I originally channeled this powerful message in 2003! Now Archangel Gabrielle is beckoning us once more to come together and shine our grid, clear the debris on ourselves and Gaia and enter clean and shiny into the Mother’s New Time! You’re invited! xxx Linda

Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Archangel of Truth, Bringer of Liberty.  Welcome, my dear ones.  I continue my discourse on Creation, on the Creator Race, and on the Creation of Nova Earth.  And yes, there was great jostling this day, each one wishing to speak, but I have claimed my right again as Messenger and healer of false grids, my children.

Even though you have been diligent in your work, there is still residue, so I work with you this day to remove all barriers.  Years ago, in February of 2000, we have reinstalled the Golden Grid of Gaia, of this planet.  We, the Mighty Ones, have done this in a gift of unfoldment both for the planet and for the Mother.  It was one of the gifts of the 13th Octave originally given to the group in Kalamazoo, Michigan,  the heart of green, where purity and love lives.

This Golden Grid replaced the old grid of Earth that had become frayed and tattered through eons of abuse.  This new grid shines magnificently and is in perfect repair.  Yes, your electronic grid may not be working perfectly, but ours is, and our energy travels freely upon it.  It is far beyond the speed of light.  This is important for your understanding, children, and how to create, for you will use this grid time and time again as you slip interdimensionally in and out of time.

Do not forget: time is a construct that we have created and that you have adopted for your existence in the 3rd dimension but, understand, we are not inviting you to stay there in the 3rd!

There are many lightworkers upon the planet who speak of working with the grid, and we wish this to be clarified not only for this group but for each and every lightworker on this planet.  There has need to be deeper understanding of what has and is truly occurring. There are those who say they are doing repair work on the grid and this is incorrect or incomplete.  For when they look, etherically or otherwise,  they see a grid that is torn and tattered, frayed and ugly, dirty and abused. They are looking at their own grid.

Then there are those who say they are activating the grid.  What they are doing is going to places, to intersections, energetically and actually geophysically where they have existed before.  Many of them are literally cleaning the debris they have left in alternate or current reality upon that intersection, upon that square, upon that diamond.  They are removing and clearing what they have done to Gaia and to the planet and to the galaxies at that time.  They are doing their own cleanup.  Some are also going there to help, like us, to build the columns of golden light that are extending upward [through?] my direct tunnel to add light and love to this planet.  So, be clear in what you are doing, children.

It has been our job to restore the grid.  It is yours to clean up the debris that has been left there by humankind.

I wish to return to the issue of torn and fragmented grids.  You say, “Why? We have covered this,” and I suggest that there is still work to be done.  I wish for you to go deeper within your hearts, yes, to the place of silence… deeper… go to that pinprick of light, dear children, and breathe the navy blue as you do so.  Go within and anchor there.  Now drop down to your solar plexus, to the place of emotion. to the place of pain, disappointment, abandonment, frustration and doubt, those dark moments of despair.  Do not judge yourself, children, for you are safe and you are loved.

I want you to feel genuinely and fully how your impressions about your ability to co-create with us… to step forward as a leader, teacher, healer of the Creator Race… [limit you]. Go deeper. See yourself lying down upon a cloud, or upon your bed, it matters not.  I wish you to see the grid that lies upon you, that looks like a checkerboard with regards to your beliefs, your illusions, about your ability to create.  Is it platinum gold, created and conjoined with our larger grid that expands throughout eternity?  Or is it barbed wire?  Is it the rusted iron of a jail cell?  Is it velvet ribbons?  Is it comfortable or uncomfortable?

You have emanated, been born, birthed from the womb of the Mother, Father, God and no grid that is less than light, golden light, is truth.  If there is anything: one fiber, one speck of debris, of dirt, one disappointment, one question, let it dissolve right now.  Give it unto me and let me repair it with my golden light.  It does not belong to you.  It belongs to the old design that believed in lack and limitation, in death and destruction.  Let it go now.

Now we are coming – Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and I, Gabrielle. We are reinforcing, strengthening, and shining your Golden Grid, your grid of creation, and we are superimposing you upon our grid.  This is a grid of love, of truth, of victory, of purity.  Welcome us now.  Thank you.

Now, my children, you say to me, “Gabrielle, why is it so important that we understand this?”

There are many ways to create, but understand: everything, all existence, all reality, and all dimensions, all forms, are present upon the grid.  You have need to be clear that you may pulsate your energy – think of it as bi-location, multi-location, if you wish – but you are sending your essence along the grid to join with that which you are creating and bringing it back to your home, to your heart, to the silence, and then bringing it into reality.  If you are not clear in your position upon the grid, this is not only difficult but impossible.

Some of you have wondered, “Why do I have a dream of this or that creation?  Yes,  the creation of money, of healing, of relationship, of family unity, of a place of community, of Nova Earth?  Why do I dream of this and yearn for it so deeply?”

It is not your imagination. It is because it is already in existence, and what you are being invited to do is to slip along and get it.  Claim it as your own!  Bring it back.  Plant it in your heart and then push it out.  Push it out into your world.  That is your part of working with the grid.  That is your true role.  There is no separation in any reality.  You cannot be separate from the grid.  Anything else is dementia, and there is not one of you here that is in the least deluded.

I ask of you to revisit this exercise and to play with it, to travel the universe in the next couple of weeks, gone from the place of silence, of nothingness.  If you feel that you are having difficulty in moving, then go and repeat and see what false barriers, what false grids, you have erected and dissolve them.  Give them to me.  Give them to the Mother, give them to Gaia. We will all return them to light.  You are reinforced and fully capable of achieving this.  There is no room for doubt.

Some of you have asked why you call this period of such magnificent transformation “cosmetic repair”; it sounds minor.  And we tell you that it is.  We are doing touch-up, children.  And the creation and restoration of Earth, her beauty, is coming to the surface, as is yours.  Understand: your regeneration is in exact tandem with the regeneration of Earth.

So, if you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Oh, my goodness, I still look old, and worn and tired,”  then realize you have not given to the Earth this day but, as you do, you will look bright and shiny! That is the partnership.  That is the deal.

My beloved children, go forth in the action of peace and surrender, trust and laughter.  We are with you.  Farewell.