Monday,, December 12th is the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of the most beloved aspects of the Divine Mother. As we prepare for the Conjunction, it is important that we remember that one of the most exciting aspects of Nova Earth, and part of our co-creative efforts are the Cities of Light.  Enjoy!xxx

Greetings, I Am Maria. I Am Maria of Guadalupe. Did you forget about me? And did you think that I have gone away? Oh no, my sacred treasures for I would like to appear before each and every one of you, not only to visit but to reaffirm your faith.

My beloved children, I come this day to talk to you about miracles. And I speak not in code but in practicality for as you know I am that part of our Divine Mother that likes to help on Earth, in form. I must begin this day by reminding you, each of you, that you are a miracle, you are a gift, you are the precious incarnation of Love. Yes, even when you have been in your darkest hour you have never been anything other than Love. Even when you feel you have acted horridly your essence has never changed. Over the years it has grown and expanded, mutated, morphed so that your light is shining very brightly now, just like my beloved one Juan Diego. He sometimes thought he could hide from me. That would be ridiculous at the best of times, but how could that light ever hide? And dear hearts, you cannot hide either. Since the beginning we have addressed you and called you as pathfinders and showers of the way. Was that not a hint? Did that not tell you that you were the ones to assist in this transformation on Earth?

My request to you is not to build a chapel or a sanctuary. My request to you is to continue and to build more Cities of Light. These are the places the inter-dimensional anchorings have already taken place. These are the places that with you form the foundation and hold the energy for Gaia and for the Universe for this Shift to take place. There are many conversations that take place about earth changes, about the shifting of tectonic plates; and of course Gaia is fully aware of what she is doing.

What do you think stabilizes many of these earth changes where the frequency is such that the ability to hold steady, firmly while change takes place rapidly and instantaneously around you? It is these Cities of Light. That is why we have been having you work on these, for it is a co-creation. It is not our creation, an overlay upon the planet; it is our co-creation with you. It is not simply one chapel or one sanctuary, it is entire areas that hold the vibration of Love so firmly and that the energy is so elevated that there are places of safety, there are places of stability, and there are places of beauty and Joy, and there are the places where your star brothers and sisters and many from this realm join you.

The Cities of Light have been a work in progress but they have been a work in progress that has been not spoken of enough. So now it is the time, my pathfinder friends, to truly elevate these to a more public form so that more are aware of these places of inter-dimensional reality. You say to me ‘Our Lady, what exactly would you have me do? Where are these blessed Cities of Light?’ They are all around you and many of you have been doing the work writing in the air, writing in the sand, writing in the water, writing in the mountains, writing in the sky. You know them not just because I give you a list; you know these Cities because they are places, they are the islands of light where you feel that you are in tune, that you are home, and in many ways that you feel that you can’t tear yourself away from. Yes you will go, as you have often proved, and do the work we have asked of thee.

So what we would ask, what I ask of you my partners, my children, my loved ones, is to bring these places, your expression would be ‘fully on line’. I will begin by asking thee to focus on North America. I am working with others in other continents, from east to west and west to east.

The Cities of Light are where you are sitting right now. Yes Florida, and North Carolina, the heartland, Michigan, across that great lake, Montreal, Winnipeg including the entire area of the lakes down to Minnesota, Vancouver, Idaho, yes Boise, up with the little finger to Coeur d’ Alene, San Diego, Phoenix, the panhandle. You can contract with Gaia, your star brothers and sisters and begin to anchor your City. You may think of it as the Ascension process jump started, you may think of it as a landing pad jump started, you may think of it however you like. But how I wish you to think about it, yes Durango as well, is to think of it as home. These are not small areas, these are huge islands of light. So if you wish to assist us, to assist Gaia, this is where we would ask your focus to be.

What are the qualities of a City of Light? Well, they are not 3rd dimensional. They have physicality, but they do not have duality. Their fuel is Love, tolerance, compassion, community. It is very easy; the rule is ‘Is it of Love?’ It makes everything very easy. We have begun this with you years ago but it is not completed. Do not forget Denver either.

I thank you, I thank you for your help, I thank you for your Love. Call on me. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon