You are remembering that you are masters, that you came on this Earth as masters. Feel your power beautiful angels in form…this is what you are…Channeled by Tiziana P.

 Greetings my beloved children and welcome into this beautiful circle, this beautiful sacred circle. I am your Mother, the Universal Mother, I am Mare’, I am the Mother of All, I am the Mother of you, I am the Mother of hope, the Mother of change. And I came here with compassion, with understanding, I came here with gentleness.

Feel my hug, feel my blue cloak enfolding you. Breathe in my clarity…’s blue, transparent blue like the sea. It can be turquoise, it can be any shades of blue, they all represent me. Comfort is what you are asking, I will say all this circle. And to give comfort is one of the roles of the Mother, don’t you think?

Beloveds, as the channel was saying, yes, this exercise that I gave you holds much power and I am beginning to say, through other channels, that it’s more of a collaboration, a sacred partnership between us and you that are becoming masters…..or you are remembering that you are masters, that you came on this Earth as masters. And no, you don’t have to do it by yourselves, there is no need to struggle, there is no need to try harder and harder.

What I am asking you is to surrender, to surrender the resistance, the construction, the boxes where you have put yourselves in or the boxes that were put on you by your family, or culture, society and so on. Surrendering…it’s a bit like taking your clothes off, being totally naked. And really trust us, trust me that I am totally cleansing you and bringing to the surface, every moment, every night, constantly, through my Tsunami of Love, I am bringing everything up and out to the surface for you to look at it, to look at all that you have created or other people have created. But that does not matter, there is no difference, it is your work, it’s what you came here to do.

So to look at all these creations or issues with compassion, not with fear, and if fear comes….again, place it into this circle and let’s look at it, let’s love it together. Let’s enfold whatever you are feeling, whatever you are thinking, whatever you are experiencing and especially the people with whom you are experiencing challenges. They are part of your work; they are the ones to be loved, they are the ones that are totally lost. They are the ones that are crying for help and they are asking me and the Father for help most of the time.

But you are the masters that have your feet on the ground. You are My messengers, you are My hands, you are My love on Earth. Accept it dear ones, accept the fact that whatever you are experiencing it’s your job to let go of, to embrace, to accept, because if you keep pushing it away, it will not go away, it will grow. Invite all in this circle and again feel the light, the Golden Light of Yahweh showering down gently and powerfully. Feel it going through you, going through all that you want to release, all that you want to let go of, all the people that you feel are separated from you. But they are not, dear ones. They are part of you as much as we are part of you.

Feel Archangel Mi-ka-el again, enfolding and sending his blue light into you, into your challenges, into your emotions, into your land. And feel Archangel Raphael doing the same, and Archangel Uriel doing the same, and Archangel Jophiel doing the same.

And again, I place my blue cloak, my essence, over you all and another blue cloak underneath you all. Feel it, accept it, embrace it. Accept all of us as your brothers and sisters and yes, I am your Mother, yes, Yahweh is your Father, so accept us as part of you, as your best friends. Allow us to help you, to be in communion with you. See Saint Germaine enfolding you with his Violet Flame that is blazing up from underneath, or it may come down from above. See the Angels and Archangels that are surrounding this circle, feel your power dear children, feel your power. It’s not only our power that you are feeling right now, it’s your power too…it’s who you are, beautiful angels in form, this is what you are.

I know that the distractions can be many, but if you create this space around you and inside of you, inside your mind, inside your heart, you will feel the balance. And please, do not forget to call on Sanat Kumara and all Universal Laws – especially the Law of Elimination – so that anything that is not of your Divine Design can be eliminated and also call on the Law of Give and Receive, the Law of Balance…

Sometimes the fear, the expectations that you feel, the projections that you feel are coming from others are also coming from you. There is no difference….so, what’s the answer? The answer is LOVE always and forever. It was in the past, it is in the present, and will be in the future. Loving your projections, forgiving which is more or less the same energy as Love. Forgiving yourselves for projecting and forgiving the ones that are projecting to you. But always remember that if you project it comes back to you.

Many people don’t know this, but you do, you know this. You just forget and I am here to remind you. If you come into this circle we will remind you every time and you will never feel lost and lonely.

You are becoming more sensitive, you are all expanding. So, it’s important to take the time, even if it’s only for few minutes to ground yourselves into Gaia and the 13th Octave, to go into the Stillpoint and ask us to protect you. But what I am asking you is not to see others as enemies, they are just lost children of mine and I am asking you to take their hand and bring them into this circle, forgive them and send them love as only you can do. Each one of you can do it in your own unique way. You have so much to give dear ones, you have so much love to give to others and so much love to give to yourselves and to your inner child. Let your inner child become your baby. Give to your inner child all the love that he/she deserves.

You are balancing the masculine and feminine energies inside of you and you are also finding you power. You are again feeling that with our help you can transmute energies, you can transmute thought patterns and projections. The answer is always love and again you can bring anyone you desire into this circle.

Call on us as you did today and see any person that you have chosen in front of you. You will see them for who they truly are. You will see all of the issues,  the constructions, all the anger. The expectations that you feel with one another, sometimes due to your culture, again due to the way you were brought up, due to all the experiences that you had, it usually comes from the past.

But I can assure you and I ask you to trust me, to trust your Mother, I can assure you that together with the Tsunami of Love and with the help of all of us, everything can be transmuted, everything can be released. But it cannot be done with anger, it cannot be done with resentment, with unforgiveness…it doesn’t work that way. It can be done with love, forgiveness, compassion, grace, clarity and this is what I am giving you today and always.

We are holding hands dear ones…if you forget we’ll remind you. Dear ones, be open, open yourselves to your power, open yourselves to us, open and balance your chakras every day. Create a sacred circle around you, create a sacred circle around your house, around the room where you meditate. Create a circle, call on the archangels anywhere you go…in your car, where you do your shopping, when you are with your family, call on us. Ask for help, but remember that we cannot do it for you, but we can do it with you now.

I love you, I hold you, I cherish you. I am in love with all of you. Farewell my children, farewell.

By Permission.