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Chief Geronimo shares his wisdom and his gifts…

I give you the gift of creativity. Healing the Mother depends on creativity; survival depends on creativity; and know, make Read More

Cochise, warrior of the rising sun asks, “Can we reach this place of peace together?”

You do not ever arrive at a place of peace through an exercise of oppression. It is not possible…you must Read More

St. Germaine asks, “What is the definition of sacred union and partnership?”

To join with another is the most blessed experience that you will have upon Gaia. It is the fulfillment of Read More

St. Germaine says “allow yourself to enjoy being human…”

You are made out of the essence of One. You are the essence of intergalactics. You are the essence of Read More

The Magdalena says: Let this revolution of Love and intimacy begin…

What is intimate conversation? It is truth-speaking, it is heart-speaking, it is heart-listening, it is vulnerability, it is exposure. I Read More

The Magdalena discusses Sacred Partnership and Sacred Union

I come this day to continue our conversations on the very nature and essence of Sacred Union, of Sacred Partnership, Read More

Universal Mother Mary says we are moving into a new reality of Union and Reunion…

The sooner and the closer you are getting to the Shift, the more that is coming to the surface. Now Read More

Sanat Kumara suggests concrete ways to use Universal Laws in our daily lives…

When you are riding the wave of the Tsunami, you are healing the billions. And when you are being the Read More

How can one possibly define Love? Our Universal Mother explains…

You think of Love in terms of an experience. But truly, it is the energy of All; it is the Read More

The Magdalena speaks of Sacred Union and Partnership

You are the ones that are anchoring the new paradigm, the new grid, the new way of community of Nova Read More