WaveTonight on Lauren Galey’s radio show Healing Conversations Universal Mother Mary came through to invite us all to embrace the Tsunami of Love, receive the activation, the attunement that assists us in remembering our divinity, our wholeness, and our truth.

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, Mother of love, Mother of sweet angels, humans, Earth-keepers, starseeds, Mother of each of thee. And welcome, welcome my beloved ones to this Tsunami of Love, to my gift, my gift of penetration, my gift of healing, my gift of elevation.

Sweet angels, it is time for you to know, to embrace, to engender the fullness of your being, the delight, the magnificence, the innocence and the wonder and the power, the will, the truth of who you are. You have never been ‘less than’ and yes, have the illusions that humanity has tended to and cherished and nurtured, have those illusions fostered the idea that you, my beloved ones, are not absolutely divine, that you do not carry my light within thee? Yes, they have but that time of darkness, that time of blindness comes to an end. And it does not come to an end, my beloved ones, ten years hence or one year hence, it comes to a halt right now.

And you say to me, “Mother, how does that occur?” It occurs, my sweet angels, by your decision, your choice, your will, your heart, to choose love. It is the essence, the core, the fibers, the subatomic material of who you are. It has never been altered. It has never been changed. Has it been forgotten, ignored? Yes, but not now. It is the time of the unfoldment of my plan and each of your plans within that plan.

Never do we override your free will, but let me suggest to you that when you are immersed in my love that the only choice that you will want to make is alignment with love, to be the expression of love, to yourself, to each other, to your community, to our beloved Gaia.

What does this mean? What it means in very practical human terms, as you ascend, in form, as angels, as starseed, as Earth-keepers, as way-showers, what it means dear heart is that your society, the choices that your societies, your cultures, your collective makes are choices that are based out of kindness, consideration, charity, humility, generosity, abundance, and love. It means that you are abandoning the old and it is time for that to occur. And it is not merely time in what you would think of as our time, which is inside and outside of time, but your time and we are in that divine alignment.

Come, come in your bed, in your chair, as you walk, as you fly, come and receive my gift of this tsunami every single day and know the love, my love that anchors within thee. Receive the activation, the attunement that assists thee in remembering your divinity, your wholeness, your truth.

Go with my love and go, my beloved ones, in waves of blue. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon