So this is my invitation to you: to be the love, to be that brilliant star, to be as bright as the Great Central Sun in the brilliance of who you are – and in that brilliance, with discernment but never judgement, to embrace this planet, this collective, and be the agent of change, of transformation, of beauty.

The Mother’s Invitation to Embracing Sacred Love

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Maré, I am Mother, I am Mother of One, I am Mother of All. And yes, you have known me by many names – and sweet angels of light, ambassadors of love, I answer to them all, for each of you, beloveds, have also been known by many, many names.

So often you say unto me, “Mother, what is my name?” and usually I answer by addressing you by your angelic name because that is what you really want to know. But sweet angels of light, you are known far and wide, inside and outside of time, by many, many names. Your adventures have been numerous and, yes, some of them have involved scenic detours from which you have grown and learned and expanded, and more closely aligned with the truth of who you are.

So yes, I come this day to speak to you about Sacred Love. You might as well call it Sacred Change, Sacred Trust, Sacred Hope, Sacred Joy, Sacred Self, Sacred Union – the list goes on and on. And you could take the Blessings and Virtues that have been gifted to you so long ago, and every single day since, and interchange those terms with what I am speaking of and what we are bringing forth.

Many, many years ago in this incarnation, I have brought you the gift, I have given you, I have bestowed upon you the gift of my Blue Diamond, and you have politely said “thank you” and you have utilised it as a tool, particularly for healing, for repair. But you have never fully embraced and comprehended that as I have filled you, as I fill you right now with my Blue Diamond, I am not just giving you my name! I am giving you, conjoining with you… I am giving you my Essence.

I am uniting not merely with your heart, which of course is the start, the middle and the finishing point, but I am giving it, I am infusing it into each and every cell, every fibre, every subatomic piece of you. Not to override you, not even but certainly for you to know me, not just to experience or express me or to feel my expression. But that you would know, that you would BE the Love, the Divine Feminine, the Essence of my Centre and, let me be clear, my Creative Force.

This has been an essential part of your Ascension, and dearest child, no more denial! Do not continue to pray hour after hour, day after day: “Dear Mother, allow me to ascend, help me to ascend, help me to become.” I have also given you my mirror and I would like you, I invite you, I beg you: look in it and see, with awe and wonder, the truth of your Ascended Self. You are not the same being – and I use that term in the biggest sense of the word – you are not the same being you were a year ago, and certainly not a decade ago or the day you were born.

You have come to this life not only to experience expansion and ascension but to be it. And you are! And that is why I am speaking to you about embracing… Embracing Sacred Love*… not just a partner, a husband, a wife, a child, a friend, but you and All. So often, we have said to you that we do not operate, we do not conceive, in hierarchies. In the history and the devolution of the human collective, you have come to embrace, as the dearest fool’s gold, hierarchies and you think you can ascend to a level and a level and a level. No!

That is why I speak to you of embracing and not merely yourself, for yes, that is a starting point. You cannot proceed if you are not in the love and the love with yourself, with your sacred universal being, warts and all! Because, sweet one, what you find that you want to hide and you have hidden so well, we know and we cherish, we honour, we adore, we embrace.

And yes, it is most certainly the time for you, as pathfinders and wayshowers, to show this Planet of Love how to be love – how to be the love, how to express the love, and how to know the love. But I am asking, inviting, extending myself into you – not just offering to embrace you but once again to embrace me. But that is, again, just a beginning.

All the Kingdoms… so you are to love as Gaia loves, and you are to love Gaia. Gaia does not say, “I love the mountains more than the hills,” or “I love the ocean; I prefer the streams; flowers come and go.” No! I wish you to know the Kingdoms that Gaia and I have created. “Oh,” you say, “I love a sunset,” but do you know the sunset? Have you embraced the sunset into your very being? “Oh, I love the fairies,” but are you talking to them? And sweet angels of light, are you listening to them?

You have literally begun the Cities of Light decades ago. Are you living there? Are you creating there? Are you the love of your Wingmaker Self?

So many of you, rightly so, love and cherish your Star Family and your Star Self. In so many ways, it is because you leave this world behind. You have not been loving each other: yes, the recalcitrants, the saints, the martyrs, the quiet ones, the boisterous ones. You have not been loving yourself as human, and each other, the way you love your Star Family.

It is a very curious phenomenon because they have come here because they are madly in love with you, with the planet, with the diversity and the beauty of Gaia and this Galaxy! They have travelled and they have held Gaia in this bubble of pink, and are doing so again, by the way, after a hiatus of 50 years because that is how vulnerable she is at this time. And what will heal? It is to be the love.

As you conjoin in Sacred Union with me, with the Father, my beloved family of the Council, you do so with each other. Dearest hearts, you did not come to live a life of yearning. The yearning is simply a guidepost, yes, sweet angels, to more – to the more of who I am and the more of who you are.

So this is my invitation to you: to be the love, to be that brilliant star, to be as bright as the Great Central Sun in the brilliance of who you are – and in that brilliance, with discernment but never judgement, to embrace this planet, this collective, and be the agent of change, of transformation, of beauty.

So I give you again my Essence of Blue Diamond, and I bring you the Essence of the Gold Diamond of the Father – not merely to spiral around you, but to unite in the depths of your being with every fibre.

And do you understand, daughters and sons of my heart, that as we do this, you join in union with me as well? So whether you are magenta or green, silver or copper, rainbow or crystal, you are coming to me, you are embracing me. It is what we have waited for.

So not only go with my love, BE the love, and go in the deepest peace as we travel into the height of the wave, into my New Time.


Channelled by Linda Dillon

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