You are powerful and you are a holder of Truth – and Truth is the twin of Knowing – and these are the components of Wisdom, and these are the components of Universal Law.

HEART CALL – April 2024

Sanat Kumara & El Morya ~ Living According to Universal Law & Divine Will

Greetings, I AM Sanat Kumara, Universal Logos and Keeper of Universal Law. And yes, my beloved brothers and sisters, I come this day to embrace you, to welcome you, and to invite you into the realm of Wisdom, into the realm of Truth, into the realm of Grace, into the realm of One – not by leaving but by firmly, deeply, committedly being anchored in the presence of who you are, who you have always been, ever-growing, ever-expanding, within the Mother’s Infinite Expansion of One. You are not limited. You are magnificent!

You know, there are many who speak of how I have come from Venus, but not very often do they talk about the evolution of Venus, the Planet of Beauty, of Prosperity, and of Love, and how we emerged into that place, into that place of being, and into that place of practice.

That is what you are doing here on Terra Gaia. That is what each and every one of you is doing within the presence of your universe within your body, within your field, within your realm. You are powerful and you are a holder of Truth – and Truth is the twin of Knowing – and these are the components of Wisdom, and these are the components of Universal Law.

These are not man-made laws made up to try and constrain you, to control you, which most man-made laws are. Yes, there are some that are trying to prevent the chaos, so that you obey red lights and green lights. [Chuckling] But do you stop to think about the universal red lights, and the universal green lights, and the flashing amber which I am preferential to?

I wish to speak to you, I wish to conjoin with you in the Wisdom and Power of All, and of the Law: Above and Below, Within and Without.

Now I can confidently share with you that in what you think of as the “Above”, there is no war, there is no hatred, there is no greed, there is no avarice, there is no lust – but there is plenty of love, and there is plenty of laughter, and there is plenty of peace, and it is all yours, individually and collectively, for the taking. If there is anything we love to do, it is to share!

I will share a secret that you already know about Sharing. When you share – whether it is a piece of chocolate, a cup of coffee, or everything you have – when you share, it does not deplete you. You are not giving away half of you. What you are doing is actually multiplying. It never, ever, depletes you!

So when you share, you are actually expanding. You are showing the generosity, the beauty of who you are. Now, perhaps you think, for some anyway, that it is easy to share a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate, but how do you share the wisdom and truth of who you are? How do you anchor that within the very core of your being? How do you pull it up from the wellspring of Gaia? And how do you pull it down from the Heart of the Divine?

You simply say, “Pretty please!” You say, “I am open,” and you say, “How about now?” And you open and receive!

So many of the paradigms upon your planet have been based on the ‘virtue’ of struggle: “I have to struggle, I have to get through this, I have to win, I will accomplish.” And yet, what are we talking to you about these days but ‘willing surrender’. Surrender is not defeat. And we are not even requesting, asking, or suggesting that you are surrendering unto anything other than the unity and the beauty of who you are.

When you anchor this peace – the peace of Above – it will feed every atom of your being, your body, your mind, your emotional body, all of your bodies, your astral body; it will reach way past your Seal of Solomon and continue on. So let us begin with that.

Go within the depth of your heart, beloveds, and let me give you this Golden Sceptre that I am borrowing from El Morya and place it not only in your heart but in your hand so that you realise your authority, not to reign over but to bless, to share, and to go forward.

Now feel this and feel the merger of Above and Below within your sacred self. Breathe it. Breathe my golden light. Breathe the golden essence. Breathe the golden sun and embrace it to you.

Now there is further yet to go because you say to me, “Well, Raj, if there is no war above and there is war below, and I have just accepted and integrated the embrace of this peace within me, does this reflect into the outer world?”

Well, I wish, my beloved family – my family – to take you for a further step, and that is: As Within, So Without.

Now I ask you, I guide you, I take you into the deepest chambers of your soul, of your heart, of this being, including your sacred ego. Come with me. Come. Go to the inner chambers of your heart. Find your place, be it a cushion or a temple, because I need you to feel safe as we proceed. You cannot have this level of creation and outcomes if you do not feel secure. So come with me.

