In last week’s COL Monday newsletter, I shared about some of the incredible shifts that folks have been feeling since the Nov 10-11 Gathering on Harmonizing Divine Radiance. The Gifts from the Divine keep on flowing and now I have heard from many of you – it is so exciting! I am also posting this thread on the COL  Community.

It’s so uplifting for all of us to share WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, staying in our Nova Gaian Divine Neutrality and Wisdom, how this NEW Chapter is unfolding.  So, as backdrop to that, I want to share the channelings from the Divine Mother and Father at the Gathering. Thank You Ellen and Genoveva – thank you all! xxxx

DIVINE MOTHER’s Opening Message – 10 Nov 2023

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, I am Mother, I am sister, I am brother, I am Mother of One and Mother of All, and sweet angels of light, sweet beings of love, I welcome you. And as I welcome you, I begin my transmission of our Divine Radiance which has always, always been part of you.

And this is the way we begin – as we began when still within my being, before the decision was even made, when you bathed and were part of the essence of our being, the Essence of One. That is what Divine Radiance is: it is the sublime joy of being in Unity. You tend to call it “Unity Consciousness” because your mental bodies [laughing] have been so expanded over time and space.

But when you have emerged from my heart, from my being, from my womb of love, I did not say unto thee: “Well, you have to leave the Divine Radiance here.” It was the most essential ingredient; it was the most critical element of you assuming form – yes, even as your angelic/archangelic/seraphim self – and that has never been removed or eradicated.

Has it gone to sleep in many? Yes! And is it time to awaken this within the collective? Of course! This is not only my sacred gift to you, to each of you; it is your sacred gift to your beautiful self, to the totality of who you are, and from there to humanity.

In this time that we spend together, I bring you this awakening yet again of your Radiance, and I do it in waves. I do it not to drown you but to teach you the fun of surfing, of swimming, of sailing; of being a cloud and touching the ocean; of being the dolphin and jumping in and out; of being the whale deep within the waters; of being a molecule of water – and understanding, even as you assume that form, you carry the Radiance of the Divine.

Dearest David, you have said in sacred prayer and honouring: “It is time to make the world a better place,” and that is why you gather. That is why you bring forth this promise, not of a new tomorrow, but of this new beginning which is right now!

You have questioned, and most certainly this channel has questioned me: “What is the NEW, Mother?” What is the NEW? Never-Ending Wonderful? Yes! November Everything Wonderful? Yes! “NEW” is who you are!

So your sacred mission, your next step in this journey of being in these wondrous, beautiful forms, is stepping forth and leaving the past behind. It cannot come with you. The sweet memories will linger forever, and that is a long time, but it is time to begin yet again – and you do so heart-to-heart-to-heart in the totality of our Radiance conjoined with yours.

So let us begin! And you begin with our love, you begin with my love. I am not some distant deity, I am your Mother, and I attend to each and every one of you today, tomorrow, and always.

Let us celebrate as One and let us begin!

I do not say farewell!

Channelled by Linda Dillon, November 10th, 2023

*     *     *

FATHER YAHWEH’s Opening Message – 11 Nov 2023

I AM Yahweh, I AM Father, I AM the Absolute Love, and I AM with you.

I don’t speak much, but today I am the voice that you need to hear. I am the words in the silence, and I won’t use many of those because all you need to hear is the language of love, my unconditional love. You need to feel the strength and the power, the power of the Father, the Divine Masculine. And whether I whisper in your heart or use a booming voice, I can be heard when I need to, and today is that day.

I join the Mother that brought you here. Now, when I’m speaking about “here”, it is here as in this place that needs my presence and your presence, and here as at this time, at this pivotal time, the tipping point in the history of humanity and the history of Creation. Yes, the Mother brought you here. She nurtured you with the utmost compassion, with kindness, as only a Mother can do, and I have watched in silence, assisting thee here and there and always, for I am always present, I am Omnipresent.

But today I step forward. I want to embrace you. I want you to embrace me. I want to fill your heart. I want to hold your hand. I want to congratulate you for arriving here and for the magnitude of the shift that we are about to undertake.

I mean, you are the Mother’s pride and joy, you are my joy, and you are our elite team, one of our forefront crews, and you are being celebrated – and not only for your special and valiant nature, but because throughout your arduous journeys – yes, detours and all – you’ve learned to love, and not just for a few moments. You’ve learned to love and to be love forever – neverending love – and this is glorious.

And you say to me: “I’ve seen it all, I experienced it all,” but I say to thee, “You’ve seen nothing,” for we are about to start anew.

And so let’s proceed.

I am going to start infusing you, all of you present here and everyone else. I am going to infuse you with my Golden Diamond, this massive light that I call “100 years’ worth of Light” – a powerful sweetness, enormous life force, to come to you and through you to Gaia and to all. So let’s open up and let’s proceed. Open your hearts, beloveds, your crown chakras and all of your chakras, your hands, your eyes, every fiber of your beingness.

Now, this is an experience that will grow and unfold, and will be felt uniquely by each and every one of you, so please allow it, please receive it.

And now, let’s all go as one and float through dimensions, through time and space, and then dance on Gaia, and let’s anchor this light everywhere, particularly in those parts and areas where there are open wounds, recent and ancient, manmade or natural, it matters not, for the natural ones are manmade as it is anyway, for those areas need tending and tender love, a huge dose of love, for there is suffering and there is pain and that needs to end.

See the healing and see the transformation and know there is nothing that love cannot do. Now see this light penetrating every layer of the Earth, all the way through the heart and core of my beautiful Gaia, and see Gi’Anna emerging glowing from the inside out, vibrant, joyful, full of life force for, yes, that was needed.

And I want to remind you of your creative abilities. I want you to hold your hands in front of thee and see the life force coming through your fingers, through your palms, and remember how I taught you to create with your heart, with your mind, with your hands. So let’s sprinkle some life seeds upon Gi’Anna. Plant the flowers, plant the trees, place the rocks wherever you want, create the mountains and the valleys, ask the water streams to come up and allow the rivers to flow downwards. Just let them be. They always find their place and their spot in the ocean. Now, how does it feel?

Now, let’s move on to the Cities of Love, to the Cities of Light – you call them Cities of Light; I call them Cities of Love. They are emerging everywhere, and you know which one is yours. I want you to continue creating, to listen to your heart’s desires, to find the dream that lies within. You’ll find which one is your strongest dream.

Right now I want you to look and to see yourselves the way I see you – these tall, golden beings of light, exuding Divine Radiance, Divine Essence, fully grounded in Gaia, connected in harmony with each other and the whole of Creation. Now look around. There are others like you… well, not exactly, but as special as you are… and there are many more to arrive.

Just know that you have been forever changed, that you are a Nova Being – this new, expanded, renewed human. You are perfect and you are mine. And go home after this gathering and find your place on the Earth, take your place in the Universe, find your soul tribe and start building these new communities, for you are the Nova Earth. The new golden kingdom of love lies within your heart.

Before I leave, I want to remind you to come often to me and to this very moment. Let me assist you with my fatherly guidance, with my wisdom, with the strength and power. Let me give you the will when needed, but mostly the love, and certainly the lightness of the laughter and joy for life is meant to be celebrated, to be exciting… yes, challenging at times… but nevertheless a fun one.

So I leave you now with my Golden Diamond. Stay with my strength and power for I AM with thee.

I AM and so are you.

I step aside but I’m not going anywhere.

Channelled by Genoveva Coyle, November 11th, 2023