In the sprawling tapestry of existence, we weave threads of countless stories. The grandest of narratives are often those told in hushed tones, in the quiet communion with the ethereal and the divine. It is in this sacred space that we encounter Jesus Sananda, also known as Yeshi, a luminary who shines brightly in the celestial firmament, a beacon for souls seeking guidance.

During this time, our time together and during this Month of Mary, I ask you to truly embrace your mother within – the Divine Feminine that rests within you and that is the creative force of fertility.

Greetings, I am Yeshua, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshi – so many names but truly only one, and I welcome you!

Yes, we know that this is the month of the Mother, but that is what I wish to speak to you about. Nothing is more reassuring, more profound, more nurturing, more anything than the connection to the Mother: our Mother above, our Mother Gaia below, your physical mother who has been but a representation of the Divine Mother in form. Oh, she may or may not have recognised that; it does not matter because, beloved brothers and sisters, you do!

There are billions and billions and billions of mothers that have passed through this Earth, this dimension, this reality, and never fully comprehended the sacred nature of their offering, not merely to bear a child. Oh, that is very significant, and my Magdalena would agree! [Chuckling] But those who have inhabited a female form – and you have all done that at one point or another – have consciously/subconsciously/unconsciously agreed to be the vessel of the Divine Mother, to be the vessel of Divine Fertility.

I use this word today because, sweet angels, you are not ‘coming into’, you are in a time of Divine Fertility. It does not matter what your gender is. It is when you are embracing and embodying the ability to birth the New – and to cradle, and nurture, and protect the New. It is as ancient as all-time – your convenient measure – and it is brand new.

Your planet – nay, your Galaxy – each of you has been birthed into a new reality of time/light/space/sound. And what does this mean? It does not mean that you were relocated, that a truck simply came and moved you. The Divine Mother has lifted you up and repositioned you, so that the glory of you – and hence humanity – can come to fulfilment of the Dream.

And what is the Dream? Of course, it is your dream, but it is also Her Dream; it is also our Father’s Dream. And how does that happen? It happens in Divine Fertility – not mental, not physical, not astral – complete! That you embrace and you bring within, and then you express without, the full capacity of what you are capable of bringing to this planet at this time.

In so many ways, you are doing far more than I have ever done, or that any of us who are Ascended Masters have ever done, because it is birthing an entirely new consciousness – yes, in accordance with the Laws, the Laws of Love.

Of course, it is a Herculean individual effort, and it is the best fun you are ever going to have! And it is a collective effort: “where two or more are gathered”. You say, “Yeshi, I am already overwhelmed, what are you doing?” I am reminding you of who you are, why you are here, and what you are truly capable of.

You did not come to struggle. You came to see the fulfilment of the promise – and the fulfilment of the promise is you, in the full fertility of creation, in the embrace of the possible and impossible, of weaving potential into reality, into physicality, into the very air you breathe.

When I would return home as a young man, or the day before I died, I would see my mother standing by the well, patient, anxious, waiting – yes, our beloved Mother, Maré – and there would be such a look on her face of relief and excitement, trepidation: “What have you done now?” I would wrap her in my arms that she would know not only of my deepest love for her but that I cared for her, that I loved her, that I honoured her – and yes, would continue to do what I had to do – but that I would always be there.

And so I invite you, beloveds, to do the same to our Mother, to your mother of this time, but also I wish you to bring attention to your mother within because, so often, she is so busy taking care of things that she gets overlooked. There is attention paid to the here and now; there is attention paid to the child within, to all your various aspects. But during this time, our time together and during this Month of Mary, I ask you to truly embrace your mother within – the Divine Feminine that rests within you and that is the creative force of fertility.

Much lies ahead, but it cannot be fully created in haste or worry. It comes from Love and Peace and your Divine Sovereignty/Knowing of who you are – yes, in your grander [self] and all your foibles [chuckling] – embracing it all, and then being courageous enough to step forth and embrace Nova Earth.

It is the Unity. There is no room for separation. That does not mean that privacy or individuality is somehow violated, quite the contrary. It means you, all of you – and all of us – are free to express the fullness of who we are: Mother/Father/One, and a unique mosaic piece, in the firmament of the Mother.

So, beloveds, regardless of what country, what tradition, this day and every day: Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you. Farewell.