is; it is love. And I speak this way because I want to speak to your hearts. There are far too many of you, even during this time of miraculous transition when we are flowing directly to each and every one of you the divine love. There are too many of you who live in pain and often it is emotional pain, sorrow and that weeps its way into your thoughts, your mental body, into your physical body and manifests as illness or discomfort of one kind or another. Too often you believe in the illusion that you have been forgotten, overlooked, or somehow judged as unworthy because you have not fully received what you think or feel or believe that you need or deserve and therefore something has gone awry. One of the reasons I speak to you of riding the dragon is the advantage of elevated view for as I travel I watch all of you, not simply as a collective but each of you.

I want you to take this irritant that rubs against you, we will begin with one and then I will show you the magic to multiply. Choose an irritant my beloved one, maybe it is ill health, arthritis, asthma, for these are founded in old belief systems anyway; maybe it is a broken heart, for many of you it is deep loneliness. For some of you it is irritation with the human race or perhaps it is even irritation with your star brothers and sisters, why they haven’t shown up and taken the initiative, or perhaps it is even irritation with us, that is alright, we can take it. Now this irritant is like a grain of sand in your eye, in your shoe, a small pebble in your shoe; it is the same as the grain of sand that is the irritant in the oyster. Now let us transmute and transform this grain of sand. Let us wrap, together, this irritant that you choose and let me wrap it in my compassion, my compassion for each of you, for this is something that we have need to expand. Compassion is not taking on the irritant or the grain of sand for one of your brothers or sisters. Quite the contrary, for to do that is robbery; you do not wish to commit robbery, for this irritant is yours and many of you have cherished it and held it close to you, nursing it and enjoying it in a perverse way. But today I wish to wrap it in my understanding that we may soothe your pain, your suffering and that in wisdom you come to understand that out of each irritation, out of each irritant there emerges a beautiful, lustrous, magnificent pink pearl, a rarity on your planet and far beyond.

This is the pink pearl that I give you and this is what I teach you and yes, you may wrap your own compassion also melding it with mine, understanding but not assuming, and allowing it to evolve rapidly into this lustrous gem, into this lustrous pink pearl that is my essence. I place this pink pearl within your heart and as I do I give you my blessings of compassion and mercy. Now please understand mercy is not feeling sorry for someone, it is not feeling sorry for yourself. No I do not try, I would never try to minimalize the pains that people have of loss, of want, desire; that is why I am teaching you how to create because as I do this I give you the power to create many, many, many of my pink pearls. You may store them in your heart, you may keep them in the peridot satin bag I also give you this night; it is soft, it is silky, and it is my ray. So these pearls will multiply, yes like Yeshua and the fishes, they will simply multiply not as I direct but as you. And for each pearl know I am melding my compassion and mercy, the sense of discernment with yours.

But you are being given the power of the alchemist to turn the grain of sand into the pearl of perfection. Now you may do as you wish with these pearls for it is a gift freely given to you, my heart to yours. But what I would also suggest to you meekly, mildly, as mildly as a goddess can, is that you place these pearls in people’s hearts, that you place them in environments or places on your planet where compassion and mercy and magic are needed; in places of war and chaos, in inner cities, particularly in board-rooms, in financial institutions, governmental institutions, in rivers and streams, in mountaintops. Place them where you discern that this gentle, lustrous energy will do a great deal of good, of healing and awakening and a reminding not only to the love holders but to all beings, that they are held in the heart of compassion and that there is mercy and forgiveness for everybody. There is no being in any reality that is not forgivable, that would be absurd. So be my alchemists and transmuters, be the delivery force and ride the dragon with me but keep one always, please, resting in your heart, resting in your palm that you will know that I am with you, softly, subtly, in instantaneous transmutation. Go in peace.

GD: Thank you, thank you for being with us today.

QY: You are most welcome.

GD: I have a question, may I ask a question?

QY: Yes, I welcome the questions.

