This picture captures our family of lightbeings surrounding us, especially during the Solstices and Equinoxes, as they share their wisdom in answering the questions asked by our Council of Love group.


The first of three posts from the 2022 Summer Solstice webinar deal with navigating the new normal, or should we say the sea change, emotional upset, or feelings of malaise and inertia that are being felt by many…

Q. From Antara Greene: My heart breaks with what is occurring on this planet at this time, no matter how much I take action to protect myself using the tools of the COL. How can I best transmute the sorrow I feel and/or how can I best utilize this reaction? I am a sensitive being and don’t want to shut down, and I don’t want to feel overwhelmed and incapacitated either! Any suggestions?

Q. From Rick Cohen: Some days, weeks, and months feel like I am treading water and the most important thing to do is just keep my head above water and keep my legs moving!! My question is, have you or anyone else felt this way? My guides continue to encourage me to just keep moving forward no matter what emotions are coming up or what is occurring in the outer world. In other words, just survive until we cross the Finish line to our Ascension!!

Greetings, I am Yeshua, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi, I am Jesus Sananda, call me whatever you like as I call you, my beloved brothers and sisters, my family. And I have asked to speak about this question, these queries because I too have lived as human being… more than once. But certainly, as Yeshua, I remember these feeling, this feeling of deep, profound sorrow… not despair. One of the safeguards for despair is simply a feeling of disconnect so that you do not go into your triggers. It is a protection mechanism.

So yes, beloved Rick, I have treaded water many times, only in my situation they called it going out to the desert, and it was a good practice, and you are in the desert, and I suggest you spend as much time as you can out there. Similarly, I went to the desert to let go of my sorrow. And I went to the desert so I could relinquish my frustration.

I have heard your cries, and I have certainly expressed it both at home and in the middle of the night under a starry sky, and I would say, “Father when? When will they listen? When will they heed? When will they accept the love that is there being offered and proffered, both within and from the without?”

You have an enormous tool kit. But what happens when you simply are tired, perhaps even sick and tired of using the tool kit, of offering aid and love and insight, and you go to the silence, and you allow us to hold you, to fill you, to nurture you the same way my Mother and your Mother did. And certainly, the Magdalena and even the laughter of my children, it would renew my perspective about what is important. What is important is not merely enduring, and though many of you have simply endured… and for this, we say thank you… but endurance, more than many things, has to be completely filled with joy, with laughter, with play, with freedom, and with knowing.

You are unique in your divine authority, in your divine knowing, in your ability to simply stay the course of love. And you have done this. But what I say to you is the time of treading water, the time of attempting to relinquish sorrow is over… to which we all say, “Halleluiah!” So, of course, use your tool kit, but also know you are in such a period of massive, massive rapid change that it hardly seems worthwhile to be sad or sorrowful when ten minutes later you will be filled with glee. So, just jump, skip as this channel has told you, go and find the joy… it is right there in front of you. And if you need to go out to the desert or down to the beach, do so because that’s where I am waiting for you.

Do not underestimate what you are doing. You are holders of the vision; you are holders of the love; you are the pathfinders; you are the way-showers. And from my perspective, you are the fulfillment of the dream. I may have been the announcement, but you, you are the fulfillment… for which we thank you so deeply.

Part 2 of the questions and answers will post on August 17, 2022