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Why are they so afraid to truly hear and see and discern and act in love, as love? It is always the same answer. It is because they are afraid. And it is important when you look at these groups or individuals that you heart listen to this fear. AHWAA, February 6, 2018 Linda Dillon, …


A beautiful channeled gem from the Mother…”Your ascended self, bright one, only lives in the 13th Octave. For all intents and purposes, is homebase.” It is important, sweet one, to pay attention. It is not adequate as your ascended self to simply be in the inspiration, to simply be in intention. After the stillness, in order …


Yes, I am daring you to join this next webinar, Conscious Creations with the Divine Mother with Linda Dillon, with the entire Council of Love…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle. Greetings dearest brothers and sisters! I am St. Germaine, holder of the Violet Flame, your companion during this journey of love and co-creation, your family and ally, …


Conversation after the Saturday conference call channeling.  Linda sharing how this new webinar will unfold… Linda: I know that there’s always more, but this Conscious Creating with the Divine Mother is the name of the new webinar series.  And it feels like the crown jewel in so much of what we have been doing and …

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