GD: Wonderful, well firstly, thank you for your very gentle and wise words. You’ve spoken of compassion and the need for compassion to expand and I also heard you say that there is no being that is not forgivable. As we experience the clearing of earth and the transition of earth there are things that are going to be coming up to people’s consciousness about how those in control have done some things that haven’t served Gaia, haven’t served the people and it’s likely going to…it could bring up a lot for people including feelings of anger and real upset. What guidance and advice do you have for us, the people of earth, when thinking about compassion and forgiveness…

QY: And it is why we have brought this subject up because we have witnessed such anger and hostility and that is not the energy of Ascension, it is not the energy of Love. And so if the workers of love and light are not holding the energy of compassion and let us suggest, compassion is the ability to put yourself in the other person’s position, it is not permission but it is deep understanding and it is painted, overridden with wisdom. There is a saying in the western world ‘there but for the grace of God go I.’ Yes there have been atrocities, more than you can imagine and for this we are grateful that you don’t realize the full extent of those atrocities. But if Gaia can hold compassion and forgive, why would it be that you cannot? When you are angry and yes there are times of righteous anger but the only thing that anger masks is fear and it is fear that you have been duped, it is fear that perhaps this ‘fall from grace’ will happen again, or that there are other boogiemen hiding in the shadows, or perhaps even more clearly that you are the boogieman, that you do not hold as much light as you wish or desire.

That is why I am here. One of the greatest challenges of compassion and forgiveness and the first exercise might we say, of compassion and forgiveness is of yourself. It is a rarity upon the earth and elsewhere by the way that a being who has reached a place of enlightenment and what does that mean other than being aware and holding the fullness of divinity and light, but do not think that you have not been horrid or awful, murderer or thief, usurper of power whether it was on a grand magnitude or on a very selfish, minute, self-serving level. So as the awareness grows it is just not those that you think of that have been of the dark forces or the enemies. And they have provided a service of highlighting the light but it is yourself that I am most concerned of; it is the ability to forgive yourself, to have compassion for yourself. For as you awaken, as you make this wonderful departure from the old 3rd , as you make peace with the 3rd you can count on many memories coming to the forefront and my friend, if there are no memories then how that compassion and forgiveness of self is being activated is through the mirrors of other human beings. So the more that you feel outraged with ‘how dare somebody have done something that is not of love, that is not of kindness, that is perhaps the worst actions and behaviors of the human race has witnessed’ then the more that is going to trigger in you the need for the pink pearl.

I give you the pearl because it has many, many, many layers and it is compassion wrapped in compassion, wrapped in compassion and the more you do, the more you forgive, the deeper you go into the mercy of what is right and just and balanced, the more lustrous, the more beautiful the pearl becomes. It is not a clear gem, it does not sparkle with clarity, it wraps and heals the irritant in love. So it is taking what you find most abhorrent and wrapping it in this compassion because it is those that you think of and note, I do not and you should never use the word ‘judge’ because you do not know the full story; and if you did you would still not judge, there is no judgment in love. So when you wrap the abhorrent in the gentle coating of compassion, the energy of the forgiveness, of the understanding, of the wisdom, it penetrates the grain of sand eventually dissolving it, turning it into lustrous luminosity, into the luminous reality of the pearl.

So yes, how do you deal with those that have wronged the human race? That perhaps has played the drama to the maximum? Well you do not address them by following the inclination to give them a taste of their own medicine. Oh no, no, no that is not the way to create Nova Earth; this would upset Gaia to no end. These are the ones that require the gentlest touch, the most forgiveness, for they have lived in the black hole of nothingness, of ignorance, of illusion. They have not had the gentle benefit of light; they have not felt the light of my moon shining upon them, let alone the radiance of the Father’s sun. They have lived in a vacuum of darkness. This is sad.

What proves that you are ready to ascend, to leave the 3rd behind, to join us in the 7th, in the 11th, in the 5th, in the magic is that wondrous quality of compassion, of mercy and forgiveness. Mercy is not ignorant; mercy is the knowing of what has transpired not just the apparent action but the truth of what has really passed. And in that to truly show how to be the leader, how to be the one to show the way home, back to the light. And if it means to leave the planet, that is alright, we will welcome you, we will guide you. But for those who wake up they will need the guardians and my beloved friends, that is you. So I give you, not only my pink pearl to guard, to keep watch over, I entrust you with the gift of my alchemy, with the gift of magic that you may replicate this and you say “How do you do it?” You do it by intent, you do it by going into your heart, you do it by simply finding an irritant and if there is none inside of you that is wondrous, that is great.

So look for an irritant that is external, take it within, wrap it in the beautiful pink pearl, in this liquid cocoon that hardens to brilliance that is strong and soft at the same time. And when you have finished forming the pearl place it in that person’s heart, place it in Afghanistan, place it in Israel, place it in Iraq, place it in Mozambique, place it in the oceans that have been so polluted, place it in each person in your family and in your soul family. You cannot have too many pearls, they are wisdom. Wisdom is composed of understanding of compassion, of mercy, tempered with knowledge and patience. This is what is required in creating your new earth and it is not something that is simply laid upon you or given to you by your star brothers and sisters.

