Heavenly Blessings: Mother Mary on Union and Re-Union – September 23, 2014

Mary blue diamond

2014 is about recovery and re-discovery; sacred union and partnership; unity, surrender and action. Graham Dewyea fills in this week as host and Mother Mary talks to us about re-definition of our very core and the heart of humanity. Sacred Union is the gift of love, it is the gift of sharing, in union is […]

Our Deep Housecleaning by Steve Beckow


A potent article by Steve Beckow of GAOG on the clearing coming up for all of us with the Tsunami of Love.

Livestream Lake Tahoe Gathering? Testing, Testing… Are you Interested?

Lake Tahoe After Sunset

Universal Mother Mary won’t leave me alone – and you can imagine what that is like. Since appearing in June by my bedside, on vacation no less, She has been saying “I have more to say to the world; and dearheart there is more the world needs to hear.” I agree and I am sure […]

Anchoring & Being Love & Worth by Kathleen Willis


We tend to think of Love as an experience but recently on Linda’s August 23rd, Saturday Conference Call and Tuesday’s Heavenly Blessings Radio Show, Universal Mother Mary defined it as her essence and the energy of All — the energy of creation before creation, the energy when there is no creation, the energy of silence, […]

The Magdalena on The Nature of Sacred Partnership


I am the Magdalena. Welcome, and yes, you have felt Yeshua and my gentle presence, and perhaps not so gentle presence, as we speak to you about union and re-union, sacred partnership, the nature of Love, the nature of Love intertwined with the responsibility of your own mission and purpose and how that is intertwined […]

Ιερή Ένωση: Ο Γεσού ρωτάει, “Γιατί θα πρέπει  η αγάπη να περιμένει κι άλλο;”


Γεια σας, είμαι ο Ιησούς Σανάντα, ο Γεσού. Είμαι ο πολυαγαπημένος αδελφός σας ο Γεσί, ο αδελφός της καρδιάς σας, ο αδελφός της ψυχής σας, ο αδελφός της συμπόνιας και ο αδελφός της αγάπης. Καλωσήρθατε.  Και ναι, το ξέρω ότι σήμερα μιλούσατε για αρκετά πράγματα, αλλά εγώ έρχομαι για να σας μιλήσω για την Ιερή […]

União Sagrada: Yeshua pergunta: “Por que deveria o amor ter que esperar por mais tempo? “


Saudações, Eu sou Jesus Sananda, sou Yeshua. Eu sou o seu amado irmão, Yeshi, irmão de seu coração, irmão de sua alma, irmão de compaixão, e irmão de amor. Bem-vindo. E sim, eu sei que vocês tem estado falando de muitas coisas neste dia, mas eu vim falar com vocês sobre a União Sagrada, sobre […]

La Unión Sagrada Yeshua pregunta: ¿Por qué debería el amor tener que esperar más?


Saludos, soy Jesús Sananda, soy Yeshua. Yo soy tu hermano querido, Yeshi, el hermano de tu corazón, hermano de tu alma, hermano de la compasión, y el hermano del amor. Bienvenido. Sí, ya sé que has estado hablando de muchas cosas este día, pero yo vengo a hablar contigo acerca de la Unión Sagrada, sobre […]

Creative Energy – The New Paradigm


The following is a discussion from the July 19, 2014 Saturday Conference Call. Normally these conversations are not shared but the insight from the Council on this difference between creative and non-creative energy is essential. The COL is guiding us to ensure we are remaining in the creative energy of Love. What does that mean?

Key Motivators Exploding!


New information regarding our ability to work with key motivators has been flowing fast and furious! A Key Motivator is that core issue which has been the most prominent obstacle in this and every lifetime. Despair, betrayal, or abandonment are examples of key motivators. The COL’s guidance is that while our key motivators have not […]

Μητέρα Μαρία της Οικουμένης ~ Σ’ ευχαριστούμε!


Ένα θερμό ευχαριστώ από την Άγια Μητέρα μας καθώς το Τσουνάμι της Αγάπης συνεχίζει να εκτυλίσσεται… ‘Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω όλους σας που δώσατε προσοχή στο κάλεσμά μου και που ανταποκριθήκατε στο νεύμα μου να έρθετε και να γίνετε η Αγάπη μου. Όχι μονάχα για να αποδεχθείτε την Αγάπη μου, αλλά και για να γίνετε, να […]

Universal Mother Mary ~ Thank You!


A sweet thank you from our Divine Mother as the Tsunami of Love continues to unfold… “I come to thank you, all of you for heeding my call – for responding to my beckoning to come and be my Love. Not merely to receive my Love but to become, claim and anchor the Love that […]

REMINDER: 6pm Eastern Time for Tsunami of Love on Lauren Galey’s Healing Conversations


Please join us and immerse yourself in the Mother’s Wave of Love at 6:00pm Eastern time. Sign up below! The Universal Mother’s Tsunami of Love continues to roll through our hearts, leaving the debris of old hurts in its wake. So much is coming to the surface for cleansing, but also to be experienced as […]

Universal Mother Mary ~ Calling for a 1,000 Waveriders!


