On our Saturday conference call Universal Mother beckoned us to stand still, to ground deep within the heart of Gaia and to allow her Tsunami of Love to cleanse us, to penetrate us and yes, to lift us up to the highest point of the waves and far beyond.

So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of blue, the blue of the Atlantic, the blue of the Pacific, the blue of the Indian Ocean, the blue of the Arizona Sedona sky, the midnight blue and the Blue Diamond, the Blue Diamond of our beloved Mother.

Greetings I am Mary. Universal Mother, Mother of love, Mother of change, Mother of constancy and Mother of all. And yes as I have begun to share with my beloved channel, I am the new voice, I am the ancient voice, I am the sound of creation, I am the sound of love and that, sweet angels is why I speak, that you may hear, not merely the sound of my love but the sound of all love. And in that, the sound of your love, of your magnificence and yes I have beckoned you to the shores, to the mountains, to the valleys, to the cities, to the quiet places. I have beckoned you to stand still, to ground deep within the heart of Gaia and to allow my Tsunami of Love to cleanse you, to penetrate you and yes, to lift you to the highest point of the waves and far beyond.

Beloved ones, turn around and face me. Look at me for I am standing directly in front of you. Look at me and declare yourself. I do not need, require or ask, for you to declare the tsunami or my power of creation, my power to bring forth miracles. That is my purview, that is my joy.

So, what I ask of thee, what I beseech thee, what I implore you to do is that you join me. This is not merely my cleansing and penetrating you with my love; this is me lifting you up and joining with you not just in memory but in totality, in fullness, reawakening, reactivating the fullness of your divinity, of your blessed sweetness. When I use the term of your blessed sweetness, I speak of your unique grace, of your soul design, of your ray, your colour, of your mission, of your purpose, of everything that your are, the simplicity and the grandeur of your sacred being. There is nothing saccharin or artificial about sweetness, my love. It is the truth of who you are.

Too often my children have hesitated to fully show their sweetness, thinking or believing that they will be treated as less than, as false, as a pushover as lacking in power. The ability to anchor in sweetness and grace is a declaration of the knowing and the fullness, the complete acceptance of who you are, your power and your participation in One, in All, in Source. It is a being fully awakened, that is not fearful of judgement because judgment is an illusion as well. It is the strength and power, the valour of being the expression of Love and this is what I call you to, the sweetness and grace, the power and the creativity of who you are.

I bathe you, I cleanse you I restore you and in that restoration I lift you up. Come with me my beloveds. Come and join me wherever you are. I approach and I am with you in ways that have not been fully possible in the old human reality. We enter a higher octave and each of you my beloveds are not only welcome, you are already with me. Go in peace and go with my love. Come and play with me.

Channeled by Linda Dillon