As we are shifting into the conjunction of time, space, light and the Divine Plan, our Lady steps forward to share guidance and insight into what lies ahead. A must read! xxx

Greetings I am Maria, Maria Guadalupe, Our Lady of Guadalupe I am the Mother of freedom, of liberation, of love and new beginnings. I am the Mother of Miracles. I come this day to talk to you about miracles, and the miracle of you of each of you sweet angels – beautiful humans in form who have come to this planet at this momentous time of change, and year of miracles.

You are the new beginning, you are my Nova Milagros. Let me explain long ago, yes in the 1500s, the world was in flux and the old ways of Earth, the honoring and respecting Gi’Anna were in place. But this was also a time of the colonialism of the Roman Catholic Church, especially to the America’s. And at that time of a new age, there needed to be a melding of pathways, belief systems, and ways of existence. It was vital that the old ways of honoring Gaia not be lost, and, that those who were engaged in colonial expansion realize that the work of the Mother, that my presence, and my ability to reassure all my children of their worth, of their value, my love and this love that I hold for all of you was not exclusive. It was not to be bought or paid for but simply to be known.

And so now we come to this time of Conjunction, again where the old of value is in danger of being forgotten and wiped away, and the new realm of existence is  already in unfoldment. That balance of values, hopes, dreams, and the full engagement of humans on Gaia, yes on planet in form, needs to be achieved.

Gaia completes her ascension in this part of the galactic (Milky Way) ascension of this quadrant. In order to do so she shifts timelines – what you would think of as time waves. This is not cataclysmic but it is a fundamental shift in how your world works, and yes beloveds how you work, and what your role is as light workers and love holders.

You are my Nova Milagros! You are the promise of the new! You are the promise of restoration! You are the teachers, the healers and the channels. You are the knowers of guidance that you, as I, travel with Gaia in this new adventure.

You are not just, as if there is a just in there, you are not just my Juan Diego. Let me be clear – You are the delivery agent of the new miracles just as he was so long ago. But you are also the miracle itself. You are the roses that flow from my gown and my heart. You are the fragrance of love and the fragrance of a new beginning. You are the fulfillment of my promise to always take care of those who choose to believe and hold that sacred trust. You are the life of children, you are of my heart and my template as is Gaia, as is this Galaxy, as is all creation. Each of you are the expression of my infinite and eternal design and essence.

It is time to create a new. Step forward with me and on my behalf. Let me imprint upon thee the physical reality of interdimensional reality, the essence of my soul and of being the unity of love of the Mother/Father/One. Your prayers for freedom and liberation, for miracles, for tangible physical manifestations are heard and responded to. Know sweet Milagros that that imprint is already part of the fabric of your soul, of your soul design.

It is time commit right now at this time of Conjunction, to allow that radiance to come forward and to shine – irreversibly and magnificently. You have everything you need to travel, your trust and faith in yourself, in me, and in those you travel with. Let us proceed together and plant the joy and share the beauty of the Rose Garden of Gaia, the Rose garden of my very heart. Go with my love always and always go in peace. Amen.