My beloved children I am beckoning you to come and open your hearts to the Tsunami of Love. I have heard your pleas for change, for opening, for Ascension. Do not hesitate or drop down into fear that the miracle of Love is not possible. I AM LOVE. I AM ONE. And sweet angels, I […]

Marie, Mère Universelle Venez surfer la vague ! Dès maintenant.


Bouquets of gratitude to Isablelle, Patrick and Luisa for making this critical channeling available to everyone in French. Salutations je suis Marie – La Mère Universelle, la Mère de l’Espoir, la Mère du Changement, la Mère de la Constance, la Mère de l’Amour. Mon enfant, ne crois-tu pas que je peux faire des miracles ? […]

Mensagem de María, a Mãe Universal: “Venham e subam agora mesmo para esta onda de Amor”


It is with incredible gratitude to Maria Luísa de Vasconcellos that we are able to post this beautiful message from the Mother in Portuguese. We are united in heart! Saudações, Eu sou María, a Mãe Universal, a Mãe da esperança, a Mãe da Mudança, a Mãe da Constância, a Mãe do Amor. Meus filhos, vocês […]

Mensaje de María, la Madre Universal: “Vengan y suban ahora mismo a esta ola de Amor”


Thank you Luisa and Claudio for making this translation of this important message available in Spanish! Saludos Yo soy María, la Madre Universal, la Madre de la esperanza, la Madre del Cambio, la Madre de la constancia, la Madre del Amor. Hijo mío, ¿no crees que puedo hacer milagros? Si eso es lo que crees, […]

Universal Mother Mary – Come Ride the Wave! Right Now.


Greetings I am Mary – Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Love. Child, do you not believe I can create miracles? If this is your belief then it is time for it to be washed away – it is time for all the lack belief system of humankind […]

The Neptune Hoovers


God bless Steve Beckow for translating my morning walk into something truly worth sharing! Linda Dillon was walking her pet dog, Eliza, when she looked up and saw the mothership, the Neptune, on the horizon. She whipped out her iPhone and took a picture.

Love Has No Second by Steve Beckow


Having said that certain natural things are metaphors pointing to the Divine or the process of realizing It, I now feel the need to say as well that certain Divine things seem to have no metaphors.

The Tsunami of Love and Abundance, by Kathleen Willis


Everyday brings more clarity. This morning I see the connection between the Tsunami of LOVE and Abundance. The Tsunami of Love is creating the NEW by washing away the old. . . and anchoring in the Love.

The Tsunami of Love Livestream – June 8, 2014 @ 1 – 2:30 p.m.


The Tsunami of Love has begun in earnest and is being experience in various ways by people all over Gaia. The purpose of this broadcast is to come together in community, unite in heart and receive the next downloads updates and messages on this precious gift from the Divine Mother.

Love is the Way by Steve Beckow


I’ve just had a spiritual experience that I made notes of as it happened. Thank heavens, I did. I was just lying down reading something. Had I not written it down, I’m not sure that I’d have remembered it.

The Agony and the Normalcy by Steve Beckow

To reassure those who may not be feeling love at this time in the Tsunami, in keeping with my commitment to go through Ascension publicly, I can tell you that this time for me has been utter hell. Last week it was existential loneliness. This week it was worse.

Jesus Sananda’s Easter Message


Yeshua has guided me this wonderful Easter morning to post this message from 2007. It’s amazing how the channelings are timeless and how appropriate this sweet message from Jesus Sananda about the continuity of life and Love is right now. Enjoy!

The Tsunami of Love: An Urgent Appeal


The following is an urgent appeal from a dedicated and marvelous group of volunteers working with the Council of Love. The Tsunami of Love is the Universal Mother’s gift for all of humanity to consciously and joyously embrace the totality of our divinity; to be the Love.This momentous shift is close at hand, and the […]

Tsunami of Love Meditation


The Council of Love’s meditation to guide you in anchoring your sacred self in the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love is posted on youutube. The link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGt8Lo2aacQ.

Archangel Gabrielle: Ascension to A Higher Octave ~ A Game Changer

As part of the incredible shifts that are happening right now I share with you the channeling from Archangel Gabrielle to the New You Webinar group on the most significant change in our Ascension process – or our understanding of the Ascension process. Are you ready to join us?

Let Go, Let Go, Let Go ~ Steve Beckow


A wonderful insight from GAOG and Steve Beckow. When the tsunami of love begins, and we expect it soon, how are we to respond to it?

Archangel Raphael speaks of our capacity to heal…

Who are you and are you willing, are you willing, my brothers and sisters, to truly be who you are in the substantial lineage, in the totality of your energy fields, in your unique place in and on the grid, in and part of the Mother’s plan; are you willing?

Jesus Sananda ~ Who Are you?

In this Saturday conference call we reviewed how to anchor in the 13th Octave and the heart of Gaia; followed by a powerful channeling of Jesus Sananda taking us back to our original essence form. Get comfy, anchor in your heart and enjoy!