Join the Universal Mother in the Heart of One for comfort, rest and rejuvenation.

Summer Solstice Webinar

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

So, relax, go into your heart, deeper, as I take us to the 13th Octave and if you know this mantra mudra by all means do it with me.

How you do this is by curving, not straight, curving, creating that rainbow bridge, curving your hands finger to finger. You are creating that electrical circuit so don’t be surprised if you feel a zap of the Porlana C as well. And we click our tongue, like playing clicky-clock horses while we were kids, four times…so I’ll walk you through it:

Click…feel the Apostle James or your favorite beloved guide come and take you by the hand and bring you to your sacred space, to your temple, whether it is a garden or a forest or a chapel, or the chapel of your heart, the temple of your heart. Go with him.

Click…on the second click you are in your sacred space and your circle of 13 masters, guides, guardian angels, ascended ones is gathered. Look around and feel the love that’s being sent to you, feel the love that Yeshua, the Magdalena, and all are sending to you.

Click…you come out of your temple and you are at the foot of a golden spiral and you are going up, enfolded in Archangel Gabrielle’s wings…up the golden spiral and she is unfurling her wings. And on the third click we are being placed within the unified heart of the Mother/Father/One.

Click…now we make a fourth click to also anchor all that energy, all that love, deep in the heart of Gaia to keep us firmly in form as we come together to create Nova Earth. Click…good.

Feel yourself going to the ocean and it matters not whether it is the Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean or the Mediterranean or my favorite, the Atlantic. Go to your ocean and feel yourself as you’re traveling on the waves of blue to get down to your favorite ocean.

Take a nice deep breath of the Mother’s gift of Clarity, that beautiful aquamarine, blue topaz, larimar. Breathe in and feed yourself that beautiful gift of Clarity. And take a second breath and breathe in the energy of Purity, that pure luminousa white, sparkling and beautiful. And feel these energies paired with Grace, that beautiful gentle pinkish-white gold. And feel these fluttering and anchoring and igniting and making your tri-flame more robust…the Blue Diamond of the Mother and the Gold Diamond of the Father and your beautiful, beautiful Pink Diamond.

Channeled by Linda Dillon