Pity remaining as pity does not help. Because what you do with compassion is you acknowledge the divinity in yourself and in the other being, whether it is an individual or a collective, and you say, “This is awful and we can correct it, we can transmute it, we can elevate it, we can shift it.

A fabulous channelled gem shared by Kathleen from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Quan Yin ~ Compassion versus Pity/Self-Pity

Quan Yin: Greetings, I am Quan Yin.

Kathleen: Hi, Quan Yin!

QY: Welcome, for yes, you have beckoned to me as I have beckoned to you. Understand, sweet one, that we have not halted on this sharing and riding of my beloved dragon!

So climb up here with me so that we may have a very clear perspective, not merely on your City of Light [Denver], not merely on your City of Light circle which is phenomenal and growing at the speed of light and the speed of love, but let us have this cosy conversation about you, about your being, about your life, about the wonder of being alive.

And that is what I wish to congratulate you on. You have made the transition from burden, from a false sense of responsibility, from a sense of enormous soul exhaustion, of feeling that you could never do enough, which was of course incorrect. Yes, I do not mince my words!

And now you have come to the place where you are truly in the joy of being alive – and not merely of being alive but of thriving in this physical vessel, in this beautiful woman that we call Kathleen.

This journey of transformation, both of your sacred self and of the entire planet, cannot be done without this level of transformation – without a level of excitement and exuberance about, quite literally, the joy of being alive.

It is not about carrying the burden basket. Oh, there are times when you will help one another and carry a basket for a while, until you decide that it is really tiresome or cumbersome, and simply place it by the wayside where it belongs.

But it is the joy, it is the excitement, not only of what lies ahead, but what today – what every minute of every hour of every day – is about.

Now I am not suggesting that you are constantly on a high, but I am suggesting a sense of wellbeing, a sense of knowing, of expanded knowing, of compassion and mercy for those who do not know.

And let me be very clear. Compassion and mercy may have a thread of tolerance, but compassion and mercy are not tolerance.

Yes, it is a thread of patience, it is a thread of tolerance, but understand – what you do with compassion is you understand the situation, the compilation of what you, yourself, or another, or the collective is faced with. You do not assume it. You do not reinforce it. You do not give it permission to continue as is.

It is the sending, the holding of the vibratory higher rate that says, “Yes, I understand, I witness,” not I engage, not I participate. “I witness and then we go forth – and I will lend you my arm, my shoulder, my leg, my knee, my energy that we may go forth together in the unity of One, of the knowing of love, of joy, and of creation.”

Compassion does not mean that you are going to go and sit in the mud pot with somebody else – unless it is a choice that is incredibly fun!

K: Right!

QY: So yes, as the channel has said, there is a collective rejection – and you, beloved one – rejection of what we would call ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Now let us speak of this because this is a core issue of humanity. It is this, yes… I am the Goddess of Mercy, but I am not the goddess of mincing words!


K: I love that about you!

QY: So, too often… and I preface what I say… there is true, horrid, terrible anathema of circumstances that many on your planet face. That is why the Mother and I have asked of thee, for example, to pray for Syria, to pray for Yemen, to pray for those that are literally in such oppressive regimes that they do not have food, they do not have shelter, they do not have any form of medical attention.

These are truly the circumstances that require compassion and upliftment and the sending of healing energy. So I preface what I say by not pretending that there are not many ills still upon this beautiful Gaia planet of such beauty.

But there has been an addiction on the part of many to this sense of what we will call ‘self-pity’ – yes, we have never talked about this, but now is the time – and it is the time because now the humans, the hybrids, the angelics are prepared to deal with this. So I bring this to the attention not only of you, sweet one, but of your circle as well.

Now, in this addiction of self-pity is the underlying result of self-defeat – and you and no one, in an oppressive regime or a luxurious penthouse, none wish for self-defeat, not consciously and even not unconsciously. That does not mean that self-defeating behaviours do not occur. They do, but mostly they will often stem from this, yes, fear, frustration, anger – which are simply other names for fear – and from this sense of self-pity.

