St. Germaine reminds us…we are multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional beings…

You cannot have your feet on this planet and not be multi-dimensional. So can we simply begin today, beloved people of Earth, with a declaration of freedom for your inter-dimensional self that you are going to allow yourself to move into this inter-dimensional reality? [Continue reading]

The Mother’s heartfelt invitation to the COL Annual Gathering in Lake Tahoe, CA Oct. 3-5, 2014


For what do you think this Lake Tahoe is; this lake of the sky, my blue, the color of my veil? I call you, I beckon you, I urge you, I invite you, and yes, I plead with you to come. To come to join with me, with All, with your beloved sacred self in … [Continue reading]

Divine Mother asks, “Do you love me as I love you?” Then please, let me in!

This week the Divine Mother shared some of the goals of Ascension, both hers and ours...but first we have to open our hearts and let her in! There is a next step...that you may go forward and claim your place as ascended beings in form, as Creator … [Continue reading]

St. Germaine asks us to expand the trust within, then share it…

Trust is also the divine quality that you carry within you. It is not a matter of gaining trust because you, you who are listening in this very moment, already have this deep trust within you but can it be expanded? Can it be shared? Do not simply … [Continue reading]

Universal Mother Mary: We are one!

Our Saturday conference call had technical difficulties so here is the transcript or you can watch/listen to the YouTube channeling with Linda. The Universal Mother offers this information: The tsunami grows. It is changing humanity. My Tsunami of … [Continue reading]

Archangel Michael: You and God are experiencing each other!


It is the awakened human that acknowledges that they are inter-galactic or galactic; that they are part angelic or archangelic; that they are sheer energy and a spark of light; that they have been the most grievous sinner and the most beatific saint. … [Continue reading]

Tsunami of Love Livestream Experiences, Part 2


Thank You’s for the Tsunami of Love Webcast On June 8th Universal Mother Mary, Gaia, the Council of Love and Linda Dillon broadcast the Tsunami of Love Livestream webcast. Letters of gratitude and their accompanying experiences have been flowing … [Continue reading]

An angelic perspective on the effect of the Tsunami of Love livestream…

Steve Beckow asked Archangel Michael his perspective on the tsunami livestream. Lord can you tell us what the results of it were and to answer the question “have all people shared in those results, not only those who listened to the livestream?” … [Continue reading]

Archangel Michael speaks of the Tsunami of Love and current events…

Today Archangel Michael discusses the Tsunami of Love livestream, our Ascension, and the reval... … [Continue reading]

Tsunami of Love Livestream Experiences, Part 1


First The Universal Mother took us over 100 registrants for the Livestream. We went from 200 to 300 and then She asked me what would be wrong with 400 viewers for the Livestream, as I took a deep breath. And then... She gave me the message, which we … [Continue reading]

Universal Mother Mary ~ Thank You!


A sweet thank you from our Divine Mother as the Tsunami of Love continues to unfold... "I come to thank you, all of you for heeding my call – for responding to my beckoning to come and be my Love. Not merely to receive my Love but to become, claim … [Continue reading]

Universal Mother Mary: Waves of Blue


Universal Mother Mary, through channel Linda Dillon, spoke to us on Lauren Galey’s June 5th Healing Conversations radio show where Linda was a guest, encouraging us to dive into her Waves of Blue, the Tsunami of Love.  In the following message, … [Continue reading]

Invitation for Lake Tahoe Gathering

Lake Tahoe After Sunset

Watch the new Invitation Video … [Continue reading]

Archangel Michael discusses the Angelic Realm

On a special edition of An Hour with an Angel, Archangel Michael shows us a wonderful glimpse into the angelic realm...Where they come from, what their mission is, what their form is, etc. Thank you Steve for bringing us this insight... … [Continue reading]

The Tsunami of Love is the Divine Mother’s Gift


The Tsunami of Love is a Gift from the Divine Mother, an intensive Wave of Love that’s the door opener to Ascension, helping us leave the “old Third” behind.  There are three parts to the Tsunami of Love – a cleansing of our debris, vasanas, and … [Continue reading]

Universal Mother Mary invites us to come play with her…


On our Saturday conference call Universal Mother beckoned us to stand still, to ground deep within the heart of Gaia and to allow her Tsunami of Love to cleanse us, to penetrate us and yes, to lift us up to the highest point of the waves and far … [Continue reading]

