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On our Saturday conference call, Mother Mary asked for our help…”And when I ask you to transmit this (her essence of Blue Diamond) to the collective, see that you are not sending it just from your own being, but with me you are standing well above the planet. You are peeling back the sky for …


I came to tell you and to engage you with my Love and also to share with you from our prospective what will be the themes and necessary for this upcoming year, which is momentous.


…while I wish always to hold you and nurture you and protect you, my greater desire is for you to stand in your freedom and in your expression, your divinity, and to share that with your collective. That is the fulfillment of your journey, of your promise…


You do not just help Yesha with the fulfillment of his promise long ago; you assist me in the fulfillment of mine.


…the choices of creation are yours. The embodiment of energy into form is the next adventure. And the embodiment of Love into form, it is the fulfillment of my plan, and dear hearts, it is the fulfillment of your plan. It is the only reason you have reincarnated at this time.


My request to you is to continue and to build more Cities of Light. These are the places the interdimensional anchorings have already taken place. These are the places that with you form the foundation and hold the energy for Gaia and for the Universe for this shift to take place…


“Feel the deep joy of being alive, being alive at this time, being alive on Gaia, and being alive as my beautiful agents and angels of change”


These are the messages of Mother Mary and Gaia on Healing Japan and Terra Gaia.


Universal Mother Mary speaks of co-creation and the power of creation and answers our questions of long ago. “Mother, how will I know when it is done? How will I know when I can set it aside and I have done everything?” And I said to you, ‘Dear hearts, stop before the point of exhaustion’….Part …


The gift of the pink diamond of the complete anchoring of our unique wholeness has been bestowed upon us by Universal Mother Mary beginning Dec. 4, 2009.