We are flooding you with love and inside that love is all of this and the strength to forgive; otherwise you are perpetuating the old paradigm of punishment, of grief, of sorrow. Now we are not saying that mercy does not have also an element of what you would think of as redress and redress is different than retribution and it is most certainly not revenge. But there are elements in mercy that contain the qualities of redress and responsibility. When you do something that is wrong and it may be simply speaking harshly to another and you have all said that to one another, “I am sorry, I was out of turn, I lost my temper, I wasn’t thinking, please forgive me.” You practice this every day, you have expanded, why there is hardly room for all of you on the dragon and yet that is where I invite you to stay. When one has committed an error, yes even if it is the most grievous error of judgment, of action, of behavior, when they begin to see the light, when you shine your light upon them and we are flooding them as well, they are being given this opportunity to wake up. When they begin to see the error of their ways part of the mercy, part of the forgiveness and tolerance is to give them the opportunity, to give them the responsibility to make amends. Not in ways that are punishing and cruel and of old retribution, for that is not of love.

The hardest punishment is when you must practice love, when you must show to the community that you are prepared to be the love and compassion and to put it into action in what you do each and every day. The Ascension is not simply a moment, bang! you are all in a new dimension and everything has shifted. The Ascension is each of you opening your hearts to the magnificence of your divinity and the acknowledgement of the divinity of all.

There is much that is said upon your planet these days about ‘unity consciousness’ but the ‘unity consciousness’ honors the uniqueness, but what we also suggest is that many, most lightworkers have not yet truly embraced unity; they are still thinking primarily of their unique self. You are unique as the scales, each scale on my dragon is unique but it is a unified whole as are you. So if you wish to eradicate, dismiss or punish those who have hurt you then you are throwing away essential pieces of your own being, of the unit, of the unified force field and you are not headed in the direction that is demanded by Gaia, not simply requested, she is demanding that you go with her but go in a way that is of love. She is done with the old my friends and that is going to be honored by us.

GD: You’ve offered such important, timely advice and wisdom and I thank you so much.

QY: You are so welcome. It is my joy and yes I know I have addressed this longer than we had anticipated. Do not worry, Lao Tzu will come in the weeks to come. But I wished to be in this time with you.

GD: I think this has been very important and again timely, so we thank you very much for your time.

QY: You are so welcome. Now each of you has your own magic dragon. It is time to awaken it and ride with me. This is your transportation and make sure you color it brightly. I give you my pearls, I wrap you in my cloak of compassion, and I welcome you forever to be with me. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. Thank you.

LD: Hi, it’s Linda.

GD: Wow Linda, that was just so powerful and timely and some really important, wise words were offered and I think it was good that she stayed with us a little longer.

LD: I do to.

GD: Well in reflecting back we heard some really great things in terms of how she spoke of those in the dark that they require the gentlest touch the most and that giving them compassion and forgiveness and mercy, this is what is required in creating the new earth and gives us an opportunity to show the way back to the light and to practice love and to give them an opportunity to make amends. Just such really important words and again timely words. I really appreciated that.

LD: Yea, the Council in talking about Ascension, and by the way Quan Yin has never been so chatty, so she feels very strongly about this, but they keep saying “This opportunity for Ascension is open to everybody.” Yes we have to do our work and that has been outlined, and yes there are those that will run to the portal at the very last second, but we’re the ones laying the foundation for what our new world looks like.

GD: And I really liked what she said “you are ready to ascend when you can give compassion, mercy and forgiveness.” In other channelings that you have done I’m recalling the words of how we need to be at peace before we can truly ascend, be at peace with this 3D experience. So this is all about fostering that and building that and I’m really glad we had a little time before the end of the show because I think it is important to honor and acknowledge for me, this is a practice, it’s providing or being able to forgive, be able to be in a place of giving compassion and mercy. It’s been a practice for me, I’m much better at it. And I suspect a lot of people are on this spectrum of being able to do this as well and we’re not expected to do it instantaneously, it does take intention and some practice.

LD: It takes intention, it takes letting go of the anger and realizing maybe we’re afraid and still moving, because we are moving into the unknown, but it’s bright and it’s shiny, and it’s incredible.

GD: Great to be with you.

LD: Thank you Graham, thank you everybody.

Channeled by Linda Dillon