Philipp’s wonderful Tsunami of Love experience


Wow! What a wonderful experience Philipp Schlienger has shared with us...Thank you Philipp. I am Santa Rea, your Higher Self. I address this to you because humanity has reached the point which it has awaited eagerly for such a very long time.You … [Continue reading]

Jeshua’s 2013 Annual Christmas Message ~ A Reminder

bedroom jesus

In light of our phenomenal undertaking this weekend to fully embrace the Divine Mother's Tsunami of Love, I am guided to re-post this message from Jeshua on the 'agenda' for 2014."Don’t wait, because the energy, the tsunami — it’s already not only at … [Continue reading]

The Golden Flow of Energy: More Experiences of the Tsunami of Love


On Monday June 3, through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, the Mother called to us: “I beseech thee – come join with me right now that you, like I, become the wave, become the Love, become the change. Claim your right – the … [Continue reading]

Experience the Tsunami of Love!!!


Tonight on Lauren Galey's radio show Healing Conversations Universal Mother Mary came through to invite us all to embrace the Tsunami of Love, receive the activation, the attunement that assists us in remembering our divinity, our wholeness, and our … [Continue reading]

REMINDER: 6pm Eastern Time for Tsunami of Love on Lauren Galey’s Healing Conversations


Please join us and immerse yourself in the Mother's Wave of Love at 6:00pm Eastern time. Sign up below! The Universal Mother’s Tsunami of Love continues to roll through our hearts, leaving the debris of old hurts in its wake. So much is coming to the … [Continue reading]

Mother Mary’s channeling and Cmdr. Ashira on events from a galactic perspective

We were graced with a channeling from Universal Mother Mary regarding her Tsunami of Love and then Commander Ashira shared views of human events from a galactic perspective...including how close they really are... … [Continue reading]

UMM message in German: Come Ride the Wave

Our thanks and gratitude to Susanne T. who has translated this beautiful message from Universal Mother Mary into German to share with all. We are definitely blessed and United in Heart... … [Continue reading]

Universal Mother Mary ~ Calling for a 1,000 Waveriders!


My beloved children I am beckoning you to come and open your hearts to the Tsunami of Love. I have heard your pleas for change, for opening, for Ascension. Do not hesitate or drop down into fear that the miracle of Love is not possible. I AM LOVE. I … [Continue reading]

Universal Mother Mary once again invites us to immerse yourself in the waves…


We were delightfully surprised this morning when Universal Mother Mary stepped forward before our 'regular' Heavenly Blessings guest Commander Ashira, to speak to us about the Tsunami of Love. The energy is building! The Mother invites us all to … [Continue reading]

Tsunami Webcast

Click here to watch the 90-minute webcast with Linda Dillon. You will need a password that has been or will be sent to the email you registered for the webcast. … [Continue reading]

Mensaje de María, la Madre Universal: “Vengan y suban ahora mismo a esta ola de Amor”


Thank you Luisa and Claudio for making this translation of this important message available in Spanish! Saludos Yo soy María, la Madre Universal, la Madre de la esperanza, la Madre del Cambio, la Madre de la constancia, la Madre del Amor. Hijo mío, … [Continue reading]

Universal Mother Mary – Come Ride the Wave! Right Now.


Greetings I am Mary – Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Love. Child, do you not believe I can create miracles? If this is your belief then it is time for it to be washed away – it is time for all the … [Continue reading]

St. Germaine speaks of the Ascension Portal…


When you encounter naysayers, take the torch that I have given you with the Violet Flame, take it and torch their hearts, torch their fields, that they may be liberated, that they may be freed, and then scoop them up and carry them through the … [Continue reading]

The Neptune Hoovers


God bless Steve Beckow for translating my morning walk into something truly worth sharing! Linda Dillon was walking her pet dog, Eliza, when she looked up and saw the mothership, the Neptune, on the horizon. She whipped out her iPhone and took a … [Continue reading]

Love Has No Second by Steve Beckow


Having said that certain natural things are metaphors pointing to the Divine or the process of realizing It, I now feel the need to say as well that certain Divine things seem to have no metaphors. … [Continue reading]