Now I ask you, as I stand with you, as we stand with you… I am on your right, El Morya is on your left, the Mother is in front of you, the Father is behind you, and you are surrounded by this mighty Council of Love… and there is no right or wrong in this undertaking, there is only Truth.

Now within these sacred chambers of your being, I want you to be observant, not judge and jury. There is no place for judgment in this. That is a human construct. Now within your sacred self, in your “Within”, is there war? Is there discord? Do not judge this. Be the ultimate observer. Is there a part of you that you have disdained? Rejected? Dare I say even hated? Has there been a habit?

And I take you further. Is there an opinion external to thee? Is there a person, a group, an undertaking, a war that you despise? That you have no tolerance and no desire to understand? Have you divided your world, this very small speck of the Universe into good guys and bad guys? Those who deserve, those who do not? Those who earn, those who are lazy? Do not judge. Observe. Do you desire to injure?

This is the deepest secret of your being. Would you simply choose to eliminate part of you or part of any other being just to be done with it? Deeper. If there is the slightest discord, hatred, war within thee, then of course it is sent out.

And you have done this collectively, individually, for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And you have said, “Yes, but SK, our very survival depended upon it.” I understand. And now the paradigm changes because you have already changed.

So we are bringing into alignment, we are bringing into harmony, all parts of your being. We are not ignoring the dusty, dirty corners, the dust bunnies, the grime, the dirt, the grease. We are embracing it. We are reassuring it. And we are expressing right now its worthiness, its deservingness, not to be disposed of but to be integrated – integrated into the beauty, into the harmony of One.

You are sacred. You are an expression of the Divine, the Mother/Father/One. Nothing, no part of you, deserves expulsion. When we say “willing surrender,” it eliminates conflict.

So I give you, we give you, the gentle Pink-White Light. You have seen those white fluffy clouds tinged with pink, and we have been working a great deal with this with all of you. We do not bombard you, for this is a gentle surrender. And you say to me, “Well, Raj, how could that still be within me?” It was hiding in a corner so that you could survive.

You deserve to thrive. You deserve to live according to Universal Law. You deserve to see the fruits of your labour. You deserve to live on Nova Earth. You deserve to wander the Cities of Light. You deserve to understand that you are One with the plants and animals, the clouds and the rain.

Now starting from the core of your heart, breathe in. I have already put it inside you, so continue to breathe the pinkish-white light. Yes, it is activating your Divine Pink Flame, cleaning it up, invigorating it. It is rapidly expanding out, not eliminating what you may, or may not, it matters not, have identified with me this day because it is done.

And now, invoking the Universal Law of Within and Without, identify where you have previously planted your White Pillars of Light, and go and join them right now.

Now see this pink-white light not only filling the column of you but emanating out across the plains, across the rubble, across the desert, across the detritus of war – and of course, embracing and touching Gaia and the animals, the dogs and the cats, the donkeys and the fish, but also embracing in a little cloud of pink-white light every person you meet.

You do not direct this. All you are doing is sharing – and the more you share, the more you give, the more you multiply. This is the Law of God and it is the Law of Love.

I ask you, my beloved family, to do this with me, to do this gently. There is no room for force or coercion. Otherwise, things would have changed a long time ago, right? And it would have only created more of the same.

You often invoke me, and you invoke Universal Law of this or that. Well, I invoke you! I invoke all of you, the totality of your being!

Let us together create Peace on Earth. Let us together come together as One.

There are so many waiting to join you. It is time for celebration! It is time for love! Let us proceed together as one family, as one heart, truly united in purpose.

Go with my love and go in the deepest, happiest, joyful peace.

I AM with you, and we are not just united, we are in Unity! We are in that alignment of All!

Farewell. Farewell.

*     *     *

I AM El Morya, and I come briefly to simply say, “Do not forget me!”

“Do not forget the power of Will!” Not the will to overcome others.

Divine Will is within you, it is part and parcel of you. Employ it as we go forth, yes, as my companion says, “as family.”

You are so loved. Just because I do not speak volumes daily does not mean I am not present!

I love you.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 6 April 2024

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn