The Magdalena and Universal Mother Mary came to me today to share a method of healing my/our emotions. Channeled by Tiziana P. (Part 1)

Greetings my sister, my companion, my friend. I am the Magdalena and yes, I come here as a sister, I come here in companionship, I come here to reassure you, not only of our love for you, but how you feel love, not only for us but for humanity. You are asking for help, for guidance and here we are, all together holding hands around you, but also in you and with you. And today I am holding hands with my beloved Jesus and we take your hands, forming this beautiful trinity of love of brotherhood and sisterhood. It is us speaking to you.

There are not thoughts in your mind at the moment and this is one of the reasons why you want to channel every day, to have a break from your thoughts. And we agree with you, so that you will have the imprints of me, the Magdalena, and the imprints of Jesus in you. And now, Archangel Gabriel is showering down, through your crown [chakra], her beautiful bubbles of joy, laughter and giggles. You want some playfulness in your life and you deserve it.

The Mother is standing tall sending her light, her love, her compassion. She is giving you her hope, she is giving you her strength, her understanding, her clarity. And you may be surprised, we are here also to congratulate ourselves with you, because you are expanding and you can tell, for the channeling, that it’s becoming more powerful. You are able to hold our energy for longer periods of time. You are surrendering and you surrender to us. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to channel my dear friend, my dear sister.

As the Mother told you, all these emotions are here to be healed, to be accepted and to be loved. We can do this together and we want you, we ask you, to do this [meditation] now, while you are channeling, to feel more protected, to feel our support more.

Shall we start with placing judgment in the circle and see judgment detaching from your body. See it in front of you, and this time, let’s place a baby’s face on judgment, a smile, a face that giggles.

Then we carry on with sadness, grief. Let’s make these two the same energy and then again we place a baby’s face, a beautiful baby that is giggling in joy.  Can we have a conversation while you are channeling? Yes, we can and we do.

Let’s carry on with anger, see it detach from you, from your body, your cells and place another baby’s face on it. Yes, the babies can be from different cultures and races, if you prefer. We can place all your addictions, we can bring self-pity and laziness, unforgiveness. It does not matter if you lose track of the energies, it doesn’t matter, they are there, trust me.

We carry on with fear. Oh, that is a heavy one isn’t it?  Let’s put an angel’s face with curly, brown or golden hair and blue eyes on fear. Just relax, go deeper into your heart. Let’s place unworthiness in the circle with a baby’s face. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see clearly, it’s happening. Shall we place guilt with a baby’s face in the circle? Shall we place victimhood with a baby’s face in the circle? Shall we place worry with a baby’s face? Self-judgment, again with a baby’s face?

They are all detaching from you, from your mind, your body, your cells and they are not your enemies either, dear sister, they want to be loved, they want to be accepted as your creations, they want to be freed.

A second later I saw, with my inner vision, the Mother touching the Magdalena. (T.P.)

Greeting my beloved child, I am your Mother, the Universal Mother. Today we wanted to come to you in partnership, to show you the power that you all hold, and the power that we hold altogether, holding hands. If you feel an emotion during your everyday life that we didn’t mention today, write it down. If you recognize it it’s an amazing thing because it means that you are aware. If you name your emotions, you are recognizing their presence in you.

Now, we ask and we pray Archangel Mikael to cut the cords between you and these emotions. The cords are in your heart. in your solar plexus, in your throat, but also in you third, fourth and fifth eye. Yes, Archangel Mikael can do this for all of you. Now, can you see how frightened these energies are? Like children that they have been taken away from their mother, because they cannot feed on your energy anymore.

We are going to get a bit closer to you forming a sphere, a circle just around your aura. Then you say, “I thank you, I am sorry, I forgive you, I love you,” And when you say, “I release you” a huge tube of light is created from this circle up to the heart of One, Father/Mother/God. And you see them, you bow to them, you say, “Sorry” and you love them. Together with us, you love your emotions free and you see them go one by one, the smiley faces of the children are going up [they are also thanking you] and it becomes a river that goes up into the heart of One.

They are also going home to be transmuted. Let it all go, keep sending love. Open yourself, they are your children and they are gone, they are released. If they will come back, it means that you gave a little too much power to them, but you only need to do this meditation again and again, until they are gone, until you are free.

But now, my dear children, now that they have been transmuted open yourself to receive joy, to receive grace to receive love, abundance in any form, to receive clarity, to receive laughter, playfulness, understanding, compassion. And let it all come down through your crown chakra, infusing you, your brain, again your cells, the tissue, the blood, the bones, the organs, the muscles, the chakras, your hips, the legs. Down through your legs, through your feet, through your root chakra through the layers of the Earth and down into the heart of Gaia and all her children.  You are opening all your chakras, you are willing all your chakras to open, to spin, to expand, to balance. Your chakras are connected to the 13th Octave and your chakras are connected to Terra Gaia.

Now, this is cooperation my dear child, not doing it by yourself, this is cooperation, you did your bit, your part and we did also. This is what we mean, we don’t intend to leave you, we cannot, we are part of you like your legs, your hands. I will give you ideas on how to connect with people, to connect with your community and there is not need to rush. We are giving you stamina, we are giving you enthusiasm and strength and fortitude right now and joy, yes infinite joy.

We are infusing you, each one of us, with our light. Your job is to open to receive and to send all this light throughout [from your heart to humanity] and down, so that you can reach our beautiful Terra Gaia. We are infusing especially your mind, your physical brain, we are infusing your aura, all the layers. We are infusing your eyes and we suggest that you open your eyes. Saint Germaine is taking away the resistance with the Violet Flame that is blazing up from underneath your feet, strongly, powerfully. And the flame is becoming wider and wider, brighter and brighter, taller and more powerful and there is white, yes, on the edges of the flame.

We can repeat this meditation every day and we suggest to you that you do it every day so that you will feel us penetrating you even physically.

Tiziana: Thank you Mother.

UMM: You are welcome. And if you open your eyes you will still be able to channel. You are able to channel Me even when you have your eyes open. You are focused, but there is not need to hurry with these things. Archangel Raphael is helping you with your body, your mind, your emotions, we all are.

And also, I will guide you and if you do this meditation every day you will be much more focused. If you cannot do it in the morning you can do it in the afternoon and if you get tired you can rest a little. We will be cuddling around you. I’ve asked you do try to channel by yourself today and you have answered my call…. and I thank you. If we give you all these imprints every day, the release will be easier, quicker and you will feel our presence more.

I will be here, I am always here, I am your Mother, where else could I be? I Love you, I enfold you in my cloak of blue and we are all going to be in your heart.

Farewell my dear one, I love you, farewell.

Tiziana: Farewell Mother, thank you.

By Permission.