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Saturday Conference Calls

On our Saturday conference call Archangel Michael praised us…”Credit yourself for your valor, for your persistence, for your endurance. You are knocking at the door to each other’s hearts, you are knocking at the door to ascension and you are demanding to be let in…”


Archangel Gabrielle joined us for the Saturday conference call of August 20, 2016. Our beloved Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth leads us through a mediation reminding us of her gift of Golden Rain of Joy. She guides us in a meditation to bring her beautiful soft golden rain to the wildfires of California to …


Today on our Saturday conference call, St. Germaine came in and reminded us…”you have never relinquished that dream…that tyranny would be quashed, that greed and lust and abuse of power would be eliminated, and that all would walk in the sunlight and the moonlight of freedom.”   Greetings, I am St. Germaine. I am St. …


Think of mercy in this way: it is compassion + forgiveness + love. Mercy has the same magnitude as overwhelm. It only becomes the fullness of its quality when it is extended, when it is put into the flow. Give to yourself my tender mercy. Let me comfort you that you may comfort others. This …


Join our free webinar June 20th – be initiated into the 13th Octave. This gift, beyond measure and time, was given freely from the heart of One to you. I am holding out my arms and inviting you…come home and play with us…


On our Saturday Conference Call Jesus gifted us with Passion: “I ask each of you to allow this either re-ignition or deeper ignition of passion, not only for the unfoldment but for yourself, not only what you think of as your divinity, but every fiber of your being.”


Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of all, Mother of change, Mother of stability, Mother of the unchangeable wish – which is my plan – and the restoration of love upon this beloved planet.


On our Saturday Conference Call, Jesus said: “The fundamental element in this year of extraordinary change is the change and the expansion of heart consciousness, of awareness, of the acceptance of surrender of your interdimensional, multidimensional selves.”


I have explained about the concept and the reality of the fluidity of time, that this experience of time, bracketed by infinity and eternity, is the experience of being alive. There is a freedom that you have not known before, of movement, in this spectrum, in this bracket that you think of as time. And …


On our Saturday Conference Call Jesus cautioned us “Do not be distracted! Bring to all actions, within and without, the full attention, the knowing and the presence of your mighty self because you are the Mother’s agents of change. The entire purpose of your being, in the collective sense, is for you to know and …