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My beloved friends and family, how do we live together if it is not all ‘ours’: if your planet is not our planet; if our ships are not your ships; if it all becomes an ‘ours’? … Start thinking, referring and living in the unity of ‘our’.


On our Saturday call, Yeshua came in to speak of Love, Peace, and Joy. Think of these every day, put your energies into these principles every day so that we can effect the change we want on and for Gaia.


[powerpress] HWAA conversation about Ascension & Sept. 28, 2015 Steve: Linda, we were talking about the old third and you presented the notion that our means of evolving past this point is not going to be the same as our means of evolving until this time and in the afterlife where we let go of …


  This is a re-print from Portal 2012 – an invitation for all of us to step forward to make a difference – please join us! xxxx Linda TIME SENSITIVE! MAKE THIS VIRAL! Meditation for Europe There has been a recent development in Europe that needs our urgent attention. The refugee crisis in Europe has …


The Mother’s welcome to the Joy workshop belongs to all of us. “I say to thee that this is the time of fulfillment.” I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Love, and yes, the Mother of each of you. Welcome.


This beautiful channel is the welcome at the recent Joy workshop. “I am the voice of Stillness, I am the voice of One, I am the voice and the energy of the Divine Masculine.”


The Joy! mini-gathering conducted on Sept. 12-13 drew 33 friends and family to Linda’s home, and the energy just blew the top off the roof!


We may be in the final push before the first wave of Ascension and core issues are flaring all over the place. So many are in the thick of it that some things are becoming clearer. For instance, I’ve never seen more clearly the relationship between our scripts and our core issues. A script is …


Today during our Saturday Conference Call, we had an inspiring conversation regarding the Syrian refugee situation and the role that ISIS is playing on the world stage. After much discussion, the group decided to take action, to do our part in helping with those situations by going to the 13th Octave and sharing Peace and …


Welcome to this time of healing and expansion. You have joyously and openly received my first Attunement of Expansion and Healing and you are ready to take it to a higher octave, to fully relish, experience, expand into the truth of your I AM, the fullness of your divinity, the fullness of your co-creative self.