Jeshua reminds us of all the relationships we have; most importantly our self.

If you do not love, honor, accept, surrender, cherish, nurture your sacred self, then you are not in a position, Read More

Jesus Sananda ~ Who Are you?

In this Saturday conference call we reviewed how to anchor in the 13th Octave and the heart of Gaia; followed Read More

Yeshua tells us of the importance of removing false grids, particularly fear and doubt!

One of the greatest obstacles to humanity assuming and fully anchoring in the 5th is this issue of fear and Read More

Jesus Sananda asks: What is the gift of sacred union and what does it entail?

I come here this day to talk to you about sacred union, about that union of love that is the Read More

Jesus Sananda, Yeshi, reminds us of the divine perfection that we are and of our ability to create

As you are creating, as you are in intent, as you are in stillpoint, as you are in action, as Read More

Jesus discusses the importance of family: human, galactic, soul & inner earth family

You came into that family to be the beacon and the carrier of love. It is that simple. And you Read More

Jesus Sananda discusses the importance of sharing our Love…

…when we are talking about the eternal now it is not a beginning and an ending it is all right Read More

What is “The Jesus Path”? Yeshua explains…

On our Saturday Conference Call Yeshua addressed it as: “It is you remembering our agreement and my agreement with you Read More


Fortitude: the 2nd gift of the 13 Blessings and Virtues as explained by Jesus Sananda

Fortitude is the ability, the stamina, the courage, the bravery to return to center and it is the center, not Read More

Jesus Sananda speaks of the themes for 2013 and the coming proof of change

On our Saturday Conferrence call Linda gave us an updated way to connect with the heart of Gaia in the Read More

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