There are times in a private session that information that is of a significant universal nature that is for our highest good that the insights be shared. This was one of those situations. With my client’s permission, I offer this “aha” message from Qwan Yin.

“Beloved One, I am the Goddess of Compassion but many could also call me the Goddess of Determination. The closer and more aligned you get with the fulfillment of your mission and purpose, the more you feel that you are battering, quite literally battering up against this immovable force.

And it is the immovable force… And we do not in any way critique these blessed souls – let us be clear on that. But what many are doing is completely unconscious, subconscious, quasi-conscious in your direction. But unconsciously they are also representing the legions, not of dark…

Might we call – and this is something which has been ignored and this is something we would strongly encourage, strongly beg you to talk about with your friends and allies, colleagues, patients, it matters not. It is the force of indifference and we would say it is more difficult to deal with apathetic indifference than the expressed forces of darkness!

The wall of indifference is that multitude of humanity that doesn’t want to change because they haven’t identified, they don’t understand, they don’t know – especially in their mental and emotional fields because that is where it is sitting – they don’t know what lies ahead.

Because they don’t know, and in many ways, they are small children because they have not evolved in the spiritual spectrum. They have evolved somewhat, but not to this point… They are pushing against the shift in consciousness. So, it is not the darkness that you are up against.

Think of it in this way. They are putting not gaping holes in your field but little tiny pinpricks. But of course, if you put enough pinpricks in that field, you are oozing everywhere and it is really hard. Think of it, if you had a plastic bag and you filled it with water and you put a multitude of pinpricks in it, before long you would have no water in the bag.

And that is what you are dealing with. How this indifference is often enunciated is that your mission and beliefs are foolhardy, financially unsound, or that you are dreaming. The legions of those who are indifferent do not desire change. They don’t want it to happen, because it’s amorphous; it’s just this insecurity of “I don’t know, and mummy, I want you to stay home and take care of me and not have anything change.”

Now that is sad and that is why I have great compassion for these indifferent souls, these apathetic souls. They do not consider themselves apathetic or indifferent, that is our term, my term.
It is hard, it is extraordinarily difficult to deal with these people because they are like jelly. It is not like the cement wall of the darkness. It is like a bowl of jelly that is sliding off the plate or all over the plate. It’s hard to get your hands on it.

What to do, dear heart, because I am a practical Goddess. Make sure that their crystal within and without is absolutely solidified so that you are containing them within their own energy field.
Now, with this nervous energy – because that is what it is; it is “Oh my God, my wife has gone off the deep end and she is going to spend every last penny we have, and we are going to be in dire straits and there will be no one to take care of us.”

That belief and attitude often cause health issues and what you can think of is ‘irregularities’ because that is one of the signatures of the indifferent apathetics. It is irregularities. It isn’t a consistent problem, it comes, it goes, it’s the back and forthing, it’s the uncertainty.

When this is happening with you is that it is not only draining your wellspring, it is occupying your attention and your energy so that you are attending to that and that can be very frustrating and even make you angry because you would be doing what you feel called to.

There is this part of you, beloved angels, because you are the heart of compassion and healing, that you feel like “I love this woman/man. I may be furious at him, I may want to strangle him, but I also care deeply for him. We have shared this life and so I must attend to him.”

So you feel torn. On a personal level, it is distracting you from what you really want to do. And it is causing this dissonance, this recalcitrance within you, so it is taking you out of the very zone, not only that we need you to be in, but that you desire to be in, that is your mission and purpose. It is distracting you into this other energy that is like the jello.

Now, what to do? Seal him up. We are not saying ignore them, but understand you may send the energy but their energy cannot reach you. So your field is sealed, their field is sealed. You are stronger than them so you send energy into his field and basically ignore the craziness that he is creating.

Go in Peace, Compassion, and Love. Farewell.”