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Mother Mary

Universal Mother Mary speaks to us about the incredible lost art of wishing, and our role as Light-holders. Wishing is part of intent, part of co-creation and the Mother invites us to wish from the deepest part of ourselves exactly what our heart desires.


In this Saturday conference call Mother Mary speaks to us about family – about soul family and what it means to be part of her family. A stirring invitation to join with family in co-creation NOW.


A powerful heart-touching message from Mother Mary to her angels of the dawn about the incredible power and importance of hope and mercy, compassion and forgiveness. I ask of you for the next several weeks to think every day, every single day, what do you hope for, what do you hope I will give you, …


Our beloved Mary speaks to our hearts of her gift of stewardship of Earth, of the promise of peace, and what is means to fly through the portal. Through the Portal is the Council of Love’s theme for 2006, and we are each invited to join with the Mother and fly. It changes everything. Now …


Greetings I am Mother Mary, Universal Mother, Mother Love, Mother of All. Welcome my beloved friends to my garden – to the garden of my heart and to the garden of my creation. I wish to speak to each one of you about my plan of unfoldment, for understand this particular plan of unfoldment for …


This is a combination of a mediation with Universal Mother Mary, an attunement to her gift of the Blue Diamond, and the corresponding channeling. “I am Mary, Universal Mother. I give you this gift of my blue diamond again this day. It is my gentle radiance with the power to fuel many universes. It will …


I am Mary, Mother of Hope and Mother of Change. I come this day to speak to you of gratitude. Be grateful, dear hearts, for the gifts that I have showered you with. Yes, even a mother likes to hear thank you now and then, as do all of us who work and co-create with …


Greetings, I am Maria of Guadalupe. Welcome my friends. Surely you did not think that you were through with me yet. Have you not noticed that I have extended my time of miracles into next year, into the next decade as well?


A lovely heartwarming message from Our Lady of Guadalupe reminding us of the importance of creating the sacred place within our homes to conduct prayer, meditation and ritual. A gift from the heart of Maria of Guadalupe of the ability to move amongst the people.


I am Maria of Guadalupe, sister of the desert where fertility reigns. I have come long ago, and I come yet again to help transform the Earth. I wish to speak this night of power, a word that is often avoided. It is the power of love, and it is the power of creation, and …