Our beloved Yeshi has asked that I share a recent channel given in the Council of Love Teacher Training class. Yeshi reminds us that he wishes to join each and every one of us – to walk with us always and in all ways. We are all teachers of the new way of Love. xxx Linda

Greetings, I AM Jesus. I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, I AM Yeshi, I AM brother, I AM sister, I AM friend. Welcome beloved ones, and yes, many join us here this day in this sacred undertaking as you open your hearts, your minds, and your beings to be the messengers, and to be the teachers. For I, most certainly, have heard your prayer and your plea to teach as I have taught and continue to teach each and every day; to walk as I have walked amongst the people, regardless of background or status, even belief systems.

But, beloved ones, as you say this heartfelt prayer to our Mother and Father, to the Council to which I am part of, most certainly to Gabrielle, to all of us. But to you I say, “Do not avoid me.” You say, “Oh Lord, I would never avoid you.” To which I would say, “Then why, why, beloved ones, do you only turn to me now and then? Why do you not heed my call and my plea, along with everyone else, for peace upon this planet of love?”

When I have walked the planet as Yeshua, I have been very clear that I have walked, and that I would work in fulfillment of my mission, but my mission was the fulfillment of the dream and desires of our Mother and Father, for once the Mother has dreamt, it is so. So, she has dreamt me into reality exactly the same way that she has dreamt you into reality. For you are the teachers, the channels, the healers of this small segment of time in the Mother’s infinite ocean, this small segment of time known as transition to new normal, to Nova Earth, to Nova Gaian. And might I even suggest to you that in the huge scope of what you think of as time and history, this is a far more critical time than the short milli-second that I have walked the shores of Galilee.

And so, as teachers, as healers, as channels, as humans, I have offered myself, I have invited you to come and walk with me or to let me tag along. I have some insights and I have some energies, I have some depth of understandings that will benefit each and every one of you. No, I do not seek to override your divine knowing and your divine authority because the assumption of this mantle is key to the forward thrust, not only of you as COLTS, but of humanity.

You have heard of Advisory Committees, well I wish to be appointed and chosen and communicated with as one of your closest advisors… not only as someone who loves you and knows you, as you do know me but as someone who has, perhaps, different, slightly different perspective on how to proceed on what lies ahead, never to override the dreams and desires of your heart which are magnificent. I only seek to assist you in the fulfillment of your dream, which, by the way, is our Mother’s Dream.

You proceed bravely, and at times fiercely, and at times lethargically… it does not matter. I only ask, reverently, to walk with thee. So, yes, you may have a large entourage, as I have had as I have walked this earth. Did you not think that I needed friends, and colleagues, and supporters whom I could discuss the truth, the feelings, the victories, and the fears of my heart? Of course I did.

This is the Jesus Path…do not forget this. No, I am not asking you to re-walk where I have walked. But understand, the Jesus Path covers the planet and far, far beyond.

Turn to me, turn to us, for what you are doing in this very moment is not just learning about, you are assuming collegiality, soul family, soul circle, creation circle, and I am part of that, we all are.

So, go with my love, and yes, beloved, let me tag along! Farewell.