The Power of Love

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As I prepare for the 15th Annual COL Gathering in Sedona the Council tells me which channellings to include – and they are powerful. Interestingly enough they are also timeless, and I feel strongly that everyone deserves to read this incredibly beautiful and moving message from Jesus Sananda . For all of us who have […]

The New Reality of Ancient Existence

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Every now and then I come across a channeling that reminds me how the messages of the Council are timeless – and always dead on the mark. Enjoy this one from our beloved Jesus Sananda.

Being In The State Of Forgiving

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Jesus Sananda expands our understanding of what it means to live in a state of forgiving. “I come to speak to you this day about ‘forgiving’. Not forgiveness, but forgiving as an action and as a state of being”.

Jesus Sananda’s 2010 Christmas Message

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Every year during the Annuual COL Gathering Jesus Sananda and Universal Mother Mary speak to us of the “agenda” for the upcoming year. In this incredibly powerful channeling Jeshua speaks to us about the 20111 agenda of freedom. If you read nothing else this year, read this. “Let me talk in practical terms about freedom. […]

Jesus Sananda on The Sacred Nature of Partnership, Marriage and Union

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“I wish to speak to you not only as teacher and master but as brother, as one who has walked the Earth and had the human experience not only of longing and desire, but also of partnership, the practical application of Love”…

The Building Block of Creation is Love


Jesus Sananda talks about Love, the fundamental building block of creation. “I wish to speak to you about Love….My message has never changed.

Jesus Sananda’s Invitation To The Annual Sedona Gathering


Jesus Sananda’s heartfelt invitation to come and walk with him “in the red dirt and hills of Sedona…we of this family are calling this gathering “homecoming.”… And “Home is where the heart is.”… Realize as I have with my apostles, with my disciples, with my family, that this is where your fuel and your support […]

Earth’s Creator Race


Jesus Sananda speaks more about Earth and the Gulf of Mexico. “…the formation of a place, a physical experience of such diversity and incredible beauty that the angels would come and play here and know what it was to have a physical experience of Love…the creator race, as you have come to think of it […]

Explanation of the Creator Race


I want to share this audio file of the Saturday conference call with each of you. This is a powerful explanation by Jesus Sananda of the meaning and history of the creator race – as well as insight into his mission on Earth when he walked as Jeshua. Additionally there is a meditation beforehand on […]

Step Forward In Truth

A powerful message from Jesus Sananda on stepping forward and being the clarion of Truth. He speaks of the importance for each of us to assume of chosen roles, and to see and acknowledge the grace of each being.

In the Void and Stillpoint of Creation

“I am pleased to speak to you on (Easter) Saturday between the time of passing and the time of what you call resurrection because it is being in the void. It is being in the stillpoint. It is being in the All and the nothingness where the new is created, formulated, and brought forth.…So come […]

Jesus Sananda on Healing of the Personal Grid

Greeting, I am Jesus Sananda. My message to you today is about the power of reminding. Love is. It is the essence, the heart, the mind, the will of One, of every universe throughout. It does not need to be created. But it does need to be put into action and to be placed inside […]

Give Up Your Shields and Let us be United in Love

Jesus Sananda asks us to be united in Love. “Wherever you are, I wish to be with you. And wherever I am, I am inviting you along, and that my friends will be an adventure. So what do you say? Let us begin for it is a new day.”

What is Love?

Jesus Sananda in his invitation to the 13th Annual Council of Love Gathering “asks what is Love? Love is a state of being. Love is action. Love is being in the stillpoint. Love is an expression, an experience.”

Jesus Sananda on Truth and Love

Jesus Sananda speaks of what is truth and encourages us to speak the words of truth which “must” be heard through the emotion and actions of Love during this time of the shift.

Holy Spirit & Will

“I am Jesus Sananda, Unity of Trinity. Our relationship to Holy Spirit is virtually as One. Understand that we are all part and parcel of One. The Holy Spirit; the Infinity; the passion, the flame, the dove, is a part of the one trinity, one family, and the one being. Just as I am. Each […]

Stop Lying to Yourself

A powerful message from Jesus Sananda about how we lie to ourselves, and of under-estimating the truth of who we are.

Love, Joy and Courage

“I wish this day to talk once again about Love, and I wish to talk about it in the context of gentleness and courage and stamina. This is quite a combination, is it not? For the world you are living in, this Nova Earth, that you and we are anchoring and co-creating, is also a […]

Jesus Sananda On The Passion Movie

There has been a great deal of controversy about Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion. Many of us have lived during the time of Jesus/Jeshua and have witnessed the events not only of the life but the death of this Master incarnate. Additionally, there have been many lifetimes where each one of us has been brutalized, […]

Jesus Sananda’s Christmas Message (2007)

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jesus Christ, and I am Jesus and I am Jeshua, it does not matter what name you call me by because I am with you and I am with you consistently in all ways. And, beloved friends, I am pleased to step forward this day and talk to […]

Come Join Me in Joy

A strong invitation from Jesus Sananda to come and join with him in Joy. His message refers not only to the upcoming annual Council of Love gathering in Sedona but to each and every day of our lives. A beautiful insight into the life of this Master.

Come Walk With Me

A passionate plea from Jesus Sananda / Jeshua to come and walk with him, to join with him. Jesus asks for a clear commitment from our hearts, a conscious out-loud answer to his request that we accompany him in this time of Shift.

Jesus Sananda ~ Love of His Family

A must read (and weep). Jesus speaks to us about his love for his father Joseph and his wife, Mary Magdalene, and the importance of soul family. This insight into the heart of Jesus and his Love for each of us is to be shared.

Jesus Sananda on Family, Joseph and Mary Magdalene

Good morning, my beloved friends, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, I am keeper of the flame, I am keeper of the heart, I am keeper of the Christ consciousness, I am keeper of the seventh dimension, oh my list of jobs goes on and on (laughter), and in my spare time I’m a […]

Through The Portal to The Cities of Light

“Greetings. I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, your beloved brother of the magenta ray. I am pleased to step forward this day for I wish to speak about another aspect of going through the portal. Often people have thought, humanity has thought, that going through the portal has meant death and dying – elimination […]

The Role of Healer

“I am Jesus Sananda. This is a day of celebration, to be with all of you for we have traveled together so many times as family, as apostles, as friends and loved ones. So many times you turn to me you said Jeshua, how can we teach of love when there are poor and hungry […]

The True Meaning of Service

An incredibly touching, heartwarming messages from Jesus Sananda that will shift your energy and understanding forever. This channeling was the opening greeting during the recent COL initiation of the 13th Octave teachers but its import is applicable to all of us. It is our humorous brother Jesus who speaks to us of why we are […]

Jesus Sananda on The Role of Trust and Forgiveness in Reconstruction

Jesus Sananda has asked for this channeling to be included in this section on Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative. This channeling was originally posted on August 28, 2004. It is still not only relevant but important for us as lightholders to understand how long we have been working on this project of peace. The message of […]

Jesus Sananda ~ On Power & Creation

Both this piece, and the one which follows from Universal Mother Mary, were channeled as part of the Creation Series of the Miracles workshop in 2003. Both Jesus and Mary ask you to re-read these messages in light of our current undertaking in anchoring Nova Earth and Nova Being.

Jesus Sananda’s Christmas Message 2000

This message is as apporpriate and meaningful today as it was in 2000 – read on! Welcome, welcome back. I am Jesus Sananda. This channel called it “My Christmas Message.” I call it a discussion and a celebration of what has been accomplished in the year of Gabrielle. This millennium belongs to Love. I claim […]