My promise to thee was, is, and always will be: If you can conceive it and it is of love, if it is in harmony and if it is of joy, then you can do it and I will help.

HEART CALL – March 2024

The Mother Speaks of Promises

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of One, Mother of All, Mother of your Sacred Self. Welcome! Welcome, my sweet angels in form. You are a rainbow of delight!

Long ago, we have said to you… long before politics coined the term… that you are the Rainbow Coalition, you are the fulfilment of the promise because you are the promise, and you take a unique and beautiful form, even you who have lived lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

This incarnation upon this beautiful planet is unique. It is your very essence of how you choose to express in this time and space spectrum, within my Infinite Ocean of Time and within my Multi-Omniverse, and there may be many who are complements to you, who look like you, who feel like you, but there is only one you, and you are sacred and you are precious.

And of course, that is why I have made my promises to thee – yes, of course, because I love you – but I also honour you, I also respect you, I also know you, the totality and this bright example of you. I did not say, “I am going to create a planet of pain.” I am not going to create a planet of servitude, of slavery, where you will do the job you promised to do for me! No. No! Those constructs have been some of the most dismal, unhealthy human creations of the old paradigm, and there simply is no room.

My promise was to support you, to remind you how to create as angels in form, to manifest the desires of your heart in everything from a pen to a miracle. It was: “Go and en-joy, yes, the harmony, the unity, the love!” The purpose of this ascension, of the planetary and galactic ascension, has been to come to a vibratory frequency – a deep, heartfelt, human acceptance – that you can live and be in the Unity of One, starting with the Unity of You, and with the Unity of All. That is the purpose!

Each of you has had many, many, many physical manifestations… as mountains and oceans, as a single pebble, as a leaf… and now as human. It is interesting that it is the humans, this false grid that created this system of belief that not only were you in the top rung of the hierarchy, but that somehow you had to work and work and work to earn your way back home.

Let me suggest unto thee, beloved ones, there are many misconceptions about death and abandoning the form you have but my home, my creation, is everywhere! You are home, and the truth of that, the unity, the sanctity, the joy of that… yes, the place you discover is within your heart… but it rests within every cell, every subatomic fibre of your being.

I did not just say, “Go out and do what you want or what you can and then I will judge you, the Father will judge you.” No! One of the most important aspects… that you are ready for, but was part of my design… was for you to live in heart consciousness, to speak from the totality of your heart-brain, and to receive that in so many ways. Not that it would make your head spin, but that you would dance with de-light… that you would be over the moon [chuckling] in joy!

If you could not conceive of, if it were not within your framework of reference that you can create and fulfil your sacred promise to you, and in that your sacred promise to All – and to each other, by the way; you are as connected as the petals on a rose – if you could not conceive of that, it would not be in your consciousness.

You would not say, “Oh Mother, please help me to create ‘x’,” because you think of it – and I use that in the broadest sense – because you feel it, because you know it, because you know it is possible. You may not know how but you know it is, and that is the promise.

If it was outside the scope of what is available to you, you simply would not have access to it. I would not create dreams that were unachievable and torture you that way! You are the precious… yes, I call you ‘children’… but you really are the precious offspring of my heart, of my being, and as such you are perfect.

You do not need to labour to become perfect. You need to step back and open and realise you are perfect, and you are beautiful, and you are loved – and since you drew your first breath in this human incarnation, you have been fulfilling your promise to me.

Oh, I have teased you, and certainly Gabrielle has talked a great deal about scenic detours. If you want to go sightseeing, all you have to do is ask! Go and see the delightful, beautiful, joyful places, people, things, experiences that you wish to have. Do not spend one moment looking over your shoulder. This is not the time.

Go forward and create with me. We have given you the formulas, the tools… you already have what you tend to think of as the power… you have the creative juices, you have the energy. It is in your fingertips, it is in your head, it is in your limbs.

My promise to thee was, is, and always will be: If you can conceive it and it is of love, if it is in harmony and if it is of joy, then you can do it and I will help. Let me serve you, as you, sweet angels, have always served me!

I am with you in every form. Go with my love and go, sweet angels, in the deepest peace and joy, in the unity that is your birthright.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 2 March 2024