Self-pity is also into the old paradigm of lack. It is self-effacement, but it is not in the sense of humility. It is in the sense of diminishing the power, the divine authority, the divine right of oneself. So how it works is: “I feel… I believe myself… that I am impoverished, I am less-than,” and that can take an entire spectrum of opinions or false beliefs about oneself.

Now what happens in that is that then you give yourself excuses: “Well, I feel that I am impoverished,” or “I am ill,” or “I am less-than, and I feel sorry for myself.” And feeling sorry for yourself is very different from having compassion for yourself – or feeling sorry for somebody else is very different from having compassion.

So what this does is give yourself permission to feel, to behave, to act in accordance with that opinion, that false belief, in ways that are less-than – and that is not the new paradigm.

That is not the new paradigm of Nova Earth, of New You, or of this planet and City of Light that you are co-creating.

Now the reason I bring this to the forefront is because, as a group, you are also working on setting the new paradigm. So when you address this, and when you give each other the permission to point it out and to address it individually, collectively, one-on-one or one-on-twenty, it matters not. So it allows you.

Now how do you do this?

You can make it a melodrama, which is indeed extremely boring and extremely ineffective, or you can look at it not in a chiding manner but in a way of humour – when you can look at it and say, “Woops, there I go again,” as if you literally are sliding down the tail of the dragon and about to bump on the ground!

When you look at it that way, you begin to not only support yourself and each other, you begin to bring to consciousness this unconscious, semi-conscious, and sometimes very conscious reality and you simply begin to re-pattern. No one, in the truth of their own divinity, wants to feel less-than or in the paradigm of self-pity or self-defeat.

So this is something that I would encourage all of you to spend some time looking at. Because what you are saying not only to Denver, not only to Colorado, what you are declaring across Gaia and far beyond to your Star brothers and sisters is that we are not to be defeated. We are up to the task at hand.

And yes, we do so with deep, profound compassion for what is truly horrendous. And it can be a momentary horrendous or a very large horrendous, but we will take it and we will transform it – and we will do so by altering our behaviours, our belief systems, and how we view and interact with one another.

So is this clear?

K: Yes! I’ll need to listen to it a couple of times as you’ve said so much, but I do understand exactly what you’re saying about there being a difference between compassion and pity. I couldn’t agree more. I was thinking that I’d kind of lost my compassion towards some people, but I think that it’s more… that it just doesn’t feel appropriate any more to be that way…

QY: When you are pitying – and let us take the situation in the Middle East – when you are pitying, you believe that you are putting salve on the wounds… mental/emotional/spiritual and most certainly physical. And there is a moment, of course, when the person receiving the pity wants it because they are crying out in agony, and they want that agony to be acknowledged.

But pity remaining as pity does not help. Because what you do with compassion is you acknowledge the divinity in yourself and in the other being, whether it is an individual or a collective, and you say, “This is awful and we can correct it, we can transmute it, we can elevate it, we can shift it.”

So you move from that moment of conjoining in pity right into compassion. Because to stay in pity is to simply say, “This is hopeless and there is nothing to be done about it,” and that simply is not true. That is not of the creation of Nova Earth.

Many think that I am somewhat of a tyrant Goddess [chuckling] and nothing could be further from the truth. But when I speak with the clarity, what I truly do is to address you, all of you, in the wholeness of your divinity, and I express my wisdom in knowing what you are truly capable of.

Does that mean I will not shield you from harm or danger? Of course I do, continually. But do I know what you are here for and what you are totally capable of? I most certainly do. And I do not only herald that knowing, I support you in every way in this endeavour of upliftment.

Go with my love.

K: Thank you, Quan Yin. This is wonderful and I so appreciate you coming through.

QY: You are welcome, sweet one. I am with you.

K: I’ll meet with you on the dragon!

QY: Yes, you are! And that is your frustration. Sometimes you say, “Can we not move a little quicker?”

K: Yes! [Laughing] I feel that frustration, but I don’t know why…

QY: Because you see the light and the beauty of what lies ahead.

K: Oh good, because I do, yes! I’m ready to move!

QY: Yes, you are! Farewell, my sweet one.

K: Farewell, Quan Yin. I love you.

QY: And I love you, daughter of my heart.