The Divine Mother invites us to come and feast at her table and accept her beautiful gift of the blue diamond, her essence that is flooding everyone with the Tsunami of Love.

Saturday Conference Call


So we begin today embracing, engaging, working with, the blue diamond of our Mother, of the Divine Mother.  And the Blue Diamond is the essence of Universal Mother Mary; it is the energy of who she is.  And that’s important for us to understand, because the Blue Diamond is also part of our tri-flame and part of who we are.

So relax, take a nice deep breath of blue.  Any shade of blue you can imagine, from turquoise and aquamarine to blue topaz, to sapphire, to indigo, to tanzanite.  Start breathing the blue.  And bring down your shoulders and relax wherever you are.  Whether you’re sitting in a chair or lying on your bed – just relax.  And let go of the day, of the week.  Let go of your to-do list.  Just take this time to simply be, the beauty and the truth and the peace and the power and the might of who you really are.

Sink into your being.  And it doesn’t matter whether you travel on the pink or magenta or emerald or grayelsha ray, just keep breathing the blue. And I want you to visualize your tri-flame, to feel your tri-flame in the seat of your soul, the bottom of your heart burning brightly.  The beautiful canary yellow diamond of our sacred father, of the divine masculine, and the vibrant pink diamond, with the seed of Uriel’s silver embedded within it in the center.  This is core of who we are, the brilliance of who we are.  And then, of course, on the other side is the blue diamond of the Mother, of the Divine feminine.

So feel that tri-flame burning brightly and in a balanced way.  And know, even as you balance, that you can never get too much of the Mother.  Put your palms up; rest them on your knees or your chest or your tummy.  And in the one hand feel, see, sense, know that you are carrying a beautiful pristine, clear quartz.  It’s one of those beautiful crystals that’s all sparkly as if it’s been filled with star drops and rainbows.  And in your other hand, feel the blue stone of our beloved Mother.  And for some of you it may be aquamarine or blue topaz or rich, deep sapphire, or lapis – that sacred stone of blue lapis lazuli – or even a deeper blue of the midnight sky of tanzanite.

Feel the weight and the presence of both of these stones in the palms of your hands.  These are gifts directly from the heart of our Mother.  And feel, or see, or sense, or know that Mother Mary, again your version of our sacred Mother, is standing directly in front of you.  And you look deep into her eyes, and you see the love, the kindness, the nurturing, the comfort in her eyes gazing right back at you.

And she is placing her hands underneath your upturned palms.  Feel it.  And she is gently, as only the Mother can, bringing your palms together, cupping them, one to another with her palms out.  And she is merging her beautiful blue stone with a clear quartz crystal.  She’s blowing into your hands.  And she is transubstantiating these two stones, filling it and making it her blue diamond – the very essence of who she is – the very essence of love.  Feel the tingling in your cupped hands.

And she is guiding your hands again, opening them up ever so gently, still cupped, and bringing them directly into your heart and your heart chakra.  Right now, open and receive.  Feel the brilliance of this beautiful, sparkly, radiant, shining, blue diamond coming down, like a sparkle of teardrops or a star shower over your tri-flame – filling your beautiful emerald heart – so that your tri-flame is enlivened and expanded with this additional gift of the blue diamond.  Let it in.

The Mother is reaching out with her forefinger and reactivating your fifth eye, your tanzanite eye, right at the base of your hairline and the top of your forehead.  Feel it, do it to yourself.  This is yet another gift from our Mother.  And our fifth eye, wide open – camera lens – bring it open.  The purpose of our fifth eye, of this gift, is for us to be able to see with the eyes of the Mother, with her knowing, and her gentleness and her wisdom – with the gift of wisdom vision.

And let it be.  And again, look deeply into the eyes of our Mother and with all the Love you have – thank her, just thank her.


Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary.  Yes, I know I am making my appearances to you regularly now because I bring you this renewed gift, this gentle, subtle, obvious massive gift of my Blue Diamond.  It is the time yet again of the resurgence, of my Tsunami of Love – yes, within the brackets of your experience and what you think of as time.  And this resurgence is done in tandem – yes to the Porlana C, to the Tsunami of One, and to my original Tsunami.

But, sweet angels of Light, what do you think those waves of energy are comprised of?  They’re comprised of my energy, my essence.  And that is the blue diamond.  And it matters not whether you sit by a placid pond or a bubbling brook, or the depth of the mighty ocean.  I not only cleanse you, I reinvigorate you, I fill you, I breathe you in and out, and I fill you with my essence of blue diamond, with my essence of love, with my essence.

When I say to you repeatedly that I have birthed you, that I am your sacred Mother and I am your Mom,  I am all things and my essence is everywhere.  But I bring this to you, for you to claim and re-claim and incorporate and reincorporate, by your Divine Authority, by your freedom of choice, that you wish to be part of me as deeply and as profoundly as I wish to be part of you.

Sweet Angels, it is not an illusion that we are of the same energy.  It is not something that needs to be made up or manufactured.  It is the truth of who I am, and it is the very truth of who you are.

Now the choice and the assumption of authority is yours.  And so you can ask for second, third, fourth, fifth helpings, and I will do so.  I will feed you, I will fill you, I will restore you.  And it is my joy.

Do you know how it makes my heart sing, how it gladdens not only my being, but the entire omniverse when you turn to me and you say, “Mother please, I desire and I choose more.  I choose and I claim to be the full embodiment as your sons and daughters.” It is not a petition in the sense of humbling yourself.  And I mean that not in the sacred sense of the Divine quality.  I mean of lowering yourself and begging.  I do not want that.  And, sweet angels of light, you don’t want it either.

So when you say, “Mother, I will have a second, third, fourth, fifth helping,” you say it with exuberance, saying “This is so delightful, so delicious, so wonderful – I can’t get enough.”  And that is the truth.  It is the infinite flow of our creation and your creation and our conjoined creation. It is the anchoring, yet again, on a deeper, higher, broader level of what truly heaven on earth means, what angels in form means.

My sacred children, my beloved family, take however much you want, there is plenty, there is infinite supply.  So there is no need for meager portions or any sense of unworthiness.  Come and feast at my table.  All is prepared.

Go with my love, my sweet ones.  I love you.  Farewell.