My role and your role, beloveds, in this unfoldment is to take the next step into Unity Consciousness. It is a ferociously courageous step and action to take!

Archangel Jophiel’s Spring Equinox 2024 Message ~ Stepping into Unity Consciousness

Greetings, I am Jophiel, Archangel of Unity, Archangel of One, Archangel of Amethyst, of Magenta, beloved brother of your heart, beloved brother of your soul, beloved brother of your journey, and I come this day not just to welcome you to this particular – and lovely – Spring Equinox.

It is the time of new beginnings, and it is the time of shedding the old in gratitude, in celebration, in admiration of the wonder, beloved ones, of who you are. The time of hiding is over. And there have been many reasons that you’ve stayed in the shadows at different times in your life.

Many have said, “Jophiel, why are you still standing to the side? Why have you not come more fully present and guided our way, our pathway?” because we have always all been present. But my role and your role, beloveds, in this unfoldment is to take the next step into Unity Consciousness. It is a ferociously courageous step and action to take!

Now, when I say this, I am not asking thee to set aside your delightful, beautiful personalities, the essence, the demonstration in this life and in this form of who you are. That is the gift not only to you, to us, but to All. I am not asking you to tone down who you are. I am asking you to express, to embrace who you are, who you have always, always, always been, regardless of what visage you took.

You are mighty! This channel has called us the Mighty Ones, but perhaps you would like to know… I tell you anyway… that we call you the Mighty Ones!

Can we join together in the unity of purpose, the unity of heart, the unity of soul, the unity of love, to be the Mighty Ones that quietly, joyfully, boisterously… and with great laughter and hilarity at times, and yes, sometimes tears and sorrow… as we unite as One, that we may call this the Mighty Ones?

We may be a legion of Michaels, a collective of Raphaels, or Gabrielles because she always wishes to speak for the entire Council and, of course, we always let her! In the sacred nature of your being lies and has always lain the truth – the truth of love, the truth of connection, the truth of who you are.

So many illusions. This is a wonderful planet that has thrived on illusion for so long. And what has that done but create separation, walls that separate, rather than circles or infinities that embrace and conjoin.

There is no more time, in your time and our time, in the Mother’s Infinite Ocean of Time. There is no more time for that. The Cities of Light beckon. The healing beckons. Your heart… your heart, and certainly ours if you think of it that way, beckons.

We yearn not only to be in unity with thee but for you to know the joy, the peace, the splendour of being in Sacred Union, of being the Love, because this is the fibre, this is the construct of who you really are.

So let me be clear as we begin this day. It is not about ever setting aside the beauty of who you are. It is embracing it and knowing that in your divinity, in your sovereignty, in your divine authority, in your divine neutrality, you are already and always have been the Love. So it is about introducing, expanding, embracing, experiencing, expressing, unreservedly, the truth of who you are and who you have always, always been.

You are the Bravehearts. You are the ones who have said, “I will go and we will change this paradigm. We will preserve what is sacred and beautiful, and we will allow that which does not serve to simply fade away.”

Look ahead, and as you gaze ahead, not only to see us, see your brilliant self, waiting, beckoning, inviting, hoping to be in this Union of One. There has been such a misconception on your planet about death, that that is when you get to be in union. That is absurd.

The Mother has created this planet as a place for her angels to play, not to live in desperation or confusion of any kind. So we drop the veils. And we drop the veils, not only because it is the Mother’s desire, but because it is yours.

So yes, I AM Archangel of Action! We all are, and that includes you, sweet angels!

So I welcome you, my brothers and sisters, heart-to-heart. I embrace you. And I love you.

I will step aside but not away.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 19 March 2024

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn