You are the handmaidens of manifestation; you are the bringers of the new; you are the imagination of God in form, on planet. Can you imagine? Hear what I say to thee!

Archangel Gabrielle ~ What Does Love Do?

Greetings, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger, Spokesbeing for this entire Council, and beloved friends, sisters, brothers, hybrids, earthkeepers, Star Beings, all Angelics, we welcome you. We welcome you on behalf of All and on behalf of One.

And yes, I am honoured to come to you – yes, to gift you – but also to speak to you about our Day of Love [Saint Valentine’s Day], about our day of celebration – yes, a unique day in your calendar, regardless, it seems, of what calendar, what dimension, what reality, what timeline you occupy!

It is curious, is it not, that it is but a day… so, in the Mother’s new expanded timeline, we expand this not only to a week, to a month, or to a season but to the year and to your life – and to the life of this planet, our beautiful Gi’Anna, Gaia, who so tenderly expresses her love, her vigilance, her endurance every single day.

But I do not come to speak of these things. I come to speak to you, yes, about love, and more specifically – for I AM the rather outspoken Archangel! – about “What does love do?” What does it do?

Now, the Mother and many of us have told you repeatedly that you are angels in form, and that how you know love upon this planet is through expression and experience. And that is very interesting and lovely, but what does it do? What does it do for you? What does it do for others? Yes, you can say, “Oh, but I feel the love.” Well, child, I would expect you would!

Love creates mountains, climbs them, slides down. Love builds bridges. Sometimes love even erects fences – no, not to exclude or to keep people out, but to define your sacred boundaries so that others know how to interact with you, that they know the definition of your sacred space, and they know how you extend that and include and exclude certain things. No, not people; certainly experiences or behaviours that are not reflective and do not incorporate love.

Now, the Mother has repeatedly said to you that if it does not feel like love, then you do not proceed. I would suggest unto thee that all of you tend to know a tiny fraction of what love feels like. And if there is an expansion – which there is and it is being experienced – it is an expansion of your wisdom and knowing, divine knowing, and incorporation of love.

And still you say, “But what does that mean? What does the totality of all, what does wholeness really feel like? Yes, there are days when I feel I am totally whole, and then there are days when I feel not so much so.” Well, child, that is a human experience, but your human experience is to expand and expand and expand, not to contract, other than to breathe in so that you can expand some more!

But what does love do?

Love is action in form. Love is proactive. It extends. It reaches out. And sometimes, yes, child, it even steps back and observes so that it knows, in its infinite wisdom, that even to extend sometimes means to step back and stay quiet. But what love does is it acts. It does not sit, it cannot sit, simply on the sidelines. That is not you who are the pathfinders and wayshowers, the builders, the creators, the co-creators of Nova Earth and the transformation of this galaxy and far from. It acts! And it acts in clear and concise and kind and compassionate ways. It does not sit idly by.

You know, sometimes you have said unto us, “How have things changed?” From our perspective, things have changed mightily, but let us say the development of our partnership has been one of the most significant shifts in the history of this planet and far beyond. For many, many years, thousands, eons, you said, “Do this for me,” and we did because you had devolved collectively to a place where you needed that level of assistance. That is over!

And now we are in the blossoming, the expansion, of this sacred partnership with you who are our beloveds. And so we do with you, hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart, as we create and co-create. And you are the handmaidens of manifestation; you are the bringers of the new; you are the imagination of God in form, on planet. Can you imagine? Hear what I say to thee!

Now, what does the inspiration and the imagination of God in form do? It acts! It creates! It manifests! And it expresses kindly, sweetly! Sometimes, you know, I can be very strong… [but] when I say “kind”, I do not mean that you are wishy-washy and simply telling folks what they want to hear!

Love does not do brutality. Love does not do violence. Love does not do judgement or criticism. It is one thing to give creative feedback and quite another to tear another being to shreds, let alone to suggest that perhaps you should just take care of them and have them leave the planet. This expansion is not about anyone leaving. If they choose to, yes, of course, they are always welcome home, but that is their singular authority decision, no one else’s.

So what does love do? It embraces! It embraces, yes, with grand discernment and deep knowing. When you position yourself in action in your knowing, it is not about convincing anybody of your particular perspective, religion, political or social, it matters not. Of course, you proffer and you heart-share all your information, your perspective, and you share how your perspective has morphed and grown over time to show that there is an evolutionary pattern underway – and in fact, it is quite revolutionary!

And then you allow those with extremely different perspectives to see the light that you are sharing – the love that you are sharing – without condition because that is how a planet of love operates. It is the celebration of the unique beauty, the beauty of creation, of each being that has been birthed into form, and it does not matter whether it is a honeysuckle or Star Brethren. It does not matter whether it is a neighbour, a friend, or someone you have never met. You celebrate the love – and that means celebrating each other!

And when I suggest unto thee to celebrate other people, that does not mean to the exclusion of your beautiful self because, unless you are becoming a mirror of one another, it does not work, child.

So I am here with you, next to you, sharing my golden bubbles of joy and inviting you, sweet Angels of Light, all of you, to celebrate love – yes, of course, on Saint Valentine’s Day – but particularly every day! Because, sweet angels, that is what is needed for this transformation, for the completion of this anchoring of Nova Being, your Nova Angelic Self.

And so, if there is any question or query, if there is any hesitation, take your spotlight – I give you a Golden Beam – and shine it brightly! And I will shine it with and for you so that you will see, and know, and embrace not only the magnificence of who you are but the love that you are and that you have always been.

Go in celebration and go with our love. Farewell.