What is Channeling

Channeling is probably the biggest blast you can ever experience. Uniting with the Divine – does it get any better?

Channeling is when you allow your unseen friends in the rafters, the Company of Heaven, your angels or spirit guides to speak through you. The Council of Love shares that it is the act of ultimate surrender because you literally step aside to make room for spirit, and simply trust that all is in Divine Order.

The sensation Linda experiences while channeling is of sitting next to herself watching a movie, hearing the conversation, receiving impressions and input. This additional information helps Linda in ensuring the person or group participating on the receiving end have the richest experience possible. Most impressions fade for Linda thereafter. The information and insights which are personal fade, the universal information is anchored within her.

As the vehicle for the Council, Linda channels the vibration of pure Love into the hearts of those who come to her. These individuals are always recognizable by the dramatic personal changes and transformations they are going through. Channelings are for the transmission of universal information, as well as to assist individuals to connect and work with their own personal guides. This work is complemented by a wide variety of channeled Council classes.

Linda channels Jesus Sananda, Universal Mother Mary, and Yahweh, as well as many of the Ascended Masters such as St. Germaine, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey, Lao Tzu, Qwan Yin, the Buddha and Maitreya, several saints and apostles, and the Archangels Gabrielle, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Jophiel.

While the energies and personalities of each being are unique, the vibration of Love, pure and simple, remains consistent. In addition to being a conscious and semi-trance channel, Linda is also a gifted teacher and uses the tools of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. When guided by the Council she channels healing energy transmission. Because she works with individuals worldwide, the work is conducted either virtually or by phone.

Channeling is not something to be done casually; it is a sacred act and gift and is always treated as such. The purpose of channeling is to receive guidance, insight and the tools of transformation. It is never used in a co-dependent manner or as a psychic hotline.