One of the greatest gifts your family is bringing to the planet … your intergalactic and galactic family … is that gift of removing imaginary, false boundaries.

Yeshua speaks to us about “what the enlightened, awakened, ascended Nova Being is – the being that expands in love because when you are in the love, and when you are the love, then there are no boundaries required because you are in a safe Omniverse and you are in an exciting Omniverse!”

An exciting channelled gem lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.


Greetings, I am Yeshua.

Elle: Ooh, Yeshi!

Yeshua: Yes, my beloved friend, dearest heart. So I bring you back and I remind you of our many travels in and through, back and forth through time with our beloveds, with our Magdalena, with our friends and family… the explorations that we have, and we did, and we will take together in the anchoring in love – in love and of love – upon this planet.

And yes, there were times when some of these journeys were just narrow escapes [chuckling], and sometimes they were just for the sheer joy of exploring the edges of what was then thought of as this planet. There is so much and in so many ways!

The way it is bracketed… not divided, but bracketed into usable, understandable, experiential chunks is because the massive nature of the totality can be unfathomable… not unreachable, but difficult for some to comprehend. And that is why so many humans live within defined parameters of what they think or feel that they are capable of experiencing. And the unfortunate bit is that so often they simply stay in that defined parameter, rather than simply becoming comfortable and familiar and then saying, “Okay, I am ready for more exploration. Let’s go!”

And you, sweet angel of light, have always been saying to me, to the Magdalena, to the Mother, to Plaed’or, to Ashira and so far beyond, to Gabrielle and Michael, you are always saying, “Let’s Go!” And so your definition, your experience of what people think of as ‘reality’ is very different because you keep expanding and refusing to have those artificial boundaries that make you feel artificially safe.

And that is what the enlightened, awakened, ascended Nova Being is! It is the being that expands in love because when you are in the love, and when you are the love, then there are no boundaries required because you are in a safe Omniverse and an exciting Omniverse! And there is a desire. Yes, you can spend 12,000 years examining and exploring one microscopic cell or you can go for everything! Both are and can be equally interesting, exciting, profound, and defined by choice.

What I say unto thee is that those who think or believe in outmoded beliefs that they are ‘required’, that circumstance… political, mental, national, planetary, it matters not… that they are ‘required’ by circumstance, by environment, by commitment, by false beliefs to stay within a defined space, it is sad because it is self-limiting.

Is it a crime or a sin? Of course not; there’s no such thing! But are there egregious, aberrant abominations of behaviour? Of course there are! But by and large, sweet one, those are determined by those who believe that their options, their boundaries, are limited and defined – as if they are chain links or barbed wire or cement – and they are not!

One of the things that have been ongoing – yes, certainly with the Delegations, but by and large with the human experience – is that humans are learning and experiencing… and sometimes, yes, through very difficult circumstances… the fluidity of movement on the planet and far, far beyond. One of the greatest gifts that your family is bringing to the planet – and I mean, yes, your particular family, but I also mean your intergalactic and galactic family – is that gift of removing imaginary, false boundaries.

If you think of it in the most basic of ways, humans are learning and understanding that while homebase may be this beautiful Gi’Anna [Gaia], you’re not restricted to it! Those false beliefs and limitations are being eradicated, and one of the ways is – and always has been – through migration, through exploration, through a curiosity… human, mental, emotional, and most certainly spiritual.

You say that you are bored! [Chuckling] You have said this to me when we have been stuck in the boat! [Laughing] “When, dear Lord, will we arrive? When can we go and see what there is to see and travel to the sacred places?” And I would say, “But is not the sacred place this very boat and vessel? Is not the sacred place the waters of this sea? Is not the sacred place the Universe and the Multiverse within thee?” And you would say, “Yes, but there is that tree I want to see!” And we would laugh!

The reason… well, there are many reasons which you are already receiving telepathically… but the reason I am reminding you, my beloved sister, friend, ally is that the journey continues and the exploration continues. And yes, you are in many ways waiting… impatiently! [laughing]… for the humans to catch up. But what you are also doing, sweet sister of my heart, is you are holding the human portal open – and with that portal that is open, of course, your intergalactic family comes, as do the humans migrate.

The exchanges… no, not the abductions! [Laughing] Do you remember once that rumour that went throughout Galilee that I had been abducted, that we had been spirited away on rogue ships? People have always wanted to invent dire stories so that they can say, “Do not go there, do not venture there, it is dangerous. Stay here, stay safe, stay home,” and that is not a critique. There are those that have come to know the comfort of home, to know the comfort of 3 sq. miles. That is not you!

Oh, you would like your hectares, the kilometers of open space and open sky – and you will have them – and then you will turn to me, yet again, and you will say, “Yes, but where else are we going?” [Laughing]

You are not alone, you are treasured, and we are with you. And we are in that same boat, and we are in that same vessel, whether it is a rowboat or a raft or a mothership! We are with you and we are just as excited, anxious, and interested as we ever have been! There are new lands and new frontiers, new open spaces… physically, psychically, spiritually, emotionally… and they will be yours.

So I just come this day to tell you how much we love you, so set a place at the table for us, beloved! And go with my love, go with our love, farewell.

E: Thank you for coming, beloved Yeshi. Thank you! And to Magdalena, for I feel her here too…

Y: Always!